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The Jedi Wars

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 10

'The Jedi Wars' is the Linear Campaign to 'The Clone Wars'. (If you did not download that Campaign you may want to before you Download this one.) In this Campaign, you will travel to three Star Systems as the Jedi try to bring peace back to the Galaxy for the Republic. 9 Scenarios highlight this Campaign. The Last is a 'Hands off' scenario linking it to the 'The Clone Wars' Campaign. Each Scenario has hand-made one-of-a kind maps built by me, to tie into the Storyline.

I warn you, this is not an easy Campaign....
Good Luck! Look for My 'Episode III to be released in late 2004 By me.

During the Clone Wars, Republic troops and Jedi alike were scattered thoughout the galaxy, attempting to gain support for the Galactic Senate.
The Jedi Council,(under the request of Chancellor Palpatine)has sent a Jedi Knight named 'Orion Slex' and his Apprentice 'Aria Pory' on nine secret missions in the far corners of the once mighty Republic. They must accomplish their objectives or all will be lost. Orion Slex is the brother of Jedi Master Plo Koon. His skill with the lightsaber and ability to solve complex problems using the force has made him a strong candidiate for Jedi Master status (perhaps this is his final test). His Apprentice, Aria Pory is young and aggressive with the force. She fought side-by side with Anankin Skywalker years earlier in a battle with the Trade Guilds. Her name stems from her home planet Porion. Many of her Jedi friends have nicknamed her 'Jade' because of her rigid and sometimes non clarity of situations that involve emotions. The Jedi council knowing this have chosen a Master for her that she can learn great patients with.
The Jedi Council is losing its influence on the Senate. Chancellor Palpatine has sent Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme to ease tensions in outer lying planets(See the Clone Wars Campaign). Armies of Republic Troops continue to move in on Confederate Star Systems. Strangley enough, the Jedi missions lack the Republic Troops' back-up. Master Yoda is beginning to suspect alterior motives of the Darkside of the force. The Chancellor has assured the council his Clones are available to them at any time(sighting the Battle at Gall as an example). Yet there is some uneasy feelings surfacing from the Jedi Council. Mace Windu has seen some of the greatest Jedi Knights fall in these 'Clone Wars'. His thoughts are in sync with Master Yoda's. Yet the battles continue across every Star System in the Galaxy.
Rumors of Confederate Forces working with 'The Hutts' and various Bounty Hunters have caused panic amoungst the people of the Republic. Pay-offs and bribes by the Banking Guilds have turned once loyal planets against the Republic. Chancellor Palpatine has given reassurance to the people of the Repubilc, that with his new weapons he has created, no one will defy the Republic. And those who do will be severely punished! The Jedi Council does not share his optimism.

***Other Scenarios Available from Esporam:
'The Clone Wars'(Expansion pack needed)(Linear Campaign)
'The Hidden Chapters' (No Expansion pack needed) (All the things we wanted to see in the Movies)
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