Civilizations - Galactic Republic

Jedi and Troopers Civilization

The Galactic Republic was a union of millions of system that lasted for over 25 thousand years. The Republic extended its arms of peace across the galaxy, as it's only wish was to create a peaceful nation through out the universe. As the years went on, a Jedi council was formed to keep the peace in the Republic, as corruption was common. The sleaze of the common rebel in the Republic multiplied like the plague, as some people disliked the brother hood that the Republic offered, as they wanted solitude and independence. The age of the corruption caused many joined factions to separate from the republic and go on their own. The first sign of the senate's futility was shown through their inability to protect the Naboo from the overpowering Trade Federation. The original senator was then replaced with Senator Palpatine from the Naboo. In spite of Palpatine, a rebelling faction, called the Confederacy was formed, mimicking the actions of the Republic by forging many systems to join into a rebellion against the Republic. After years of prosperity, the Republic had to give up it's promise to keep peace, and create their first army, supplied by the Kaminoans, to counter attack the Confederacy. Under years of corruption under the rule of Senator Palpatine, the Republic eventually became the Galactic Empire, an evil faction of slave laborers sent to enslave thousands of races.

The Galactic Republic's EXTREMELY fast producing trooper provides the player an easy way to defend, plus their fast gathering food gives them the advantage to produce massive armies in almost no time. Their excellent Jedi and upgraded Medical Droids could make them one of the most strongest infantry based civilizations.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Kaminoan Refit Animal Nursery generates food +20% faster
Air Cruiser Boost Air Cruisers are now faster with +10% speed
Upgraded Med Droids Medical droids move and heal +20% faster
Sight Beyond Sight Jedi, Troopers and Jedi Starfighters now gain +6 Line of Sight
Kaminoan Cloners aser troopers are now built +50% faster

Civilization Bonuses:
Prefab Shelters hold one more population unit
Holocrons give more nova
Jedi and Jedi Temples are cheaper

Team Bonus:
Med Droids Heal twice as fast; Jedi gain +10%
Fortresses heal garrisoned units 33% faster


Unavailable to the Galactic Republic:
Heavy Assault Mech, Advanced Generator, Advanced Redesign, Technicians, Advanced Frigate, Advanced Cruiser, Heavy Destroyer, Heavy Artillery, Heavy Pummel, Reinforced Frame, Anti Air Retrofit, Advanced Propulsion, Redoubled Efforts, Advanced Scanning