Game Modes

If you choose to play a standard game in singleplayer or multiplayer, you can pick from a variety of game modes.

Game ModeDescription
Random MapThe basic mode. You can choose victory conditions and settings.
Terminate the CommanderEach player starts with a Commander unit. If this unit is killed, you loose. Your goal is to kill the other player’s Commander.
Death MatchAll players begin with 20000 carbon, 20000 food, 10000 nova, and 5000 ore. This makes for a fast-paced game with many advanced units.
ScenarioPlay a user-created scenario, such as ones downloaded from this site.
Commander of the BaseTo win, you must control the Structure at the center of the map for a specified time-period. You control it when only your units occupy the space around the Structure.
Monument RaceThe first player to build a monument wins the game.
Defend the MonumentOne player starts with a Monument surrounded by walls, and the goal of the other players is to destroy it. Each player starts in Tech Level 4 with nearly 1000 of each resource and all technologies researched. If the Monument stands for long enough, that player wins.