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Frustration of a surreal hellish plan

Author File Description
Darth Kiro
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 4
Probably the honour to make the first submission in Heaven for 2017th is mine...

Darth Kiro presents: FRUSTRATION OF A SURREAL HELLISH PLAN (you may think the title is stupid, but if you have already played my scenarios, you should know to expect humour, irony, satire etc.)


The action takes part on the same planet, where lives Bozdugan (see 'Blade of darkness') 8 years before the events from 'Blade of darkness'. A brilliant, but evil scientist, named Mischievous Trollface, has been trying to take control over the world many times, but he always failed. However, there were evidences for those tries, but Trollface every time managed to proove his innocence. After all his is known to have 2 secret laboratories deep into the Stranjan jungles (see 'Blade of darkness'). Now he has an extremely surreal and hellish plan, which might be successful...


- *High-triggered missions*; the whole campaign has over 800 triggers.

- Several sound files included.

- An AI file included.

- 2 READ ME-s included.

- *FOSHP* means 'Frustration of a surreal hellish plan'.

- The last scenario is a movie.


This is my first *serious* (and actually second) attempt to create a campaign. I spent about 9 weeks to create this scenario, so I want to know your thoughts of it.

I have many ideas for future scenarios, so they will be new campaigns coming soon!
Note: But how soon, I cannot really say :)


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
POOTIS is good, POOTIS approves!

Darth Kiro
File Author
I am glad POOTIS like it, but I want receive something more than 'is good'.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The trigger work was mostly flawless and pefect, and all the scenarios are played with ease. There where some minor bugs in the last playable scenario where the enemies that had not yet detected you walked straight towards you and did nothing. I think they where lured by the area of explosion of Mr. Ass blast. Not something that crashes the game but it deteriorates inmersion in the game. Also I think that in the first scenario, the fact that you have to manage so carefully the bombs and the viruses deteriorates gameplay. I mean that the viruses and the bombs shouldnt be mandatory to complete the mission, they should make things easier. I say this because in the first scenario I got stuck at the end and I needed a computer virus to finish it, and I had no more. I know your warn about this but it is still a pain in the ass to reload almost the whole scenario to ensure you have at least 1 virus for the end.

Balance: 3
Well, the enemies are just right, you really got this perfectly. It is a challenge to take down your enemies and I enjoyed it the whole campaign. The only things I critizise that makes things harder and do not depend on the player's skill is the computer viruses issue and the choices you can make in the final playable scenario that instantly make you lose the game if you did not chose correctly. I found them unenjoyable. You could make things harder by selecting the incorrect choice, but not to lose the whole game! specially in scenarios this long.

Creativity: 5
Well, certainly this is very creative! zombies? skeletons? Freaks? comedy? it is all in. There are many parts that made me laugh and I like this kind of humor. Also there where many super trigger works, such as the elevators! those where perfectly done. The adittion of sounds is also very welcomed!

Map Design: 5
All the locations you recreate are pefect! simple as that. You make indoor locations and outdoor locations truly convincing! lots of eye candy and areas to explore, you use the whole map effectively. great job!

Story/Instructions: 4
Great! the instructions where clear and there where only some minor spelling mistakes (such as mine, as my main language is not english). The story is also convincing although I did not enjoy it that much. I know I should be a satire or a comedy but I didn´t felt that overwhelmed by the story, as the characters felt a little superficial. This is just my opinion, but it seems a bit weird to see zombies, desert eagles, skeletons, robots, etc.. and everyone is like "oh, thats perfectly normal". Again, that was just my opinion.

Additional Comments: A truly fantastic campaign, very enjoyable and a lot of hard work has been put into it. I played the previous campaign you made and we can truly see here a hugeeee improvement. Very creative ideas and trigger work. Keep up the good work and any future scenarios will be truly 5 stars
Darth Kiro
File Author
Thank you for the review, ONOLULU, it is really appreciated!

I agree about the choices, that make the player restart. Actually I could easily make *forcecarbon* and *forcefood* useless (cond: accumulate attribute - 1000; effect: declare victory), but I didn't because someone like me wouldn't want to play the whole mission again and I guess there are such users here. I expected the first level would decrease an eventual rating and I was right.

About the third mission, there is only a single moment, when you may be not able to continue (without losing)and probably most players wouldn't be cheated. The other choices, in my opinion, aren't such a problem if the player saves often.

About these choices, their purpose is trolling. After all, the villain's name is Trollface.

I am not surprised you (and most probably not only you). finds desert eagels, zombies, skeletons and freaks at one place weird. But on the planet the action takes part, it is really NORMAL.
Note: This is a fictional planet, which hasn't got a name yet.


At last, I am already making a new campaign. It will require the Expanding Fronts mod. Sadly, I cannot say when it is going to be ready. Most probably in 2-4 months.

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Map Design5.0
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