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Topic Subject:Making A New Trainable Unit
Clone Trooper
posted 02-14-18 11:46 AM EDT (US)         
I see the new triggers for TrainLocation under the Change Unit Data. I was wondering if, by using that, you could potentially "add" unique units to rosters. Like for example making it so you could train TIE Advances for the Empire? If this is possible using the triggers in game editor can someone give me a "how to for dummies" process for accomplishing this...

Another one i'm having trouble with is making it so prefab shelters produce more then 5 population. I have no idea how to do this and I'm more then a little tired of trying to build up my population and have to fill half the map with prefab shelters 3 hours later. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Jedi Knight
posted 02-14-18 09:15 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Using the 'Enable Unit' Effect should allow you the ability to create any unit or structure, heroes included, during a match. Most of them should automatically be assigned to the building that makes the most sense for them (Jedi/Sith go to Temples, etc). The Enable Unit Effect was always in GB, but you can do more with it in EF. With TrainLocation, you can switch the building any particular unit comes from; TrainButton will let you switch where their build icon appears on a building menu, so they don't overwrite any pre-existing unit or tech.

For population, use the 'Tribute' Effect to send Population Headroom from GAIA to the desired player. This will increase their current population cap to whatever you input (up to the maximum pop limit for the player in the scenario) without you having to place any Shelters on the map.

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Clone Trooper
posted 03-16-18 09:59 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Hi, I have a question:
How many effect does a building can have?

For example, I choose "Enable Unit" effect to train a 41st clone trooper in the Gungan trooper center. However, when I want to add another "Enable Unit" effect for 501st clone trooper in the same building or in the different trooper center (same kind). Both building only show 41st trooper and the 41st trooper replaced the slot of anti-air Gungan trooper. The result is as same as when I use "Change Unit Variable" with the command
SET Trainlocation 526 and SET Trainlocation 527. The buildings (Set Object) only receive the first value (41st trooper).

I try to separate each effect with one trigger (no condition) to test it, but it only brings the same result.

I also try to use SET/ADD Trainbutton 1 (2 to 15 also) to open more slots in that the trooper center. However, it crashed when I run test.

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