Civilizations - Royal Naboo

Air and Jedi Civilization

Naboo's peaceful, yet intriguing history began on the planet Grizmallt, many eons before the battle of Naboo with the Trade Federation. The Queen Elisnore' Den Tasia introduced a new period of discovery. She campaigned several explorations into wild space, looking for a new homeworld. Many of these scenarios failed miserably. As Tasia became old, she had a final wish- for her people to find a new world. An earlier expedition was sent, called the Beneficent Tasia, was eventually thought to be lost, and all hopes of finding a new world was lost. But the few remaining people on Grizmalt were wrong, the Beneficent Tasia found a new homeworld, through the savage spacelands, they found a habitable planet called Naboo, that had but one dominating race, the Gungans, a secretive and thought-to-be savage peoples. The Grizmalt people renamed themselves after their homeworld and their pacifism lead them through many years of prosperity with the Gungans, even though they never really met each other. Life was simple on Naboo since there almost no fighting. Many productive years went by and a large war was upholded know as the battle of Naboo. The Naboo allied with the Gungans and their differences dissolved and brought the species closer together. Even after battle, the Naboo remained peaceful.

Naboo's weak troopers and Mechs make them an unwise choice for early gaming, but when they advance to the next age, the Naboo become a very formidable civilization. As history dictates, the Naboo were known for traveling long distances, making them have advanced propulsion systems with their aircraft. The naboo also benefit from quick Air Cruisers and a slight immunity to Mechs and heavy weapons. Naboo also is known for training powerful Jedi warriors and strong and quick Royal Crusaders.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Advanced Engines All aircraft are +10% faster
Battle Armor All fortress units, except the Air Cruiser, gain +25% more HP
Taxation All military units are now -10% cheaper

Civilization Bonuses:
Nova collection is 10% faster; Holocrons gives more Nova.

Team Bonus:
Air Cruiser speed is increased by +10%
Increased attack against Mechs and Heavy Weapons


Unavailable to the Royal Naboo:
Advanced Mounted Trooper, Repeater Trooper, Integrated Rangefinder, Dexterity, Explosive Yield Increase, Heavy Assault Mech, Heavy Mech Destroyer, Advanced Generator, Technicians, Force Strong, Jedi/Sith Purge, Heavy Artillery, Reinforced Frame, Anti Air Retrofit, Mechanics, Heavy Armor, Heavy Plating