Civilizations - Galactic Empire

Mechs and Troopers Civilization

For Eons, the old republic eagerly expanded across the galaxy, forging numerous races and species into the Republic, hoping to expand their diplomatic rule. Just like any huge civilization, it collapsed within. Because of it's size, people rebelled against the Old Republic. Unable to maintain control over the galaxy, the Republic collapsed and Emperor Palpatine, an evil and unruly leader took charge of the collapsing empire, forming a new democracy. Under his rule, he commanded his troops to enslave hundreds of races and put them into hard labor to construct the infamous 'Death Star'. The Jedi Order was killed because of their attempts to rebel against the unruly Empire. Palpatine hired numerous people to defend him, such as the famous, Darth Vader. Along with establishing Imperial Senate, he hired Moffs to recruit stormtroopers to do his dirty work to enslave more worlds. Entire worlds dreaded the Empire's ultimate world destroying weapons. A small faction parted from the Empire, and rebelled against it's rule, called the Rebel Alliance. Although their defeat at Hoth was embarrassing, they were able to destroy the first Death Star, and killed Emperor Palpatine by destroying the Shield Battery on Endor. This crushing blow to the second Death star ended the Galactic Empire once and for all.

The Galactic Empire excels in production of troopers, and heavy troopers. Their Mechs are something to reckon with, because of the Heavy Assault Mech's "Walker Research" which gives AT-AT's anti-air capabilities. The Dark Trooper is a super heavy trooper which, if grouped in masses, these troopers can become extremely formidable.

Unique Units:

Unique Technologies:
Walker Research AT-AT's (Assault Mechs) now have a decreased minimum range and now have Anti-Air capabilities.
Altered Bargains Reduces trading fee to 15% the original cost.

Civilization Bonuses:
Aircraft costs 5% less
Upgrades for Mechs cost -10% less

Team Bonus:
Mech Factory units are +10% faster
Fortresses build 10% faster

Aircraft take 5% longer to build and are 5% more expensive

Unavailable to the Galactic Empire:
Advanced Mounted Trooper, Explosive Yield Increase, Advanced Cruisers, Faith in the Force, Jedi Mind Trick, Reinforced Frame, Advanced Flight School, Shield Modifications, Armored Plate work, Advanced Propulsion, Redoubled Efforts