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Star Wars Greatest Battles v. 3.0

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
Okay then, I've received the attached review and I HAVE UPDATED! This new version has more dialogue, better triggers, new units, better interface, and some improved scenery. If you've downloaded this before, you may want to download this better version.

The Star Wars Saga's Greatest Battles is a collection of the major cinema conflicts in the current 5 movies. Including the Battle for Naboo, the Battle of Genosis, the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor--all in chronological order. I'll admit I was a little arrogant in my last description, but I still know my movie campaigns are better than some of the same versions that actually come with the game.

You'll play as the Naboo/Gungans, the Galactic Republic, the Empire, and finally the Rebellion as you play levels that exactly mirror the ones in the movies--only you have a little more freedom to screw around with fate if you are really searching to sidestep my suggested instructions (why not send Mace Windu to attack Dooku in the Battle of Genosis, rather than Yoda?). Isn't this the reason you bought the game? Not to search for holocrons or build monuments... but to take out Darth Maul, fight the Trade Federation army, and lead the Queen's escort thru Theed to the Viceroy all in the same level?
Have fun, play it through. You may want to go back and play some of these movie levels again. These 4 jam-packed (and often overbearinly hectic) war/stealth levels were created solely by me--an obsessed Star Wars fan. I know sometimes the levels can be difficult--trying to keep your anti-air mobiles alive to swat out those pesky Rebel Airspeeders in the Battle of Hoth can be tricky--but the results are usually pretty rewarding. I think the last level is probably the most fun, it's peaceful and challenging at the same time.
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Map Design4.0
Undoubtedly there are better RPG style solo campaigns out there to download. But this is a great combination of hard-core battles with sneaking solo stealth missions. What makes this campaign good is that all the levels are major Star Wars battles. The guy who made these levels may need to work on his triggers and in-game cinema scenes, but I guess most people who download already know the Star Wars storylines.

Excellent balance. The last level, the Endor assault, requires the player to not only use Wickett to create and mass an army--with or without recruited worker droids--but also forces Han, Leia, Chewie and the rest to travel through forests FINDING the tribes while dodging recon Imperials. It's very rewarding to find all the tribes and attack the Endor Satellite Garrison with an army of like 120 EWOKS!

Creativity is good. Like I said, he needs work with his cinema triggers. Plus, he basically just pulls the levels EXACTLY from the movies. One good thing is that in every campaign you play as a different assault team--Naboo, Republic, Imperials, and the Rebels. In addition, his levels really are BETTER than the irrelevant missions in the game. His Hoth level is more clever and creative than the one already in the game, for example.

Map Design:
No random mapping here! This guy obviously designed his levels by hand. It has an upside and a downside--the levels look good, but if you venture off the trail by going through some trees or something, you end up in empty fields. But who cares? Just don't wander off the beaten paths.

What he lacks in cinema scenes, he compensates in great instructions and builds off the classic storyline. When he writes: "Following these instructions is imperative" or something like that, he means it. If you try to ignore the advice he gives, you'll probably end up dead. However, I'd really like the guy who designed this to go back and straighten it up a little--add more dialogue, create some cut scenes, and breathe more vallies and mountains into the Hoth battle. If he does perfect this, I'd play it again and again. Even though the guy exaggerates on how great he is in his description, campaigns like this one really ARE the reason why people buy the game.
Map Design2.0
Ok, I love reveiwing, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna cut any slack.

Playability:Oh come on!!!This was boring! If I could have five bucks for every low quality batttle of Hoth scenario or Battle of Endor or Naboo scenario that I have downloaded and played, I'd be filthy stinkin' rich!

Balance: barely a balance, hard to win without cheating

Creativity: I don't care what you say, but no scenario can be good without triggers(ten triggers counts there)! Oh, give em' big army to fight that big army, and give em' a little small force here to overtake that huge fortress, that is not really fun to play and it really takes away from a game to have it be an all-out manslaughter.

Map Design: The Viceroy's office was not in a walled off area on the streets of Naboo! I can see that you did not bother to make the Theed Palace, or the Rebel strike team.
And I can tell you right now that there were not twenty walkers and 500 Stormtroopers at the bunker right off the bat. It would be nice to have a trigger so that the team would be ambushed by those forces, then have the ewoks appear and attack.

Story/Instuctions: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz.....this same story has been used for countless campaigns, it is not gonna impress me. The instructions weren't bad.

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Map Design3.0
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