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Shadows of the Empire Demo

Author File Description
SCN Punk l TVS
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1

After hearing from IG-88 about Boba Fett's whereabouts in the Zhar system, Dash Rendar headed for the Imperial Base on the Gall moon; the most likely place where Boba Fett could be making repairs on his ship, the Slave I. To avoid any drastic attention, Dash landed his ship, the Outrider, in Smuggler's Gorge, where less Imperial troops are stationed. Dash's mission is to find Boba Fett's exact location and delay the repairs on the Slave I for the Rebel Alliance, so they can make an attempt to rescue Han Solo...

Download the full campaign here:
Shadows of the Empire
Shadows of the Empire: Special Edition

Take command of Dash Rendar in his journey throughout the Imperial Moon Base on Gall to track down the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. The scenario contains several unique strategies that you must solve, which are based around a one-unit population. This scenario contains many features such as Health Containers which give you Health Points to regain your life when you need to, along with Invincibilty Containers that make you invincible for a given time and Power Ups that give you a bonus Attack strength. The scenario also conatins sound effects and music tracks.

This is a demo version of my upcoming Shadows of the Empire campaign. For those who do not yet have Clone Campaigns, I included a beta version, which includes all regular SWGB units so you can at least get to try out the gameplay in this demo. You'll want to pay special attention to the Intelligence section. It displays basic information on how to play this scenario, without spoiling it for you. However, I have included a Player's Guide in the zip for those who need extra help with the scenario or anyone who may want the scenario to be explained to them in full detail. Make sure you save at all Save Points, the strategies that you must discover can be complicate at times and may require some trial and error.

Unzip the "gall_spaceport.zip" to your SWGB "Game" folder. All files should then unzip to their proper directories.

Campaign created by:
- The Vampire Slayer

Playtesting done by:
- James Martigo

Enjoy the demo!

- The Vampire Slayer
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
I have CC now and have replayed the Gall Spaceport.

PLayability 5
I replayed it and realized I was probably on some shwag the first time i reviewed it because the playability is so much better than I remembered. The health is awesome, and the fighting is totally revolutionary.And while I do have some problems, they are more balance related.About the shortness, I guess it wasn't that short I just wanted it to be a little longer just because of the exctascy it brought, Please make more scenarios
Balance 5
I changed it from a four because I realized everyone might not paly like me. SPOILER KIND OF The at sts were kind of easy if you stayed close. To me they were kind of a way to heal. Boba Fett was really easy but really cool if you played on slow. You could kind of just patrol the 8 and avoid every shot. Still the rest was good
Creativity 5
Just play it and you will know what I mean
Map 5
Very good. Gives the impression of being on a gas giant. I liked it very much, but LA made those clouds so damn bright
Story 5
I like the guide very much. The story was very good also. Personally I don't know of the comic, but I'm talking of the novel, it is really really good, erai desu ne, if you will. I hope you read it even if you don't icorporate it is worth the read TVS
The Vampire Slayer Thanks for your review, Motief1386.

Just a few notes to reviewers:

The healing system is not the same as in TPM. The only thing that is the same is that I used the same Droid Control Programs as the Health Container. But I developed a new healing system so that once you get a Health Container, you get a Health Point rather then healing right away. I used an AI so that if you type in "1", you can heal when you need to. It's a completely original and new healing system never used before.

Also, the whole campaign is not exactly based on the game. If you read the ending of Gall Spaceport, it talks about the Battle of Gall, which was not mentioned in the game. I'm basing it on both the game and the comic. Four of the scenarios will be all cut-scene which gets into detail about the story, while the other five will be sorta based on some of the levels in the game, but they wont nessesarly be exactly like those levels.

I hope that cleared up any confusion. :-) And please review the real CC version and not the beta version. The beta version is just an extra scenario included with the zip for those who don't have Clone Campaigns and shouldn't be reviewed. Thanks you.

Map Design5.0
Playability 5
Great scenario, really fun to play.

Balance 5
Really great, no problems here.

Creativity 5
Pure genius. I don't have CC, but I hope to get it soon and play the real version, not the beta, but still, it was cool.

Map Design 5
Gorgeous. The maps were stunning! They blow the stuffing out of my work!

Story/Instructions 5
Very clear. I didn't have any problems here.

Only one problem arose in the game. I saved the game to play again, but when I did, the health packs didn't heal me when I typed in 1. Nothing happened, but that was about all the problems I came into.
Map Design5.0
A great scenario by The Vampire Slayer, well deserving of the SCN Punk Name.

Playability: 5
Great replay value. I've played this several times to this point, and will play ot several times more, no doubt. Obviously, this gets a 5.

Balance: 5
I'd really give it a 4.9 or so, because of the AT-ST battles that were supposed to be a hard point (?) were easy to beat if you just stay close. Then again, I probably wouldn't have won the level without that. So Balance gets a 5, too.

Creativity: 5
This is the MAJOR high point in the game, it should have a 6, but I can't make one, so, it gets a 5. The reason I say this, is because of the revoultionary features in it, that include (but not limited to) the following:

-Health Packs, that are picked up and can be used by pressing 1.

-Transports, that are used as "moving platforms" to transport you from one area to another.

Map Design: 5
Again, excellent. Reminds me exactly of the video game, and looks just like Gall. Thus, a 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
Wonderful. I was always aware of what I had to do. Though the story is taken from the video game (I had already heard it) it was very exciting, and requires alot of stategy.

I loved this scenario, and you all will too. I CAN'T wait for the full campaign... (or another demo)
The Vampire Slayer I'll clear that up. The AT-ST is one of the many little strategies in the game that you must solve. All of them can be easy, if you figure them out. But the point is that you have to figure it out.

[Spoiler] So when you fight the AT-STs, its not a balance issue of how hard or easy it was, but whether the player figured out the strategy of keeping close enough to it so it wont attack you. If someone didn't figure that out, then they would likely die because it would do too much damage. Also, take the Anti-Air Mobile situation. If you didn't destroy the AA-Mobile, you would die when you got in the transport, but destroying the AA-Mobile is easy if you knew that's what you had to do. So the AT-ST battles are supposed to be like that.[/Spoiler]

BTW, thanks for your review Rob64.

Darth Valhanis
Map Design5.0
This was really a revolutionary map design, and one that people will try to imitate for some time. Alot of the bif things are the powerups, the health system(although I doubt that one will be imitated). The flying platforms(transports). Everything was great here. And the little things. Such as changing the ownership of teh Stormtroopers after you are outside the doorway so they dont shoot over the walls. It was all great. My one complaint is when you steal the AT-ST you can't load it into the transport to go to the next station.
Like what has been said about one vs one fights, you stand around and shoot untill one of the two dies. Not so here. You have to aquire AA-Turrets to shoot down Boba Fett, And even then you are hopelessly outgunned. So there are numerous health containers throughout the room to get. However skill is still needed to win teh level. It was brilliant.
Like with everything TVS does this was revolutionary. The health syestem (in which some of you think is the same one carried over from TPM), is actually much more complex. It requires an AI to be created to get this healing system to work and it is carried out perfectly. Plus the final battle against Fett(that is mentioned above) is simply fabulous.
Map Design-5
Although the map was somewhat Barren so is the planet. I have played SOTE the game and the map looks exactly like Gall. The compunds are carried out with the same detail that we always see from TVS. So, not much to say here.
Considering that this is a demo you are missing the first half of the story. Instead I'll judge of of teh instrucitons. You knew what to do at all times. However he did not give away the game in the intelligance tab, instead he included a players guide to help through the hard parts, very professionally done.
Overveiw-5(Not an Average :) )
This is a simply fantastic scenerio, surpassing even "Swamps of Naboo". The tricks used in this are original and I know for certain that when the full campaign is near release that everyone will be anxiously awaiting, and E-Mailing you every half hour asking if it's done yet. However, It wont be me E-Mailing you. Congratulations on a job well done and yet another masterpeice from The
Vampire Slayer.
___---Reveiw by Darth Valhanis---___
The Vampire Slayer Thanks for your review Darth Valhanis.

BTW, I should point out that it is possible to ride the AT-ST that you steal all the way to the last room before you enter the Boba Fett battle. [spoiler] To do this, move the AT-ST where the transport would normally pick you up, then get out and activate the Transport and then go back over to the AT-ST, get inside, and then get inside the Transport. But if you don't think you can do that quick enough, wait for the transport to come back while in the AT-ST. Then once you're fighting the AT-ST in the next room, get out of the AT-ST and fight it so your AT-ST wont get damaged. You can then continue the level killing all the enemies in just 1 hit. Eventually when you try to go through the door that leads to the room Boba Fett is in, you wont be able to go past it.[/spoiler]

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Map Design5.0
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