Civilizations - Rebel Alliance

Air and Troopers Civilization

Early in the days of the Empire's rule, a group of pilots, technicians, and numerous peoples joined together to form what's known today as the "Rebel Alliance". These would-be outcasts joined up together to pledge freedom and justice to the galaxy, in hopes of destroying the Galactic Empire and it's maniacal emperors. The Emperor stole plans for the Death Star from the captured Princess Leia and destroyed her home world, killing hundreds of innocent Alderaans. The sight of the newly destroyed Alderaan home world scared millions, persuading them to join the Rebel Alliance. At the battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker succeeded in destroying the Death star, killing Moff Tarkin. At the Battle of Hoth, the Galactic Empire invaded the ice planet of Hoth, destroyed the echo base, killing hundreds of Alliance soldiers. A year after the Alliance was defeated at Hoth, they organized an attack on the new Death Star. They destroyed the shield generator found on Endor, destroying the Second Death Star, and killing the Emperor, forever crushing the Empire. The Rebel Alliance then evolved to the new Republic.

The rebel alliance in the game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds excels in both Troopers and Air military corps. They have access to an Anti-Mech air unit, the Airspeeder, and an impressive A-Wing fighter. The troopers in the Rebel Alliance are extremely impressive, having access to all Trooper technologies, including their unique technology, Tougher Armor, which makes their troopers more defensive against opposing attacks.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Tougher Armor Troop Center units now have +20 HP
A-Wing Research You can now construct A-Wings

Civilization Bonuses:
Carry capacity of farm droids +1

Team Bonus:
Farm Food maximum raised by +35 food
Fortresses have range, line of sight and search radius increased by +1


Unavailable to the Rebel Alliance:
Heavy Strike Mech, Advanced Generator, Advanced Redesign, Technicians, Advanced Frigate, Advanced Cruiser, Jedi/Sith Purge, Force influence, Heavy Artillery, Heavy Pummels, Reinforce Frame, Anti-Air Retrofit, Mechanics, Redoubled Efforts, Heavy Weapons Engineers