Civilizations - Trade Federation

Mechs and Ships Civilization

The Trade Federation was composed of greedy and cowardly overlords, which employed cheap Battle Droids to do their dirty work. The Trade Federation was always power hungry, and to this day still uphold small, but considerable power. Using their overflowing wealth, they bought every known Galactic Republic trade route, making them even more wealthy and dangerous. Supreme Chancellor Valorum began a campaign to destroy the Trade Federations excelling power. Naboo's chancellor established a new amendment, and the Trade Federation's profits dropped radically. The Trade Federation responded to this "money-blocker" and started constructing a huge droid army, ready to strike at Naboo with all its power. Gunray had a plan to capture Queen Amidala, the new ruler of Naboo, and force her to give Naboo to the Trade Federation. Anakin Skywalker was able to infiltrate the DCS, deactivating the droid army. Nute Gunray was then taken in custody and was soon returned to his former job. After the battle of Naboo, the Trade Federation still remained a powerful threat. Although its army was destroyed, the Trade Federation quickly made allies with the Confederacy to once again try to crush the Old Republic.

The Trade Federation's expertise in making droids or in SWGB, Mechs, gives them a great late age advantage. Although they may have some of the worst are in the game, that disadvantage is backed up by their formidable Anti Air Fortresses, which are given +3 Anti Air Attack Range. Although they rely mainly on Mechs, this does not make them an offensive civilization. Their lack of any kind of cheap troopers makes them a strict defensive civ, and their impressive trading advantages proves just that.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Fusion Extractor +50% Ore Collecting Rate
Insider Trading All technologies cost 10% less
Market Control There is no resource Trading Fee
Neimoidian Endorsement All buildings cost 5% less

Civilization Bonuses:
Prefab Shelters are not necessary

Team Bonus:
Heavy Weapons Factory units gain +15% speed
Fortresses gain +3 Anti-Air Range

Carbon Collectors work 20% slower
Start with -25 carbon
Aircraft take 5% longer to build and are 5% more expensive

Unavailable to the Trade Federation:
Droid Assistants, Repeater Trooper, Integrated Rangefinder, Sith Master, Force Strong, Jedi/Sith Concentration, Faith in Force, Force Influence, Jedi Mind Trick, Advanced Flight School, Efficient Manufacturing, Shield Modifications, Armored Platework, Bacta Tanks