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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Number of scenarios: 10
Welcome to my version of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It is my second campign. Experience these scenarios from the movie:

Ambassadors for the Supream Chancelor (T.F battle ship)

Getting to Theed (Naboo surface)

Theed ( killing the commander of camp 4 and rescuing the queen)

and much much more...

Enjoy! :)
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Map Design1.0
O..k another TPM campaign.
Now Robomalpa for all your boasting in the scenario design forum this wasn't that great.
Was this supposed to be an accurate version of TPM?
In the first level Qui Gonn and Obi Wan are met by a Trade Federation medic. You could have put in 3PO and changed his name to TC-14. Then you could have used the actual dialogue from the film.
Then we go to the bridge on the droid control ship where Nute Gunray says something he didn't say in the film.
We switch back to Qui Gonn and Obi Wan who have killed the medic and i await the line about gas in the room and to leave. After 5 minutes i decided to leave anyway because nothing was happening. I got the droids outside and headed to the bridge. I attacked the door and Nute Gunray and the droids came OUT and attacked me. I killed Nute and his droids. (You know i just changed history and saved some lives then) No destroyer droids came along to attack me so i decided to try the other passageway.
I came to the door and Qui Gonn said some more dialogue he didn't say and the level ended.
Second level on Naboo was easy i just wandered around for ages looking for Jar Jar until i found him at this little colony bit and the level ended.
Next for some reason the Queen is in camp 4 which she never made it to in the film. So i walked around on an island destroyed the commander of the base easily and won.
Next was quite a silly level. You are supposed to get past the Trade Federation blockade and get to Coruscant. I saw a little bit of terrain which i guess was the blockade but other than that i saw nothing no units or buildings. I just told the ship to go to the top of the map and i saw some desert when i got there which was Tattoine i guess.
Then Tattooine i had Qui Gonn, Obi Wan, the Queen, Jar Jar, Panaka, R2 and some naboo troops. Why did i have all these only Qui Gonn, Obi Wan, Jar Jar, Padme and R2 went to Mos Espa.
Odly there were some trees on Tattoine (i guess the climate there is changing)
I found Anakin where he wasn't supposed to be in the middle of Mos Espa not in Wattos shop.
I got Anakin and nothing happened other than "Unknown" switching to my enemy. I wasn't told to find Watto or anything. So i wandered around a bit again. I found no Watto or a unit with the name of Watto.
I decided to head back to the ship and on the way back i saw something quite interesting. A Naboo scout attacking some tusken raiders and you know what? He actually killed all 3 of them. I also saw the Sith Infiltrator on the way back but no Darth Maul.
Anakin and the others got back to the ship and Darth Maul appeared but i didn't get to fight him because the level ended.
Next was Coruscant which is how you spell it by the way. It was quite plain and boring. I do think that if you intend to make a Coruscant level you should buy CC because a few Naboo buildings and units just looks wrong. I was supposed to take the Queen to the Senate as well but after i took everybody to the Jedi Temple i won.
Another easy level on Naboo next.
Then the Battle of Naboo the ground part. I changed history again then because i beat the Trade Federation army while still having over 200 of my army left.
The last level was a bit strange as Nute Gunray and Darth Maul weren't in the Palace they were in a building and outside respectively. The fight againsnt Darth Maul was interesting because he attacked both Qui Gonn and Obi Wan, but i changed history again because Qui Gonn survived. Killed Nute Gunray who had apparently been cloned or revived after i killed him. It ended.

If you want to make a campaign of the movies make it accurate. Have the actual dialogue from the movies don't make it up. Have actual events from the movies too.
Map Design1.0
I have to agree with all that Chris_Mortimer has to say, only his findings of the game were different to mine. On the Trade Federation ship it was easy to escape, I had no problem with that. Then I needed to get to Theed, ok after exploring nearly 80% of the map, I found a Gungan, I'll never know if it was Jarjar, it all ended to quick.
On the rescue the queen part, I totally agree with Chris. And flying through the barricade was the most easiest thing I had to do, with out a scratch. It was at this point I started to get bored with this campaign.
On Tatooine I had the laugh of my life, I toke Qui gonn, R2 and Jarjar for a walk and left the rest at the ship. I keped walking a straight line from east to west and found NOTHING, but my enemy gave up and I won anyway.
As for the next mission, I totally agree with Chris again, except that more directions would be nice. Part1 battle for Theed gave me a laugh as well, I toke what ever army you gave me and headed east. Along the way a wild animal joined my side and I decided to walk west with him. Why not use he resources you got. With this animal I wandered into theed, didn't get shot and presto I won the game. Here is where I totally got bored and turned the campaign off.
Cept for the story line you gave it, it has nothing to do with Episode One. Testing all sides of the senario, might help to take out a few bugs (I do not like to win without a shot fired or when enemies just give up). Also I do not like to wander around to much, some directions would be nice.
Overal I found this a boring campaign and the title should be "Walk yourself to victory"

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Map Design1.0
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