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Downloads Home » Campaigns » The Legacy of the Fetts--Part One

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The Legacy of the Fetts--Part One

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
It was a desolate Tatooine morning. Skywalker and his band of rebels were supposed to be executed at the Pit of Carkoon, but they made their daring escape, killing Jabba the Hutt and most of his henchmen and rescuing Han Solo. It was here that the infamous Boba Fett made his last stand.
But he was not unprepared for death. Not completely, anyway; Fett knew that even he, the greatest bounty hunter the galaxy had ever known, would someday come to an end. All great things did eventually. His father, the only person in his life who Boba Fett had ever loved and one of the extremely few whom he had trusted, had perished at the hand of a Jedi. Boba Fett accepted the fact that death was inevitable, and would eventually come to him as well.
That is why he prepared for his death. If he died, the legacy of the Fetts would be lost forever. To keep this legacy going, Boba Fett did the same thing his father did: He created a clone of himself. Only a few weeks before his fall at Carkoon, Boba Fett paid a visit to an old friend: Vorvuv, a being of unknown race who owned the equipment necessary for cloning. Boba Fett requested that he create a clone to carry on the Fett legacy. He obeyed, but Boba had been killed by the time the young Fett was born.
When several years had passed and Boba Fett had still not come to get his clone, Vorvuv simply could not keep the clone any longer. 18 years old now, the Fett clone set off on his own. He tracked his father to Tatooine, where he was informed of his father's death. Obsessed with vengeance, he destroyed the Sarlacc monster and found Boba Fett's tarnished Mandalorian armor which the beast's stomach acids could not digest. He donned the armor and claimed the name of Boba Fett, and set off on a quest of vengeance to find his father's killer: Luke Skywalker...

Well, there you have it. I certainly hope you enjoy this campaign. Please post your suggestions, reccomendations, and any bugs or problems you might find. If you want to mail them to me, remember not to use my posted address, mail to theragingpenguin@hotmail.com. Also, send suggestions for the next levels in this series, and I am interested in your suggestions for a New Jedi Order campaign.
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Map Design3.0

It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed dodging the Rodians shots, and unleashing one of my own, then moving.The Imperial Base was tough if you had Fett alone, but not with the Wookiee.
It was let down by the failure of 2 things.

1)The Imperial General Rescue mission was never shown to me, I just stumbled accross it.

2) After Fett went into theBunker, and I got slave 1, I flew it away from the AA til it stopped, and fett would not come out, hence I couldn't complete the mission.


You needed to think fast,and be smart with your units.And in the way you used them, you could easily die unless you bothered to make the effort to play properly.


Very Good, good triggers and a nice idea in general that was well executed.

Map Design:3

Generaly good, but lacking in the City and Imperial Base which needed work.


A good story, with fairly good instructions that could do with a bit of addition stuff added. It was a good use of the over used "Clone" story.

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Map Design3.0
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