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Tann's Revenge (1.0)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 7
It takes place a few weeks since the death of the traitorous Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Now, the Republic's first female Chancellor Padme has called the Jedi Council for an emergency briefing on the current situation of the Galaxy. It seems that Sev'Rance Tann, Count Dooku's apprentice has resurfaced. But just what
are her demands to the new Chancellor?


This campaign is for the Clone War Expansion Pack only.

If you find any bugs at all, please post them and be specific.

Also, as you can see, this is the sequel to Time Warp. Don't worry, I will eventually fix those bugs in my Time Warp campaign.
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Map Design1.0
PLayability --- There was nothing to play, it was all computer played and triggers, it felt like I was watching a movie or something...

Balance --- Triggers were pretty good, actually it was all triggers, the only bug was that IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME TO DOWNLOAD CAUSE YOU COULDNT PLAY AND THERE WAS ONE LEVEL.

Creativity --- You were creative though, it was a great plot, my advise is to add to it!

Map Design --- There were two metal platforms and some jedi and sith.

Story/Instructions --- also very creative and a good story to put into a complete version of this game...
Darth Chuckles
Map Design2.0
...Well, I must be lucky, because I got a campaign with seven or eight missions and not the single cutscene the previous reviewer complained about.


This campaign takes place in an alternate timeline where Chancellor Palpatine has died and is succeeded by Amidala. Apparently, Sev'rance Tann did not die in her duel with Echuu Shen-Jon, and she's returned ready for vengeance.

Overall, despite a mildly intriguing story, I felt this campaign was very poor. So much so that I didn't bother finishing it once I hit a trigger bug around mission six.

Playability: 2
This ties in with balance, actually; it's possible to let the entire campaign play itself because not only is it too easy, but many of the missions your interactivity is limited to moving a character from one place to another. In the second mission, this is literally all you do. You move Mace Windu down a very long hallway, a conversation takes place, then you move him back. There's also a trigger bug of some sort in mission 5/6/whatever; no matter how you try and bring the holocron back, it doesn't allow the Jedi to join you. There's also a glitch in the third scenario; Poggle the Lesser's diplomacy towards you is Enemy, but yours toward him is Ally! Meaning, he can attack you but you can't fight back.

Balance: 1
In every mission, apart from Naat Reath, you're controlling three or four of the most powerful Hero units the Republic has to offer, and their opponents never get any more powerful than Heavy Troopers or Sith Apprentices. If you keep Naat at the starting point then put the other three on Aggressive Stance, they will clear the entire level with a minimum amount of effort on your part. Boring.

Creativity: 3
It's a good storyline, and props to the author for trying to break out of the standard SW universe by creating his own setting... but it falls flat.

Map Design: 2
Path-Through-The-Trees Syndrome afflicts many of these maps, and they're loaded with useless civilian units that you Click-to-Talk to. However, the author looped all of the click triggers without a timer, so there's a ridiculous amount of scrolling in the chat window.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story sufficed, but it was full of bad dialogue and misspelled words. The instructions weren't clear enough in a few places, and in others they just were plain inaccurate. At one point, you're warned "a bunch of wampas will attack you". but this isn't the case. gaia predators generally ignore non-worker units unless those units walk right up to them, so you can completely ignore the wampa fight. plus, in mission 5, you're told to avoid the Confederacy base until you get help, but since the two Jedi you start with are so powerful, you can cut right through the base WITHOUT help.


If the designer spent half as much time playtesting for balance as he did stuffing the maps full of clicky-civvies who don't affect the scenario one bit, this campaign would have been a LOT better.

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Map Design1.5
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