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SWGB Casino v 1.1

Author File Description
Scn Punk Team
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Number of scenarios: 1
Version 1.1(bugs fixed)


SWGB Casino like its AoK version is a casino-based scenario. Unlike most scenarios, you don't have to fight, complete quests or think about winning or losing or saving the galaxy.

In SWGB Casino, all you have to think of is money, how much you have, how much you need and what you will do with it. Will you buy a nova mine to get a steady income of money ? Or maybe you will visit Jabba in his palace or hang around at the Cantina ? What about betting on a pod in the podrace or maybe you'll prefer to watch a good fight ? The choice is yours.

Welcome to SWGB Casino.


Music Pack
Modpack Installer

Bugs fixed

-Dash Rendar race will not crash(or shouldn't crash anymore)
-Casino gate's guards will not crash the game
-Jor Karkas in Underground pit will not crash the game
-Typos fixed
-Added scoring system at the end


Yehoshua Yisra'el
Enrique Orduno
Night Conqueror

Thanks to

Ykkrosh - For the modpack installer as well as the podracers modpack.
Ivan Drago - For the Casino logo.
James Martigo and TVS - For the music and sound files used in the casino.
JamesMartigo, Boris Bronzie and TVS - For testing the casino.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: Anyone can download and play easily! Detailed instructions of the games were excellent, and it was easy to see that alot of effort went into making this game easy to play, hard to win.

Balance: Excellent. You start with the enough cash to get a good start but make it challenging at the same time.

Creativity: Here is where it truly shines. Games galore and much, much more (intended ryhme)!!! The slot machine was ingenious, and I liked the fact that you could buy a mine for more money.

Map Design: Another ignot of pure gold in this Mine-o-fun! The town had enough things to make it look interesting but not overwhelming. I liked it how you made a "Designers Palace" with the designers of the game and members of SCN Punk. The Casino was also expertly layed out with the meat at the back, and the smaller things on the way.

Instructions: Not too complicated and not too simple. The instructions provided are a sort of "Tour Guide". It gives you some subtle hints and advice on what to do first.

Overall: The perfect RPG scenario by the perfect designers of SCN Punk. Now that the bugs have been fixed, it is even better than before!!! YAY!!!! A must for all CC owners.
Map Design5.0

A great deal of fun, for a while. Then after I'd made a packet and had a good laugh, I realised that was it. There was no more.I wish there had been the option to get funds for a gang war or just a little more challenge. It makes a welcome break from RPG's which do get a little samey.With some sort of long term goal( like getting a ranking like Skilled Gambler for a high score.


This was where I find it difficult to comment, you can't die, and thats what the author intended. Some games are harder than others, some are sort of rigged, but there are a good variety of games that have differing levels of difficulty. It isnt too easy to make money but as with real life and how it should be, it is easy to loose it.

Sheer Mastery. No More, No less, the degree of skill with the triggers didn't cause me any lag whatsoever( which I guess is playability, but the review guide says triggers)I found none that crashed it or any that didn't work, save one game but the level itself said that didn't work.

Map Design:5

Stunning, gorgeous. OK Tatooine isn't quite as overly populated but I could easily see these sorts of places existing all over the place in towns like Mos Eisley


Well there was no story but the instructions were good though.The lack of a story doesn't matter in this case because it doesn't need one, it could do with a tiny one, and thats why I didn't give 5, because I think people like to have some sort of goal no matter how small.

Map Design5.0
Alasdair's Review of SWGB Casino, by SCNPunk

Playability: 5
The playability was superb, it is the first campaign I have played which is 'fun', rather than 'exciting', or 'interesting'. There is a great range of mini-games which are still fun after multiple replays.

Balance: 5
The balance was excellent, with most of the mini-games giving you decent odds, some slightly easier to win than others, but at least one or two that you could win every time, giving you, basically, an inexhaustable supply of credits (like the 'work out which sentry post will light up next' game). I don't view this as a particularly negative point, as it makes the game more fun, and you could choose not to play the games rigged in your favour. Overall, this deserves a 5.

Creativity: 5
This is where SWGB Casino really shines, in my opinion, with a vast number of innovative new ideas. Out of the mini-games, about 20 or so in all, there are only about 2 or 3 similar ones. Also, each mini-game is well thought out and 'fun', something very hard to do, in my opinion.

Map Design: 5
SWGB Casino's map is stunning. The creators have obviously spent a lot of time placing the various areas; from Mos Espa to Jabba's Palace, every area is well thought out, and like the films. The Casino, however is even better. It is multi-storey, with a posh interior on ground level, and a dingy basement below: it is very believable.

Story/Instructions: 4
The only slight let down to this campaign was the story. The instructions were well written and clear, but the story was not as good. There was no real mention of where this Casino was, rumours surrounding it, or any basic facts at all. It was obviously near Jabba's Palace and Mos Espa, as they featured in the map, but there was no mention of this by the designers.

Overall: 4.8
This is a truly brilliant campaign. I would very much recommend it. Congratulations to its authors.

- Alasdair

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Map Design5.0
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