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Jedi Legends Epilogue

Author File Description
Night Conqueror
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
Jedi Legends Epilogue

The final chapter of Jedi Legends continues in this epic scenario. Containing new tricks and an exciting soundtrack, Jedi Legends Epilogue will provide a game experience like no other.

Three years had passed since the defeat of the EMPIRE fortress and the disappearance of the young Jedi, Adi. Even after the betrayal of EMPIRE from the Imperial Army, EMPIRE has now been re-commissioned into a mysterious scientific division. A new leader has also been appointed, the scientist Genji. Now with EMPIRE taking a hold on outer planets, Naat takes her chance and runs away from her home and family, now determined to find her lost friend


-Use of the updating objectives menu, to help keep track of important data
-Use your special skills in and out of boss battles
-Excellent soundtrack that sets the mood for many sections of the game
-Collect "Story Points" in order to gain a special, bonus attack
-Continue in the Jedi Legends Story
-Use of the "Invisible Units" trick

Music Files

These files have been divided into two packs. It is highly, HIGHLY reccomended that you download these.

(Pack 1)

(Pack 2)

Thanks to Xcal for allowing me to host these files.

Created by:
Night Conqueror

Cradossk (Image Credit)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

-Night Conqueror
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Xcal's review of Jedi Legends: Epilogue

Playabillity: 4.7

The playabillity was great, loved it. The way you could use abillities in and out of boss battles was very neat. The bosses were tough and I loved how well they were done. I also like how some things you did in the campaign effected what would happen in battles, like fixing the turret on the space ship. Also, choosing where to go was good, it required the mind like when you were being shot at by the marksman, that took me at least a minute to figure out how to avoid him, and it was cool that you could sneak up on him. I really liked the way in the second scenario where you chose who would come with you on the mission with the Rebels.

Balance: 4.5

Before anything else, the balance was near perfect (nothing is totally perfect), anyways, I had a hard time on the boss battles and a lot of other battles. It must of took me about 3 tries to get passed a boss, I was so happy when I got passed it. I loved it, it was difficult but it didn't near the impossible line.

Creativity: 4.8

Okay, seriously, this has to be one of the most original campaigns I've played. I mean, the abillities isn't new but they are extremely well done, and the boss battles were creative. But the most creative thing of all of it is, the story. The story blew me away, I loved it. The creativity is just there, if you can't see it, get glasses. The way the story flowed and the way things worked was great. I also like the story points which was great.

Map Design: 4.6

This almost got cut down to four, it was bland in some areas but he fixed it quickly with some nice scenery. I liked the base and the planet's map design. I also liked the way the ships were, and how they resembled greatly. I especially liked the jungle planets design. Very cool.

Story/Instructions: 4.9

If anyone thinks there is a problem with the story here, I will tell them to go away and learn to read. Man, the story just flowed perfectly and I loved how the biographies of people went into your instruction screen. I also like the way he did instructions, they were very well organized and really well done. I think this has to be one of the best campaigns for story and instructions. Very well done.

Overall: 5(rounded)

Okay, this is where I break it down...I will list the good and the bad points.

-Gameplay(Bosses, abillity system, battles)
-Balance is great.
-Most of the time a good map.

-Somewhat bland map at some parts.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It came out as a perfectly fluent combination of cutscreens, battles, and other challenges.
Alll of them were fun, and challenging, but still possible to beat.

Balance: 5
No matter what you come up against, it is possible to beat by means of your special abilites, and making use of your surroundings.

Creativity: 5
The originality of this is incredible.
He came up with this story, all by himself, I assume, and made the scenario to fit it.
The tricks he uses in cutscenes and battles are very impressive.
E.G. Automatic sliding doors!

Map Design: 5
Everywhere I looked, the terrain / interior of a ship was very detailed.
No cheap slapping Road 1 on Grass 1 here!

Story/Instructions: 5
The story has a little bit of everything.
A villain, heroes, plot twists, a mystery, even a ROMANCE, for crying out loud!
And it was all fluently worked into a combination of cutscenes and playable parts.

The instructions were excellent, as well.
He made it very clear at almost all times what your objective was.
And the little histories of the people you aqquired automatically displayed in the intel box was nice, too.

Additional Comments:
All in all, this is a great, fun RPG.
Take it from a self-proclaimed RPGaholic.
DEFINITELY worth the download.

Sumo recommended this to me when I asked him to recommend an RPG that had "Boss battles" in it.
We both laughed like crazy when I saw the file ID was 1337!

And it is, truly, a 1337 campaign. :)

[Edited on 10/09/06 @ 05:46 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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Size:2.03 MB