Air Base Units

Air Transport
One of the best ways to get a unit from one location to the next. It can transport almost anything, over anything, and is hard to shoot down.

Bomber, Enhanced Bomber, Advanced Bomber
Bombers have no air-to-air fighting capability, but carry slow-firing weapons that can cause tremendous damage to buildings as well as groups of ground units in tightly packed formations.

Fighter, Fast Fighter, Advanced Fighter
The Fighter is quick and capable of delivering harmful strikes against any other unit, flying or otherwise. Its best use is to attack units incapable of returning fire.

A-Wing (Rebel Alliance Only) [CLONE CAMPAIGNS ONLY]
A hit-and-fade fighter exclusively available to the Rebel Alliance, the A-wing can be built in Tech Level 4 once the Rebels have researched the technology to do so. A-wings lack the thicker armor of their X-wing cousins, but are specialized in their ability to execute extremely fast surgical strikes against key ground targets.