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Shadows of the Empire

Author File Description
SCN Punk l TVS
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 10


It is a time of crisis. Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, is being taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt by the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker contemplates his faith and that of the Alliance as the search begins for the small band of rebels to find Han.

The final victory seems imminent for the Galactic Emperor Palpatine, now that the battered Rebel fleet has withdrawn for repairs. Palpatine has devised a plan to give the Alliance a final strike with the help of organized crime, the shadows of the Empire....

In this campaign, you will take command of Dash Rendar during several missions as you cover the events of the Shadows of the Empire. The campaign includes 10 scenarios, which are In Search of Boba Fett, Ord Mantell Junkyard, Gall Spaceport, Battle of Gall, Beggar's Canyon Chase, Imperial Frieghter Suprosa, Lair of the Dark Prince, Xizor's Palace, Skyhook Battle, and Rendezvous Point. Four of the scenarios are all cut-scenes, while the other six are playable levels. The campaign contains several unique strategies and obstacles that you must solve and has many features, such as Health Containers, which give you Health Points to regain your life when you need to, along with Invincibilty Containers that make you invincible for a given time and Power Ups that give you a bonus Attack strength. The campaign also contains sound effects, music samples and a large modpack containing an Improved Dash Rendar, Dash Rendar on a Speeder Bike, Prince Xizor, Guri, Han Solo in Carbonite, Boba Fett's Landed Slave I, and a larger Imperial Star Destroyer.

You'll want to pay special attention to the Intelligence section. It displays basic information on how to play this scenario. However, I have included a Player's Guide in the zip for those who need extra help with the scenarios or anyone who may want the scenarios to be explained to them in full detail. Make sure you save at all Save Points, the strategies that you must discover can be complicated at times and may require some trial and error.

If for some reason you saved and exited a scenario and reloaded the saved game and the taunt healing no longer works, there's nothing that can be done about it. You'll have to restart the level. Also, if you completed a scenario and the next scenario doesn't become available, try using the "skywalker" cheat on that scenario again until the next scenario appears. Please note that these two issues are bugs with SWGB and not the campaign.

Unzip the "Shadows_of_the_Empire.zip" to your SWGB "Game" folder. All files should then unzip to their proper directories.

Download the SPECIAL EDITION campaign here:
Shadows of the Empire: Special Edition

Download the Music Clips here:
SOTE_Music_1.zip (Mirror 1)
SOTE_Music_1.zip (Mirror 2)

SOTE_Music_2.zip (Mirror 1)
SOTE_Music_2.zip (Mirror 2)

DRC_Music.zip (Mirror 1)
DRC_Music.zip (Mirror 2)

Download the Modpack here:
SOTE_Mod.zip (Mirror 1)
SOTE_Mod.zip (Mirror 2)

Minister Trance Decar --> Prince Xizor
Mara Jade --> Guri
General Dodonna (Wounded) --> Han Solo in Carbonite
Landed Slave I --> Landed Slave I (Boba Fett)
Dash Rendar --> Improved Dash Rendar
(N) Scout --> Dash Rendar on Swoop Bike
Imperial Star Destroyer --> Large Imperial Star Destroyer
Naboo Hub (Top) --> Cantina Table

Unit graphics

This modpack includes graphics, sounds, icons, and a language.dll. Unzip SOTE Mod.mpi to your SWGB "Game" folder, which is likely at C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds/Game. To install the SOTE Mod, you will need to download the "SWGB Mod Installer" program at the Utility section of SWGB Heaven's Downloads section:

SWGB Mod Installer

How to Install:
Click on the button called "Open Mod", then select "SOTE Mod.mpi".
Once it opens, click on the button called "Install".

How to Uninstall:
After you have installed the modpack, click on the button called "Remove latest" to remove the modpack. But if "SOTE Mod" is not at the top of the list, you must remove all newer mods first.

Campaign created by:
- Tevious (aka: The Vampire Slayer)

Playtesting done by:
- JamesMartigo
- Yehoshua Yisra'el
- Night Conqueror
- Borris Bronzie
- Admiral Tyler

Modpack Credits:
Tevious (aka: The Vampire Slayer) - Built SLP files, made graphics for Icons, Cantina Table, and Landed Slave I, edited graphics, edited sounds, edited language.dll.
Izzy - Built Prince Xizor model, Guri model, Dash Rendar model, and made the Han Solo in Carbonite frames.
Ykkrosh - Made the Imperial Star Destroyer Mod.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me make the best out of my campaign.

- Tevious
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Simply an amazing campaign! I've been waiting a long time for Excellent SOTE campaign.

Playability: Just loads of fun to play and after each level I just couldn't leave the computer, I had to play the next one.

Balance: The balance was perfect. Every level had it's challenges which made the game fun and possible to lose. And lots of easy parts thrown in after getting out of a tough spot making me less tense. Powerups and healthpacks saved my neck so many times in the game which proved its difficulty.

Creativity: Very creative work. I like how you took things that were only in the novel, like the battle with guri and the battle of Gall, and threw them in together with the N64 game material. If you only things from the game the story wouldn't be as detailed and certain things wouldn't make sense. And the N64 music made the levels even more action packed!

Map Design: Very nice and detailed maps with tons of eye candy. The Ord Mantell was awesome. Lots of debris and wreckage everywhere and the trash compactors was a very nice touch to it. The imperial base levels were awesome with as much eye candy as possible thrown in. The skyhook was definetly a highlight. I could never figure out how to make a decent skyhook with the things provided in SWGB, but leave it to SCN Punk to pull it off without a flaw.

Story/Instructions: Excellent story to add to an action-packed campaign. Every important story aspect from both the novel and game were included in it. The instructions were very good too. Explanations for all of the boss fights were there, and explanations for healthpacks, etc... for people new to SCN Punk material.

Last Notes: Once again, a job very well done. Nobody could ask for a better SOTE campaign. All the triggers were flawless from what I saw. I also couldn't help but chuckle when i clicked rand tayler in Mos Eisley and saw that it was our old friend Falco Talon. There's something i kind of wish you did to the last level though. In the N64 game, Dash makes it out alive but keeps it a secret. It would have been cool to show a cutscene showing dash flying away to his unknown next destination, never again revealing himself to the alliance. Thanks for the great campaign. I also hope you consider making an AOTC campaign once the video comes out and you can watch it again. Maybe heavengames won't be burdened with pathetic AOTC campaigns like it was with the TMP if you act fast lol.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

This was a very fun and engaging campaign; I only stopped to take a break two times throughout the entire thing. The Shadows of the Empire music was an excellent addition. Each level was unique and interesting; more than just your average shoot 'em up plotless RPG. There was an ingenious system of gameplay; of particular interest was Level 5: Beggar's Canyon, and all of the boss battles. TVS has stretched the capabilities of this game so far, you wouldn't recognize it if not for the graphics and sounds. There is an entirely new system of gameplay set up here! With the Beggar's Canyon Chase, you don't even have a weapon! It's all about trying to outrun and outwit your enemies. In the boss battles, you're always up against opponents of much greater strength. You're forced to use agility and speed to win the battles, instead of overwhelming firepower. All these features are immensely fun and are a great credit to the campaign.

Balance: 5

It wasn't that hard, but it wasn't ridiculously easy, either. I found that some earlier levels were really harder than the later ones. However, it was a great challenge. Some scenarios, like Beggar's Canyon Chase were very difficult, but were still fun to play; they didn't frustrate me. Your main difficulties will be in the boss battles. I believe I died once on every single boss battle, except the battle with the Artillery Cruiser; it was a let-down, fairly easy. However, I don't think that matters enough to subtract a point from the score.

Creativity: 5

More great ideas coming from SCN Punk, like flame-shooting walls, new boss concepts, chase scenarios, and the like. Most of the boss battles featured unique strategies never seen before in other scenarios. Other highlights were drowning the Imperial troops, the cutscenes, and the battle with Boba Fett at Gall Spaceport. Beggar's Canyon Chase featured an innovative new system of gameplay, as I mentioned earlier. I could never hope to list all of the new, never-before-seen features in this review, so I'll leave it to the players to find everything.

Map Design: 4

Excellent in most areas, but some places looked a little drab, lacking eye-candy, etc. Particularly, the Suprosa and Skyhook Battle. The Suprosa was little more than metal terrain and space walls, the occasional cargo crate thrown in. Skyhook Battle took place mostly in space, so I can understand why it was hard to make the map look good, however, the skyhook itself was smaller than I'd expected and not very glamorous. However, most of the maps were great! Ord Mantell was full of junk and debris; I could ALMOST picture the N64 game on my computer screen! Tatooine was done nicely as well. Xizor's Palace was one of the greatest levels, with everything from underground sewers to military-style hallways to lush, palace-like corridors...and more!

Story / Instructions: 5

The story is taken mostly from an assortment of different Shadows of the Empire things, including the book, video game, and comic series. TVS still managed to include a few new elements, though. The instructions were very clear. I wasn't left in the dark about any aspect of the level. But be careful; if you want to be surprised, skip the bottom of the Intelligence section. It has lots of information on what will happen in the level. However, this isn't any major problem.

This is a truly great campaign.
Map Design5.0
Motief1386’s Review of Shadow of the Empire by (T)he(V)ampire(S)layer

Very little can be said about the shear talent that The Vampire Slayer possesses when it comes to Map Making; many would argue that he is the best designer to hit HeavenGames. I myself have followed some of his AoK work and have been delighted to see his success in SWGB. All of this praise leads into the great new Campaign that lay before you, Shadows of the Empire.
(NOTE: I played the campaign with the Modifications installed but I did not install the music, I like to listen to Media Player)


Playability: While I encountered no bugs, the basis of playability, I will go more in depth. The Vampire Slayer goes to the extreme when he created this campaign, not a single bug that I have found over five replays. Triggers that seem certain to crash your computer and immobilize your computer all go on without a flaw, to The Vampire Slayer and his play-testers I give a much deserved salute.


Balance: The balance is the only thing I found lacking in his campaign, I found the map rather easy at parts but harder at others. The trash compacters were simply inspired but seemed to have a flaw. I could walk through the debris taking out the difficulty within the “puzzle.” While the compactors may have been easy the IG-88 battle was anything but. I really enjoyed putting the bucket of bolts through the crushers and never once thought of remorse.
Then there was the Lambda Shuttle fight within the freighter, very challenging but enjoyable. While that battle was fun and challenging the rest of the fighting (excluding boss battles) seemed to be uninspired and lacking of difficulty.
The final battle was simply the best part of the campaign. Anyone who has played a campaign has never had more fun blowing up buildings then in the skyhook battle. The action is constant and the dog-fights are fierce.


Map-Design: The eye-candy in this campaign is rather astounding but also rather disappointing. While the Ord Mantell was great, I found the Star Destroyer rooms and compartments less then exceptional as well as Xisor’s palace, while the sewers of Coruscant (not to mention the small bit of Coruscant itself) were astounding. I also enjoyed the intricate cliff walls used in Gall Spaceport. My final praise must go to beggar’s canyon, jut look at it on the mini-map (using forceexplore and sight) and you can see that the canyon looks realistic. While there may have been some flaws, nothing to take points away for, at least nothing too serious.


Creativity: Amazing, from the compactors, to the inside of Boba’s Ship, to the flame throwers, to the blowing up the skyhook. I enjoyed the entire campaign and was really impressed in the use of the landing platforms, something that is hard to believe had not been done.
The entire fight scenes with Boba and IG-88 are simply brilliant. While the Boba Fett fight may be easy, it is still very original and inspired many designers to improve their duels, my self included.
The air transports are also very original, and have riddled me since the day they came out until I finally figured how to do it, along with the ability to go in and out of At-Sts’.


Story/Instructions: While the story may have been given to The Vampire Slayer it is still hard to transfer it over to SWGB. I really enjoyed all of the story, but thought the way that Guri, Leia, and Chewie meet could have been explained better,(by putting them in the casino that belongs to Greedo’s uncle and make a cut-scene out of that). While there were some other minor things I would like to have seen: Xizor fend off the attacker in the Palace halls,Xizor’s meeting with his crime bosses, Vader’s training against two druids equipped with light-sabers, and possibly Luke’s capture on the Bothan planet, but these story elements might have only been in the novel and might have been skipped in the comics. While some of these things could have been improved better the overall product is fitting of the highest score.


My only gripes are with the strategy guide, may I suggest that you release it separately as a strategy guide for those of you future down-loaders who are stuck giving the campaign a feel of a individually packaged game.

This campaign is the best campaign to come out since the Vampire Slayer’s last campaign, The Phantom Menace. This said, it is highly recommended you download this campaign and enjoy a solid hour or two of great game-play and talent. Enjoy and get ready to take the part of Dash Rendar as he saves the day.

Review by Ryan Nowak, Motief1386, Motief1386@cs.com
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The playability was very good. I thought that a campaign that large would present some problems with my computer but it never crashed once.

Balance: 5
There were some easy parts in this campaign, but they were mixed in nicely with some diggicult parts. I enjoyed the boss battles, but the only one that seemed challenging ( to me) was the fight with Boba Fett. The others still had a little bit of difficulty, but they were still fun.

Creativity: 5
Very creative scenarios. I loved the speeder bike chase through the canyon. Other creative parts were the trash compactors and the flames bursting out of the wall. The mods and the music were great! I also loved how, after Dash finished talking with Lando, everyone in the bar turned and shot Rusty(Jar-Jar)! I also have one question: What were you doing flying a Lamda-Class Shuttle at the Skyhook Battle?

Map Design: 5
This is obviously where TVS excels. There was eye candy throughout the whole campaign and I liked how you showed the inside of some character's ships. Maybe some places weren't that well made, but I think it would have been hard to make them really detailed.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good instructions, they told you what has happened between scenarios and what you need to do in the upcoming mission. The intelligence section had lots of good info, inluding tips on the boss battles (which I didn't think spoiled those fights, Cerrabore, because what you could have done, like I did, is just not read them!) So if you're having trouble with the boss battles, read the Intel.

All in all, an excellent campaign. Download it now!
Selig Benesh
Map Design5.0

Playability 5.0 - . The scenarios were all perfectly constructed and perfectly arranged.
I never expected a campaign this good and I was pleasantly shocked when I played it. By far I have yet to find a bug that inhibits the ability to play this great game.

Balance 5.0 - Great work. I am purely amazed by the author’s work. I could blast away and be blasted at, but just when I was about to die, I always had a health pack. The boss battles were pure genius, I found the intelligence very useful in being able to beat them.

Creativity 5.0 - Stunning. If anyone can equal this, I will be amazed. From the obstacle courses to the boss battles, this maker never ceased to dazzle me with his work.

Map Design 5.0 - In every scenario I felt as if I was truly there, though this is a 2D game. From Ord Mantell Junkyard to Xizor’s Palace, I was always impressed with the author’s genius at making a map come alive.

Story/Instructions 5.0 - Great work! I never read the book, but after playing and reading the story, I fully understood what the author was trying to convey across to the readers. I never had a problem with the intelligence section and I found the help very useful when I could not beat a level.

This is the best Campaign I have played yet. I hope others can equal or better this, because things like this leave you thirsting for more.

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Map Design4.8
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