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Galactic Apocalypse Part 1(Demo)

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Aegis Runestone
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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
Galacitc Apocalypse Part 1: Revival of the Trade Federation

Part 1: The Revival of the Trade Federation

The Empire has been smashed, crushed and pounded every time they try to get an inch by the New Republic. Now, desperate for a way to destory the New Republic, the Empire searches in vain for an answer. Finally, They stumble over it.

According to some old notes that the deceased Emperor kept, dating back to the days of the Old Republic, there was once an anicent power, almost as strong as the empire itself, called the 'Trade Federation'. Apparently the Emperor was the head of this organization under the name of 'Darth Sidious'. Purely made of Droids made for War and for Battle, the Trade Federation won many battles.

With the Notes, Admiral Masa and his bother; General Mune uncovered an anicent control program and blue prints for basic Battle Droid Troopers. However, according to Log data, most of the Trade Federation data parts were missing...no not missing, stolen, by the Royal Naboo.

The Royal Naboo was now a part of the New Republic, and Admiral Masa suspected, the Nubiens(Naboo) have most likely given the data to the Rebels, or the Alliance, which was now the Head of the New Republic.

After months of searching for similar Data schemes to the Basic Trade Federation data which the Empire had in its grasp. Results flooded from the distand planet of Yavin. Yavin V,a moon, slightly similar and less jungle-like than its heavy jungled brother, Yavin IV, apparently carried the other control programs(which had corresponding blueprints). Even among some of the programs, Droidekas, or Destoryer Droids were also detected on the surface below, deactivated for a long time, perhaps. Only Heaven knew, whether they would work or not, ever again...

However, the Programs were not unwatched. Down below, A New Republic Scout Team was creating a base and preparing to bury the Control Programs. Imperial Engineers worked quickly to create seven Trade Federation Battle Droids. They worked perfectly with the Control Program.

The plan is to send these Trade Federation units down to the planet, as not to arouse suspecion among the New Republic Scouts. However, since there are only few Trade Federation battle droids, The Empire will send down reinforcements of only Troopers and Mounted Troopers to Assist.

Commander Regith(You) is to command these seven droids and have them scout out the area for The control programs....once with the programs you can destory the Scout Team.
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Map Design3.0
Galactic Apocalypse is a poor campaign built on the foundation of a good storyline, being a demo I hope that there will be vast improvements made to make this a great one.

Playability was neither here nor there. Being a Fixed Force there was never really a moment where you felt under threat or in trouble. Some battles could be avoided completely with a litte bit of scouting. Some parts dragged on, a lot of walking needs to be done and a lot of waiting as your pummel takes out walls and towers. However, the objectives were fresh and I did want to play until the end.

This scenarios balance was above average. Some strategy was required in taking out attackers and in scouting, however, it is obvious that anyone can pick up this level and play to the end without losing if they simply keep their soldiers together. A little to easy. I would recommend making the scenario more difficult, not neccessarily by just adding more troops, but by making a more strategic attack neccessary..

A good storyline and interesting objectives were evident in this scenario. There was very little design creativity. At some points when you gained Imperial re-inforcements there was little explanation as to why a few stormtroopers were just "hanging out" in the forest. I did understand the plot but you could try putting a bunker near them or something to show that they have been on the planet for years waiting to return to the empire, not just like they came down in the last shower.

Map Design:
Very Bland, very bland indeed. I think the only three terrains used in this level were Grass1, Tree(Oak) and shallow water. With a little bit of dirt2 for one bit. There is no eyecandy to make it look one place look different to another. Lots of Very Large fish often makes for a cartoonish feel. A lot of work needs to go into this, if this were AOKH (Which it is NOT) I would have given a 2.

This was the standout part of the scenario. An excellent plot indeed, one I am looking forward to being filled. Good instructions also, I never was clueless as to where to go or what to do. What I would like to see is more detail going into the intelligence, scouts etc. and more talk from the characters in different situations.

With these improvements I think you'll be on a winner.

- Brad

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Map Design3.0
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