Naval Yard Units

Utility Crawler
A form of worker that fishes and constructs aqua harvesters. In the case of Gungans, this vehicle can construct under water prefabs.

Transport Ship
The key to quickly transporting units from one location to another by sea.

Light Frigate, Frigate, Advanced Frigate
This speedy vessel is equipped with a basic energy weapon, making it suitable both for scouting and defense. It is also capable of detecting hidden units, including enemy submersibles.

Destroyer, Heavy Destroyer
The Destroyer is a fast craft that's specifically suited towards eliminating other sea vessels-particularly slower ones, such as Cruisers.

Anti Air Destroyer, Heavy Anti Air Destroyer
This is the key to protecting your weak naval units from furious attacks from the air. They carry surface to air missiles, but cannot defend themselves from other sea units.

Cruiser, Advanced Cruiser
Cruisers fire devastating artillery volleys at an extreme range, making them ideal for coastal bombardment. They are otherwise weak to attacks from the air or to quicker strikes from faster vessels.