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In an ideal world, SW:GB could be converted from 32-bit to 64-bit to provide an almost limitless playing ground for new factions in Expanding Fronts. Unfortunately, we live in a less-than-ideal world where this is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, this thread is dedicated to brainstorming potential factions for the mod. Some factions could easily afford to share unit assets with other factions (namely the Black Sun sharing a lot of the Zann Consortium's units since a lot of them were Black Sun tech or general surplus to begin with), but for the sake of keeping things unique, I'll be avoiding this.

From what I understand, there are two other factions being planned besides the First Order and Resistance, those being the Mandalorians and the Lok Revenants. It was a couple of years ago when the EF article on Mod DB was released teasing their inclusion, so I have no idea when or if they'll be fleshed out into complete factions.


Black Sun

A powerful crime syndicate known for its low-profile operations and attempts to undermine both Imperial and Rebel control. The playstyle is geared towards underhanded methods of gaining Nova and making better use of Fortress units than most other factions.

Command Center
Worker - Mustafarian Laborer
Medic - DD-13 Medical Droid

Troop Center
Trooper Recruit - Weequay Thug
Trooper - Weequay Mercenary
Hvy Trooper - Black Sun Guard
Repeater Trooper - Black Sun Gunner
Grenade Trooper - Weequay Grenadier
Anti-Air Trooper - Weequay Rocketeer
Mounted Trooper - Lava Flea Rider

Mech Factory
Scout - Starhawk Speeder Bike
Strike Mech - Nightsister Speeder
Mech Destroyer - WLO-5 Speeder Tank
Assault Mech - Assault Platform
Transport Mech - Transport Platform

Hvy Weapons Factory
Anti-Air Mobile - WLO-AA Missile Truck
Artillery - WLO-A Artillery Truck
Pummel - Drill Platform

Interceptor - Kihraxz Fighter
Fighter - CloakShape Fighter
Fast Fighter - Vaksai Fighter
Adv Fighter - Supa Fighter
Bomber - Toscan 8-QL
Enh Bomber - Toscan 8-Q
Adv Bomber - Toscan 8-QH
Attacker - Ixiyen Attack Craft
Air Transport - Gozanti Cruiser
--- While the Toscan 8-Q was originally designed as a blank-slate fighter or gunship, it served as a testbed for the Skipray Blastboat and had many components that saw later use in the Y-Wing, so it shouldn't be too far-fetched as a Bomber.

Air Cruiser - Modified XS Freighter
Bounty Hunter - Mandalorian Mercenary
Cannon - Plasma Mortar
Special - Gladiator Droid
--- Like the Consortium's modified TZ-15 (the "Peacebringer" Air Cruiser), the XS isn't specifically designed as aerial artillery, but could easily have its portside module swapped for a heavy cannon.
--- The Gladiator Droid is a very large and durable unit armed with everything from disruptors to flamethrowers. It appeared as a "boss" in the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire video game.
--- The Gladiator would use flamethrowers by default for a close-range AoE attack on groups of infantry while having a "deploy" function where it switches to disruptors for stationary use against individual infantry and mechs.

Frigate - WLO-F Frigate
Cruiser - WLO-C Cruiser
AA Destroyer - WLO-NAA Missile Transport
Destroyer - Drill Tug
Monitor - WLO-M Monitor
Transport Ship - Water Transport Platform
Utility Trawler - Harvesting Tug

Cargo Hovercraft - ST-101 Repulsor Truck
Cargo Freighter - C-ROC Gozanti

Unique Factors
Trains Nightsisters
Attackers fire missiles and have better range
Fortresses have a Decimator-type beam attack
(Team) Fortress units are more durable

Unique Technology
Slave Trafficking - Command Center - Workers are produced faster
Smuggling - Spaceport - Locations of enemy Spaceports become visible, and Cargo Hovercrafts and Cargo Freighters gain Stealth and can trade with enemy Spaceports
Vigo's Hand - Fortress - Increases build speed of Fortress units
Underlord's Hand - Fortress - Next research level from Vigo's Hand; reduces cost of Fortress units

Hero Units
Ketsu Onyo
Shadow Caster

Other Units
StarViper Fighter
Rihkxyrk Fighter
Conqueror Assault Ship
Lancer Pursuit Craft
Action VI Transport
Interceptor Frigate
AEG-77 Vigo Gunship
Pirate Swamp Speeder


Hutt Cartel

Arguably the most famous and most powerful criminal syndicate in the galaxy, dabbling in everything from gang warfare to bounty hunting services. The Hutt Cartel is tailored to achieve quick initial development and to collect Nova in unusual ways.

Command Center
Worker - Twi'lek Slave
Medic - EV Medical Droid

Troop Center
Trooper Recruit - Nikto Thug
Trooper - Nikto Mercenary
Hvy Trooper - Nikto Guard
Repeater Trooper - Nikto Gunner
Grenade Trooper - Nikto Grenadier
Anti-Air Trooper - Nikto Rocketeer
Mounted Trooper - Eopie Rider

Mech Factory
Scout - Speeder Skiff
Strike Mech - Sail-20 Skiff
Mech Destroyer - Anti-Vehicle Skiff
Assault Mech - LO-KD57A Assault Barge
Transport Mech - Bantha-II Skiff

Hvy Weapons Factory
Anti-Air Mobile - AA Skiff
Artillery - Artillery Skiff
Pummel - Drill Crawler

Interceptor - M3-A Scyk
Fighter - HH-87 Starhopper
Fast Fighter - G1-M4-C Dunelizard
Adv Fighter - M12-L Kimogila
Bomber - Modified Starhopper
Enh Bomber - Modified Dunelizard
Adv Bomber - Modified Kimogila
Attacker - M22-T Krayt
Air Transport - Aurore Freighter

Air Cruiser - Modified YV-666
Bounty Hunter - Twi'lek Assassin
Cannon - Crawler Cannon
Special - Gamorrean Guard
--- YV-666 Freighters are often depicted as being modified into gunships, such as Bossk's Hound's Tooth, so an aerial artillery modification isn't far-fetched.

Frigate - Sail Frigate
Cruiser - Sail Cruiser
AA Destroyer - Sail AA Destroyer
Destroyer - Sail Destroyer
Monitor - Sail Monitor
Transport Ship - Water Skiff
Utility Trawler - Utility Skiff

Cargo Hovercraft - Pongeeta Speeder
Cargo Freighter - G9 Rigger Freighter

Animal Nursery
Special - Controlled Rancor
Special - Massiff

Unique Factors
Trains Gray Jedi (unaffiliated Force users)
Workers and Prefab Shelters are cheaper due to slavery
Fortresses can act as resource gathering points
(Team) Spaceport upgrades are cheaper
(Team) Bounty Hunters are produced faster

Unique Technology
Self-Endorsement - Spaceport - Unique, cheaper version of "Hutt Endorsement"
Spice Mining - Ore Processing Center - Every load of Ore collected also generates a small Nova bonus worth a certain percentage of a load's size
Circus Training - Animal Nursery - Garrisoned animals slowly generate Nova

Hero Units
Jabba the Hutt
Boorka the Hutt
Borvo the Hutt
Borvo's Freighter
Kol Kotha's Starfighter
Ziro the Hutt
Bib Fortuna
Aurra Sing

Other Units
LO-KD57 Sail Barge
Borvo Starfighter
Ubrikkian Floating Fortress


CorpSec Authority

The Corporate Sector Authority; an extremely rich conglomeration of interstellar businesses, able to fund their own private fleets and armies to enforce their tyrannical labor laws and deal with outside threats. The CSA is able to get a direct head-start in Spaceport trading and is heavily tailored for defense.

Command Center
Worker - CSA Worker Droid
Medic - Corporate Paramedic

Troop Center
Trooper Recruit - Espo Recruit
Trooper - Espo
Hvy Trooper - Espo Riot Control
Repeater Trooper - Espo Gunner
Grenade Trooper - Espo Grenadier
Anti-Air Trooper - Espo Rocketeer
Mounted Trooper - Staplarint Rider

Mech Factory
Scout - Police Speeder
Strike Mech - Espo Walker 91
Hvy Strike Mech - Espo Walker 101
Mech Destroyer - X10 Groundcruiser
Assault Mech - Strikebreaker
Transport Mech - GX12 Hovervan

Hvy Weapons Factory
Anti-Air Mobile - Espo AA Walker
Artillery - Riotbuster
Pummel - Espo Breacher

Interceptor - TIS Zeta 19
Fighter - IRD
Fast Fighter - IRD-A
Adv Fighter - IRD-AH
Bomber - BTL-CL Y-Wing
Enh Bomber - BTL-C Y-Wing
Adv Bomber - BTL-CH Y-Wing
Attacker - Warpod Pinnace
Air Transport - Etti Dropship
--- The "BTL-C" Y-Wing is based on Colin Cantwell's concept design for the original Y-Wing. I figured it would be a good way to shoehorn in the retro look.

Air Cruiser - Starrunner
Bounty Hunter - Etti Gunslinger
Cannon - Shock Mortar
Special - Aero-Interceptor
--- The Aero-Interceptor acts as an aerial sniper, having low durability but excellent range and speed.

Frigate - Espo Watercruiser
Cruiser - Espo Seablaster
AA Destroyer - Espo Naval AA
Destroyer - Espo Naval Breacher
Monitor - Espo Coastal Enforcer
Transport Ship - Wavebreaker
Utility Trawler - Etti Trawler

Cargo Hovercraft - GX12C Cargovan
Cargo Freighter - Etti Lighter

Unique Factors
Trains Gray Jedi
First Spaceport built instantly grants 500 Nova
Assault Mechs have double the rate of fire at half the damage per shot due to their lighter armament, making them better at dealing with large groups of infantry (no change in splash radius)
Air Cruisers fire two shots at half the damage each in rapid succession thanks to their twin cannons, increasing their attack's margin of error (no change in splash radius)
Every standing Fortress increases the HP of defensive structures
(Team) Defense upgrades are cheaper

Unique Technology
Trade Defense - Spaceport - Cargo Hovercrafts and Cargo Freighters gain self-shielding and self-defense armament
Security Lobbying - Research Center - Reduces cost of defensive structures
Mobile Barricade - Mech Factory - Minimum range of Assault Mechs is reduced

Hero Units
Orman Tagge
Silas Tagge
Ulric Tagge
Domina Tagge
Kaeline Ungasan

Other Units
SX20 Airskimmer
JX40 Jailspeeder
ILH-KK Citadel
Marauder Corvette


Hapes Consortium

A powerful matriarchy, famous for its immense wealth and infamous for its brutal misandry (Kathleen Kennedy's dream come true). With many rare treasures and technologies in its possession, the Hapes Consortium has some interesting monetary and military quirks.

Command Center
Worker - Hapan Servant
Medic - Hapan Healer

Troop Center
Trooper Recruit - Hapan Security
Trooper - Hapan Royal Guard
Hvy Trooper - Hapan Royal Warden
Repeater Trooper - Hapan Royal Gunner
Grenade Trooper - Hapan Royal Grenadier
Anti-Air Trooper - Hapan Royal Rocketeer
Mounted Trooper - Nexu Rider
--- All troopers are female, as is standard in the Hapan Royal Guard.

Mech Factory
Scout - Hapan Speeder
Strike Mech - Hapan Gunspeeder
Mech Destroyer - Hapan Gun Crawler
Assault Mech - Hapan Battle Drake
Transport Mech - Hapan APC

Hvy Weapons Factory
Anti-Air Mobile - Hapan Missile Crawler
Artillery - Hapan Battle Wyrm
Pummel - Hapan Drill Crawler

Interceptor - Hapan Interceptor
Fighter - Light Miy'til
Fast Fighter - Miy'til Fighter
Adv Fighter - Adv Miy'til
Bomber - Light Hetrinar
Enh Bomber - Hetrinar Bomber
Adv Bomber - Adv Hetrinar
Attacker - Miy'til Assault Bomber
Air Transport - Hapan Royal Dropship
--- The Hetrinar uses a fan-made design. Although it existed in lore, there are no images of it besides the fan design.

Air Cruiser - Hapan Battle Wyvern
Bounty Hunter - Sakiyan Hunter
Cannon - Hapan Siege Mortar
Special - Command Gunner
--- The Command Gunner is an infantry unit armed with a "Gun of Command," which temporarily converts enemy biological units to the Command Gunner's side. Mechanized and Jedi/Sith units are not converted, but take damage.

Frigate - Hapan Gunboat
Cruiser - Hapan Battle Serpent
AA Destroyer - Hapan Missile Cruiser
Destroyer - Hapan Drill Boat
Monitor - Hapan Monitor
Transport Ship - Hapan Landing Craft
Utility Trawler - Hapan Engineering Craft

Cargo Hovercraft - Hapan Hover Hauler
Cargo Freighter - Hapan Freighter

Unique Factors
Trains Gray Jedi
Nova tributes received automatically increase by a certain percentage of their value, but Nova tributes given automatically shrink by the same percentage
Every standing fortress increases build speed of Assault Mechs, Artillery, Cruisers, and Air Cruisers.
(Team) Airbase units are produced faster

Unique Technology
Idolization - Command Center - Increases overall speed of Workers
Rotary Batteries - War Center - Increases attack speed of Assault Mechs, Artillery, Cruisers, and Air Cruisers

Hero Units
Queen Mother Ta'a Chume
Prince Isolder
Teneniel Djo
Captain Astarta

Other Units
Hapan Battle Dragon
Nova-Class Battlecruiser


Lok Revenants

A large band of pirates and members of the Mere Resistance, led by the vengeful Captain Nym. These skilled raiders clashed with the Trade Federation and Confederacy for several years (most famously defeating the mercenaries of Sabaoth Squadron), holding out through the entirety of the Clone Wars and continuing their operations well into the Galactic Civil War, where they were seen as Rebel sympathizers. The faction makes use of unique naval and demolition strategies.

Command Center
Worker - Mere Worker
Medic - Mere Medic

Troop Center
Trooper Recruit - Mere Recruit
Trooper - Mere Trooper
Hvy Trooper - Revenant Commando
Repeater Trooper - Revenant Gunner
Grenade Trooper - Mere Mortar
Anti-Air Trooper - Mere Rocketeer
Mounted Trooper - Snorbal Rider

Mech Factory
Scout - Revenant Bike
Strike Mech - Revenant Speeder
Mech Destroyer - Mere Tank
Assault Mech - Mere Assault Tank
Transport Mech - Revenant Transport

Hvy Weapons Factory
Anti-Air Mobile - Revenant Missile Speeder
Artillery - Mere Artillery
Pummel - Mere Sabotage Vehicle

Interceptor - G-400
Fighter - Sigil
Fast Fighter - Velker
Adv Fighter - Heavy Velker
Bomber - Light Freefall
Enh Bomber - Freefall
Adv Bomber - Heavy Freefall
Attacker - Scurrg H-6
Air Transport - Mere Troop Transport

Air Cruiser - Mere Light Cruiser
Bounty Hunter - Toydarian Mercenary
Cannon - Energy Bomb Cannon
Special - Demolitions Tug
--- The Demolitions Tug is a single-use shuttle loaded with explosives and an escape pod for the pilot. It creates a powerful blast and should be used sparingly.

Frigate - Mere Gunboat
Cruiser - Mere Sea Artillery
AA Destroyer - Mere Missile Boat
Destroyer - Mere Sabotage Boat
Monitor - Mere Coastal Scout
Transport Ship - Sea Cutter
Utility Trawler - Mere Sea Tug

Cargo Hovercraft - Mere Hovercraft
Cargo Freighter - Mere Tug

Animal Nursery
Special - Kusak

Unique Factors
Trains Jedi
Mounted Troopers have increased HP
Every standing Fortress increases build speed of Shipyard units by a certain percentage
(Team) Shipyard units are more durable

Unique Technology
Bomblet Generators - Airbase - Attackers gain a secondary Artillery-type attack
Coastal Support - Shipyard - Transport Ships increase the attack rate of nearby friendly land units
Frontier Training - War Center - All units take less damage from wild animals, destructive lava, and other natural hazards

Hero Units
Captain Nym
Jinkins' Freefall
Vana Sage
Guardian Mantis
Sol Sixxa
Sixxa's Sigil

Other Units
Mere Pirate Speeder
Mere Cruiser
Evac Freighter
Scurrg H-6 Prototype

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