Jedi / Sith Temple Units

Jedi Padawan/Sith Apprentice
These warriors-in-training are already proficient with their weapon of choice: the lightsaber, an energy blade of exceptional speed and power. Their lightsabers thus make these students of the Force effective against enemy Troopers as well as some Mechs.

Jedi Knight/Sith Knight
Full-fledged Jedi Knights and Sith Knights are much stronger than the trainee Jedi and Sith that are initially available. Not only can Knights absorb much more damage, but they're even better in battle-and, more importantly, they have the ability to persuade weaker minds to join them.

Jedi Master/Sith Master
These masters of the Force are much stronger and tougher than even their brethren Knights. Thus not only can these warriors rend asunder entire ranks of enemy Troopers and Mechs, but they can use their powers of the force to gain control of the more stronger minds of their enemies.