Civilizations - Gungans

Ships and Mechs Civilization

The Gungans are an amphibious, secretive race found in the lush swamps of their Naboo homeworld. Although they are the original residents of Naboo, the Gungans did not drive out the people who settled the there. The gungans were known for having immense and beautiful underwater cities, and since they were amphibious, they could live on both land and water. They instead became more infatuated with keeping their race more hidden. The gungans are actually a forging of several races, the Ankura Gungan (Boss Nass) and the Otalla Gungans (Jar-Jar Binks). The Ankura Gungans are known for being strong, robust monarchies, while the Otalla Gungans are skinny and sleek. Although the gungans are considered primitive and inferior, the Gungans have developed a very unique way of fighting and defending themselves. Their technology is actually of organic composition, their "vehicals" are actually grown in chambers, like animals; almost everything the Gungans create are hand made. According the ancient documentaries, the Gungans first prepared for war when they were threatened by high intelligent bursas. The numerous Gungan tribes forged together to crush these bursas, and for the first time, they made their Grand army. Gallo united these weary gungans, and became their first Boss. After the battle of Naboo, the Gungans had no real enemies, however the monsters in Naboo still remain fierce and in large numbers, so a large army is always kept at bay.

The gungans excel in training huge animals for war, which represent Gungan "Mechs". And their amphibious nature makes them extremely well shipsmen. Although they lack important Air Technologies, and several "high-tech" advancements, the Gungan's unique Shield Generator provides an interesting turn in battle, making their corps twice and strong for combat.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Far See In Binoculars All troop center units now have a +2 Line of Sight and +2 Range (Except Mounted Troopers)
Gungan Creature Armor All Mech Factory units now have +10% HP
Creature Training Pummels are now twice as strong against walls. Mobile Anti-Air heavy weapons are better against Air now, and Artillery is now better against buildings
Faster Growth Chambers Ships are built +20% faster and now are -20% cheaper

Civilization Bonuses:
Gungans can build Prefab Shelters underwater
Buildings now have self regeneration
Workers have a +10% ore Mining Bonus in Tech Level 3

Team Bonus:
Shipyards cost -15% less
Shield Generators cost -10% less

Aircraft take 5% longer to build and are 5% more expensive

Unavailable to the Gungans:
Droid Assistants, Integrated Range Finder, Explosive Yield Increase, Advanced Redesign, Jedi Master, Force Strong, Jedi/Sith Concentration, Jedi/Sith Purge, Force Influence, Jedi/Sith Perception, Jedi Mind Trick, Shield Modifications, Armored Plate work, Advanced Scanning