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Station X39 Special Edition

Author File Description
Imperial Force
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Hard Core Design Network presents....

An Empire of Darkness Project.....

Station X39 Special Edition

New Features:

~ Taunt activated choices
~ A New Area
~ A working Jedi Ending
~ More quests around the station to complete
~ Key holograms in certain areas reveal information about the mysterious planet beneath Station X39
~ Said information ties into the sequel to Station X39, "The Jade Project."

Awakening with out a memory, you must discover your identity, while exploring the station which appears to be your temperary home. Follow 3 different paths, and unlock an ultimate ending to discover your ultimate fate and and plot to the next campaign!

May I remind everyone to explore the station at your Leisure. They might say "Hurry up!" but your REALLY don't have to. :D
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SEV12 I haven't played much yet, but I like it. The dead people are freaky. I thought it looked like dead people took the dead doctor, scientist guy away. Also, I almost died in a crusher and some dead people just appeared, as if to take my dead body away if I died in the crusher. Very freaky and scary, I'm pleased so far. I hope I sleep well tonight, *shivers*.

[Edited on 10/10/05 @ 07:20 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The lacking part of this campaign comes with the playability. Like the previous version of this campaign, you are allowed to choose classes and/or skills. From the start I noticed a huge playability bug; it still scrolled to the removed buildings that were there in the first version, also note that there were no instructions on which taunts to use, etc. Yet another issue was the Jade Project hologram on the floor in which Dr. Kimso is. When you turn on the hologram, it ends with you in an elevator which led to the third floor, and it also disabled the option to go back up. (Ruining the level since I can no longer go to the floor in which Kimso was to get the keycard.) In conclusion, I had to use cheats (Namely Simon the Killer Ewok) to get everything. The positive points come with the awesome skill/classes selection, and the improved grammar of the author.

Balance: 1
Here is where the points really go negative. The campaign was very unbalanced, in the compactor, if you are in the middle while the compactor is slowly coming towards you, you automatically die. And most of the time there was no way your character could die, and other times with no defeat triggers.

Creativity: 4
The highest point of the campaign. The key factor of amazements comes with the author's class/skills system, which works very well with the campaigns storyline. The fact that the author choose an lacking genre in this heaven, is a sign of creativity and riskiness in it's own.

Map Design: 2
Average. The space station looks tremendous compared to the bland snow environment below. All in all, they are both pretty bland. Try using more eye candy and effects.

Story/Instructions: 3
I would have rated this four, had he specified how to use the taunts. The story in the theory is excellent, but the instructions bring this down to an average 3.

Additional Comments:
I'd like to comment on this author, and his enormous potential. Good luck on Jade Project, EoD!

Imperial Force
File Author
"and the improved grammar of the author"

My grammar was fine in the first one and didn't change.

And thanks for giving an honest review. I know Station X39 wasn't perfect, and I definitely know that this one wasn't perfect.

[Edited on 10/13/05 @ 09:22 AM]

Cradossk I tip my hat to you for admitting that it isn't the best. *tips*
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
By far the most lacking part of this scenario. You say "working Jedi ending;" I chose the Jedi class the second time I played this, and could not for the life of me find the "power substation" Dr. Ominova talked about. And the first time, when I chose the spy class, the game simply ends with Sergeant Sol saying I'm too dangerous to be left alive, with no victory or defeat. The game simply stays without a controllable character on the map, and I'm left wondering if there is more. There was also a part on the planet where it looks like it was supposed to be a cut scene between me and a clone but I ended killing myself and my lone because they both belonged to "Republic," which by then was an enemy. The second most frustrating part was the fact that there was only one elevator you could use more than once. Lastly, a lot of the gates I was supposed to use didn't unlock, so I had to use Simon. Maybe I'm simply not looking hard enough for some of the clues, but the game was not very playable. Maybe you could figure out what I'm doing wrong if I am doing something wrong?

Balance: 3
The balance was OK, as you said it's hard to die in a puzzle game. However, when I chose the spy class the first time and ended up on the planet, I had trouble figuring out what was up with the dead bodies, since before hey were my ally and all of a sudden they were attacking me, with no indication that they had changed to my enemy. I died twice before I finall figured this out.

Creativity: 5
Very creative. I wish I could actually finish the game and get the whole story, because it was very intriguing.

Map Design: 4
The only complaint, and it is minor, is the part where you're a spy and you crash on the surface. It was impossible for me to figure out where I was going because I was surrounded by water, and I had to use forceexplore and forcesight to find my destination. But maybe you intended people to have trouble figuring out the right path.

Story/Instructions: 3
Good story, wish I could finish it. See creativity for more. As for the instructions, a lot of the times after the first two levels the instructions would not update.

Additional Comments:
Maybe you could help me if I'm doing something wrong? The most frustrating part was the lack of playability, which prevented me from finishing the story. Other than that, it was decent.

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Map Design3.0
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