posted 12-20-17 03:56 PM EDT (US)   
I was thinking of making a mod based on the new movies The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

New Units:

Po Dameron - Wedge Antilles copy
Finn - First Order armor and Resistance variants. Acts like regular stormtrooper, yet under Resistance faction.
Rey - Scavenger variant uses Maul-like animations and Jedi variant is like Jedi padawan.
Kylo Ren - With/Without helmet, both act like Vader, slightly weaker stats.
Old Luke - Essentially a carbon copy of Old Obi-Wan.
Old Leia - Much like Leia in the game, just older and less health, as she's a bit more fragile.

Resistance Troopers - slightly differently textured Rebel troopers.
V-4X-D ski speeder - Airspeeder copy, except that it is a land vehicle. Built in airbase.
Gian 211 patrol speeder - Landspeeder reskin essentially.

First Order:
AT-M6 - All-Terrain Megacaliber 6. Basically an At-AT with a superlaser on its back as an alternative attack weapon.
First Order AT-AT - AT-AT with more firepower and health.
Superlaser Siege Cannon - Like Heavy Artillery, but more powerful, firing in a straight line. Three times the power of the Decimator.
First Order TIE Fighter - Reskinned TIE Fighter.
Star Dreadnought - Dwarfs even Super Star Destroyers, built in the Fortress. Capable of bombarding ground targets with auto-cannons.