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Campaigns » Star Wars - Return of the Confederacy Demo

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Star Wars - Return of the Confederacy Demo

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
After the destruction of a Imperial listening post named Station Alpha at the hands of a survivor of the Confederacy named Monis'Vell, the Imperial Fleet has taken notice. Led by a naval veteran from the Clone Wars, he and his army are determined to put to rest the final holdouts of the war and solidify the might of the newly created Galactic Empire.

On the volcanic swamp islands of the planet Gorsh, Monis'Vell prepares to make his final stand against the Empire.

In this stunning new campaign you will travel to a variety of new locations. They can range from the snowy moon of Mygeeto to the swampy islands of Gorsh. Play as Monis'Vell as he faces his old enemies of the Clone wars, now fighting for an Empire.


1) Cinematic campaign experience featuring many cutscene triggers.

2) Experience the battles through 5 unique campaign missions. (coming soon)

3) Unique combat involving enemy encounters that can present new challenges.

As a final note, make certain to read the manual and all in-game intelligence briefings since they convey important information if you are struggling with the scenario.

(This is only a demo level that features one complete campaign mission. This is still in progress and Further improvements can be made, so any feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated and needed.)
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Some tips and observations that I think can help you improve the scenario:
- I don't think you should disable advanced buttons. Players will want to be able to change stances without having to activate them first.
- Healing your character brings him above full HP. He has 130 HP, you heal him by 270 HP. The base Quarren unit has 35 HP, not 175 (175 + 95 via trigger = 270) so your effects need to account for that. A simpler way to do this would be to use EF's new Change Object Variable effect and enter 'SET HPPercent 100' in the message field to fully heal him (the wiki has more info on this if you need).
- I think you should give him more range, maybe +2. Being outranged AND outnumbered makes it practically impossible to beat. For example, at the first encounter (3 recruits) you lose about 30-40% of your HP and then have to confront another 3 plus a strike mech before you can heal.
- As a small cosmetic change, you can use the Change Own Object Master effect with SET DisplayedAttack 20 to make the attack shown in the UI be a nice 20, rather than 7+13 (wiki has info on this effect too).
- If you start the scenario with P6 as an ally and only change your diplomacy can avoid the annoying message on the left side. And you don't need to change P6's diplomace to neutral afterwards, only yours, as you never have to fight any of his units.
- It's possible to cross the bridge without extending it. Place invisible walls or barriers to prevent that and remove them once the bridge is extended.
- Add some final message before the victory. Something Monis'Vell says about his achievement. It ends too abrupt otherwise.
- You could avoid the Correct Faction trigger by placing the clone units directly for P5 instead of P2.
- The game has a Mine building that you can use instead of having to set up multiple triggers with effects to make fake mines.
- You have some triggers/effects that seem completely unnecessary (like the Hard Difficulty Detect trigger). That's not really a problem but it makes you spend more time on the scenario than you need to.
File Author
Hey thanks for the comment. I appreciate any feedback I can get to help improve my campaign. Even though nobody really uses this site anymore. The reason why his health is set to 175 is because this campaign was developed in the vanilla game not EF so the quarren units health is 175, not 35. Same thing with some of the other issues. I anticipated recently that there would be some problems with my campaign for people who use expanded fronts, but I still want my campaign to be compatible with vanilla. So I've chosen a good compromise for both sides. I'm planning on making and releasing two different versions, one that is compatible with vanilla and another that fixes any issues that were caused with EF. When I begin working on the EF version i'll make sure to look into and fix any problems you had

In terms of balancing problems, I definitely understand. One of my play testers who played this version also had trouble with the balance. The balance issues are already being worked on by me and fixed. Also, tell me how you were able to get past the bridge without extending it? That's an issue I need to fix that I had never caught.

As for the hard difficulty detect, that's been in the scenario ever since I was experimenting with the idea of different dialogue depending on the difficulty you play on. I kept that in there because it's part of a future feature that will be in the final campaign ;)

[Edited on 02/04/24 @ 12:53 AM]

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