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Topic Subject: Advanced Genie Edtitor - Unit attack & defense types identified
posted 12-05-17 06:15 AM EDT (US)   
First, I'm not sure if this should be here since this is a observation of a specific tool used for modding.

Advanced Genie Editor can be fantastic, but it's not perfect, it's way distant from perfection.
Some of you guys while changing Unit attack values may realize attack and defense "classes" are a way off.

What is an attack class?
Well, the most basic is "melee" and "ranged",
A trooper for example have 7 of attack value, which "class"? Ranged.
If he shoots an unit that have 0/5 of defence stats, which means 0 of "melee" class and 5 "ranged" defence class, what happens?
The unit shot get 2 points of damage. (-2HP)

Attack bonus?
But what if the trooper have an Attack Bonus against some classes of units? You can do that! That's where additional attack "classes" comes in.
For instance, the trooper A now have the following stats
Value: 7 - class "ranged"
Value: 7 - class "trooper"
What happens if he shoots a trooper B with 0/0 defence stats?
The trooper B that got shot gets -14HP!

(!) But the problem is, not all the classes makes sense. (!)
The trooper A now have the following stats
Value: 7 - class "ranged"
Value: 1000 - class "Mounted Trooper"

The Mounted Trooper have this stats:
Value: 3 - class "melee"
Value: 4 - class "ranged
This is the 3/4 armor
What happens to the poor Mounted Trooper that gets shot by this overpowered trooper A? Instant kill?

---------> -3HP <---------

Why? Check this out bellow.

There are 30 classes, but none of them are specific to a unit and most of them are not compatible with their names.
I discovered this with many scenario testings, and I made a list, check this out!

I decided to share with the community cause I think it might be useful. After I realized the attack & defence classes described on this editor does not correpond to the description, it can make serious game inconsistencies. For instance, I have to revise ALL the changes I made with all the vehicles and units for my SWGB mod Revisiting the Galaxy.
The revision of these attributes will be released in patch 1.5

Attack and defence Class types

"Heavy Machines" stands for Assault Mechs, Mech Destroyers and Heavy Mech Destroyers

"Pummels & Cannons" actually is only pummels!

"Assault Machines" includes Assault mechs, Mech destroyers, Heavy mech destroyers, Strike Mechs, Heavy Strike Mechs, Cannons and also Jedi!
I encourage to never use this attack class, as it duplicates with the Heavy Machines values for some units. Also includes jedi, which is way off.

"Heavy Assault Machines" that includes Assault Mechs and Cannons.

"Ships" includes Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers

"Submarines" is correct, includes gungans subs only

"Troopers" includes laser troopers and also jedi!
Includes: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Repeater Trooper, and all ranks of Sith/Jedi.
Does not include: AA trooper, Grenade Trooper and Mounted Trooper.

"Mounted Troopers" doesn't affect Mounted Troopers! So what does?
"Wild Animals" don't
"Tame Animals" don't
*There's no attack value for Mtd Troopers, so it's impossible to make a damage bonus against them! This is why I need to revise all attack atributes for Revisiting the Galaxy Mod.

"Defense buildings" includes turrets, anti Air turrets, Strike Mechs and Heavy Strike Mechs but not the Fortress

"Walls & Gates" includes Walls, Gates AND Shielded Walls

"All buildings" really means it, including shielded walls and Fortress

"Jedi & Bounty Hunter" affects both, maybe because they are some kind of Special Units

There is no Class for Artillery and Anti-Air Mobile, not that I identified on scenario testing.

"Fortress" includes ALL of the above, including Mounted Troopers, Grenade Troopers and AA troopers.
I recommend not adding this Class of attack value, cause it's OP!

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posted 12-05-17 10:14 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Not sure where did you get this from because almost everything you listed is factually incorrect. Perhaps you misunderstood how armor/attack system works in Genie engine. When unit X attacks unit Y, each of unit X attacks is compared against corresponding unit Y armor and (attack-armor) is added to the result. If unit Y does not have armor of specific type, default armor (usually 1000) is used. If the expression above evaluates to negative value, resulting damage does not change at this iteration. At the end, if result < 1, then total damage done to unit Y is 1, result otherwise.

The Mounted Trooper have this stats:
Value: 3 - class "melee"
Value: 4 - class "ranged
and Value: 0 - class "Trooper", value: 0 - class "Mounted Trooper". Perhaps you deleted these so the attack bonuses no longer function.
Advanced Genie Editor armor descriptions are correct, you just don't understand how the system works. Also, you have "melee" and "ranged" mixed up. Perhaps you use a really old version of AGE that used to have this mistake.

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