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The Zo Zoso

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
Take on the role of Ossus, the Jannisary Knight to protect the people of the Zo Zoso Faith. Use your saber skills to defeat Sentinels, Wan'te Commandos, and Creatures of every sort.
Enjoy beutiful eye candy alongside fantastice story-telling that will leave you urning for more. Don't miss the one of a kind duel using innovative trigger work with mind captivating movements.

The Start of the Zo Zoso
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away………

Four Thousand years ago on the surface of Gaia, the Wan'te Empire had conquered all other intelligent species on the planet, all enslaved and all diminished; the other nations and species had given up hope and wishes. Then, after six hundred years of Wan'te domination, the enslaved people had a beacon of light in their lives, a humanoid boy of sixteen years started the idea of rebellion, this boy Zo Zoso began what would be the liberation of "Gaia's Children." Soon, rebellion was in the eyes of every slave and servant of Emperor Hann and the empire began to lash out at any talk of Zo Zoso and his followers. Within weeks of Zo Zoso's speeches the first rebellion was lead by Zoso in the Wan'te hub of Chapo. The fight was gruesome and arduous but the Rebels persisted and triumphed over the Wan'te in one of their major cities.

Year and years of hit and run guerilla fighting left the Wan'te spread out and vulnerable. Within time Zo Zoso had realized the Wan'te's weakness and planned to strike the heart of all Wan'te, the capitol city of Kuritz, in what would be the bloodiest battle of the great revolution, the Zoso were forced to retreat when the Wan'te had called in reinforcements to pincer the Zoso Rebels.

All hope was lost and the Zoso Rebels had felt diminished to droppings when a miracle of Gaia had been given to Zoso. Near the city of Chapo, Zoso had discovered a small settlement high in the trees of monks that had been studying Gaia Force for millennia. Zoso pleaded his case to their leader Naga, but the monks seemed resistant and left Zoso to fight his own war. Zoso lowered his head and walked off to lead his people. Five hours after the meeting, the Wan'te attacked the rebels and had them all but killed, just when the Gaia monks leaped into action with their sabers and drove back the Wan'te once more. Zoso paid honor to the monks and proposed the title Jannisary (new forces) knights for their valor and courage in battle. The Jannisary and Zoso fought in the name Gaia and drove back the Wan'te to Kurits once more.

At Kurits the Jannisary and Zoso were winning an uphill battle until the Emperor Hann called upon his sentinel army to take out the Zoso once and for all. The sentinels marched into battle killing with no remorse. The Jannisary and Zoso were trapped. Then, with a miracle of Gaia, the skies rained down masses of pure energy on Hann's Sentinel army and Hann appeared to be defeated until one of the Jannisary turned on Zoso and the rest and stabbed Zo Zoso right in the back. Evidence as to what happened after that is shaky, but by most accounts, Zo Zoso appeared to Ascend into the skies as a holy entity. The followers of Zoso and the Jannisary looked on in amazement as their supposedly dead leader ascended into Gaia's skies. The moment was short-lived however; Emperor Hann brought in his mechanisized battalion and forced the Rebels out of Kurits and way back to Chapo.

Many Years after Zoso's ascending to the skies, the followers of Zoso still had faith, and they started to construct massive flying cities and erected their first, Bodion, only two hundred years after Zo Zoso's death. The skyhook cities were believed to bring the followers closer to Zoso and Gaia and one day reunite them with their fallen leader.

Today, the Zo Zoso people live in peace in over fifty skyhook cities, Bodion still their capital. But now more than ever the Wan'te Empire is more dangerous. The beloved Emperor Sios of the Wan'te Empire has instated a campaign to take back the skies of Gaia………….

For anyone interested in history, the Janissary were warriors for the Ottoman Empire. The Janissary were originally prisoners of war that were converted to Muslim. The word Janissary meant new forces. I put a little twist on the word in my campaign by adding an "N" and taking out an "S."

This is the first of a hopeful three installments totalling nine scenarios or more. Please enjoy this campaign and review it fairly.

Thanks to Valhanis for testing and giveing me some insight on how it could be improved.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

This campaign was very enjoyable and kept me playing until the end. However, some bugs detracted from the experience.

Balance: 4

Although somewhat of a challenge, the campaign was a little too easy at times, especially in the third level.

Creativity: 4

This campaign had a "platform to platform" style of RPG-type gameplay. Although it was well-done, this has been seen before in a couple other scenarios. However, some parts, such as defeating the sentinel prototype were very original.

Map Design: 4

Although not the greatest, the maps had excellent layouts nd a moderate degree of eye-candy.

Story/Instructions: 4

The author definitely spent a long time creating the long and detailed story for the campaign. The story was very good, however the instructions were only average. At some points they were confusing and indirect.

Overall, a well done campaign. Some bugs and lack of instructions brought down its score some, but it was still very enjoyable. I hope to see more campaigns like it from this author.

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Map Design4.0
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