Fortress Units

Royal Crusader & Elite Royal Crusader (Naboo Only)
The Royal Naboo's mightiest warriors, the Royal Crusaders are a form of glorified mounted trooper with strong hit points and shields.

Dark Trooper Phase 1 & Dark Trooper Phase 2 (Galactic Empire Only)
This experimental ranged attack unit is more effective than Strike Mechs at dispersing enemy infantry formations, and can detect invisible units such as Jedi or Sith Masters.

Berserker & Advanced Berserker (Wookiee Only)
Unique to the Wookiees, Berserkers are highly trained, ferocious warriors that can quickly close the distance with any foe. They are some of the stronger melee units available in this game. They can tear apart mechs in no time, and even strong buildings will fall prey to their blades.

Destroyer Droid & Heavy Destroyer Droid (Trade Federation Only)
Exclusively manufactured for the Trade Federation, the droideka-also known as the destroyer droid-has an innovative design that lets it travel fairly quickly when it curls up and rolls across the terrain. When the Heavy Destroyer Droid is researched, it will gain personal shielding.

Fambaa Shield Generator & Heavy Fambaa Shield Generator (Gungan Only)
This unit gives off an energy source in a fairly covered distance with its shields. Units under it are give this extra bonus in hit points as they attack or defend against their enemies. This mobile Shield Generator is slow, but fairly strong against blaster fire.

Airspeeder & Armored Airspeeder (Rebel Alliance Only)
Unique to the Rebel Alliance, the Airspeeder isnít stronger than, but rather has better bonusís than the regular fighter, it can take down a mech with no slowing in its stride.

Bounty Hunter
Bounty hunters are the scum of the galaxy. They are somewhat good against trooper units, but they excel against Jedi. Even the strongest Jedi Master will fall to the bounty hunter's underhanded tactics.

Jedi Starfighter & Advanced Jedi Starfighter (Galactic Republic Only) [CLONE CAMPAIGNS ONLY]
Unique to the Republic, Jedi Starfighters are primarly spying/sneak attack units. These fast moving aircraft piloted by highly train Jedi Knights have a slow fire rate and a delay before firing, but they can fire a homing torpedo. They are susceptible to conversion by opposing Jedi/Sith Masters - but only if the opposing civilization has researched the Force Influence ability. Advanced Jedi Starfighters can benefit from several upgrades including the Jedi Mind Trick, Sight Beyond Sight and Shields. The most important of these upgrades is the Jedi Mind Trick which gives the craft stealth ability.

Geonosian Warrior & Elite Geonosian Warrior (Confederacy Only) [CLONE CAMPAIGNS ONLY]
Geonosian Warriors are members of the soldier caste of the species that teems beneath the surface of the planet Geonosis. These winged troopers can engage both ground and air forces in close combat, although their strength lies in defeating other troopers.

Every civilization can construct these slow moving and weakly armored, long ranged and powerful artillery units that must unpack before they can commence their attack.

In Tech Four, each civilization gains access to their own Air Cruiser, which is similar to an Assault Mech in its destructive potential. Air Cruiser weapons have tremendous range and are extremely powerful against structures and groups of tightly packed units. However, Air Cruisers fire slowly, move slowly, are expensive, and are vulnerable to fast air-to-air attacks and anti air attacks from the ground.