Troop Center Units

Mounted Trooper, Heavy Mounted Trooper, Advanced Mounted Trooper
This mounted and melee unit is capable of detecting concealed units such as Jedi and Sith. It�s main use though, is to defeat Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs. It has bonuses vs. buildings.

Trooper Recruit, Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Repeater Trooper
The most basic gun fodder for all the techs in SW:GB. They are most useful in the earlier techs when they are the most powerful units on the field. In later techs however, when mechs and other powerful machines dominate, they are the quickest unit to die.

Anti Air Trooper, Heavy Anti Air Trooper
Anti-Air Troopers are lightly armored soldiers armed with powerful missile launchers specifically designed to destroy flying units.

Grenade Trooper
This unit is one of the more expensive units in the Troop Center. It has a strong bonus vs. all mechs, and fires a grenade with a small area damage.