Mech Factory Units

These rather flimsy units are very quick, and thus ideal for scouting with their wide range of sight. They also contain the ability to spot concealed units.

Strike Mech, Heavy Strike Mech
These are the answer to infantry. They are quite capable of disrupting infantry formations, and are quick to respond to threats.

Mech Destroyer, Heavy Mech Destroyer
Ever wonder what unit can possibly drop an Assault Mech in its tracks? This is the ultimate Mech Destroyer that can destroy any units made inside the Mech Factory. It is weak against massed infantry, but has the ability to carry one unit inside its metal frame.

Assault Mech, Heavy Assault Mech
The strongest unit made within the Mech Factory. It delivers a powerful, explosive attack that severely damages everything in its wide blast radius. In the SWGB: CC expansion, we will be seeing the AT-AT being able to attack air units. This unit can be used to transport smaller forces, such as Troopers, within its thickly armored confine.