Civilizations - Wookies

Troopers and Air Civilization

The wookiees are a powerful and feared high evolved species, living in the forests of Kashyyyk. Known for their strength and incredible height, the wookiees are considered savage and primitive. But, on the contrary, the Wookiees enjoy an advanced life style. Although they may not have invented a typical gun, they have invented an impressive Bow Caster, which is extremely powerful if used by an expert. The wookiees live among small metallic huts, connected by wooden bridges, much like the Ewoks. However, their lifestyle is not only restricted to land, while they appear to be primitive, they are actually known for their advancement in piloting starships and machinery. It also rumored that some Wookiees have been known to use the force extensively. These shaggy beasts are have a huge place in their heart for morality and loyalty, so betrayal and any other types of dishonor was extremely rare among their people. Their race prospered, until the Empire employed a group of slavers to capture to wookiees to be used in the construction of the Death Star. The Wookiees resisted fearlessly, many were captured, but their efforts had made it so that the Empire never really controlled their entire homeworld. The wookiees who managed to escape formed effective rebellions and consequently ended up joining the Rebel Alliance, in hopes of destroying the Empire.

The wookiees are a very adaptable species, excelling in both Air and Troopers. They are a strict offensive civilization, and have some of the strongest ground units in the game. Their final technology, Self Regeneration, makes a group of 15 or more Wookiee repeaters and Beserkers an extremely formidable force.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Self Regeneration +50% Ore Collecting Rate
Jetpacks All technologies cost 10% less
Forest Vision There is no resource Trading Fee
Wookiee Ingenuity All buildings cost 5% less

Civilization Bonuses:
Carbon Collection in Tech Level 3 and above is 5% faster

Team Bonus:
Troopers gain +2 Line of Sight and +2 search radius
Fortresses gain +5 Line of Sight and +10% Hit Points


Unavailable to the Wookies:
Heavy Strike Mech, Heavy Assault Mech, Advanced Generators, Advanced Redesign, Technicians, Advanced Frigate, Advanced Cruiser, Heavy Destroyer, Jedi Master, Force Strong, Jedi/Sith Concentration, Jedi/Sith Purge, Force Influence, Jedi/Sith perception, Jedi Mind Trick, Bacta Tanks, Anti-Air Retrofit, Efficient Manufacturing, Targeting Sensors, Advanced Propulsion, Redoubled Efforts