A major part of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, or any strategy game, is the ability to research “technologies”. Technologies give your civilization special powers, such as an increased Line of Sight, faster units, or stronger buildings. While no physical unit is produced directly from researching technologies, they can benefit the player’s units indirectly with increased attack, defense, etc.

Technology Types

  • Building – This kind of technology will usually give a building more hit points or defense. If the building is a war building, such as a fortress, Building Technologies can also give its attack an increased range.
  • Unit – Unit technologies improve a certain group of units, such as those produced in a mech factory, or a specific unit, such as a unique unit. Unit Technologies can , for the most part, be found and researched in the War Center, the Fortress, and the building in which the units are produced. This type of technology will likely increase the unit’s attack, armour, dura armour, speed, line of sight, or range.
  • Economic – Economic technologies increase the economic output of your civilization. This can include faster and more effcient gathering of resources, longer lasting farms, better gatherers, faster building speeds and less taxes on trading and tributes.
  • Upgrade – As the name implies, this technology will upgrade either a certain unit or your civilization as a whole (like when upgrading Tech Levels).
  • Others – Other researchable technologies may not benefit a specific part of your civilization, but your civilization as a whole. Some can increase the production and research speeds of units and technologies. Others provide you with a “starting block” for other upgrades which you must research before you can research specific upgrades.

As can be seen, technologies are an essential part of most real time strategy games, allowing one player to gain an advantage over the other. Though it takes time to research most technologies, it is the benefits provided by them that could decide a win or a loss in a close game. Good things come to those who wait.