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Escape From Hoth

Author File Description
SCN Punk
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
~Escape From Hoth~

The Imperial Soldiers are landing on the surface of Hoth and rolling over the defenses of the rebels as the Rebellion uses delay tactics to allow their transports to escape. Inside Echo Station Snow troopers have breached the final defenses and are pouring in. Darth Vader himself is leading the assault, and plans to capture our heroes…

In Escape From Hoth, you will first control the fierce Chewbacca, and then follow up to control Han Solo with him rescuing Princess Leia from the Imperial advance before it is too late. The temperature is falling, blaster bolts are flying, and wampas are at every corner for our heroes…
Enjoy this remake of Empire Strikes Back from a member of SCN Punk!

~ Fight as two of the four heroes in the Star Wars movies.
~ One stand alone scenario.
~ Over a hundred Triggers expertly done.
~ Eye Candy never seen before, inside an installation on a snow world!
~ A scenario like just what you would expect from Scn Punk.


Han Solo - A long friend of Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa, Han Solo played crucial parts in the defeat of the Empire and the victory of the Rebel Alliance. If he had not been present during the first battle against the Empire, at the Battle of Yavin where hundreds of Rebels joined together in order to stop the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance would definitely have lost. He saved Luke Skywalker from death as Darth Vader prepared to destroy him. General Solo, as he deserves that title, has been invaluable as a fighter, leader, and stronghold for the Rebel Alliance in their struggle to release the galaxy from the clutches of the Emperor.

Chewbacca - One of the few of his kind who is honor bound to a human, Wookies are usually paired with other species, protecting them with their life. Although it is not unusual for Wookies to have human "counterparts," Wookies are massive creatures, taller than most humans, and the majority of aliens for that matter. Large, hairy, and somewhat clumsy creatures, the Wookies have ancient traditions. During the adolescent stage of a Wookie's life, they find people who care for them, and choose to protect them with their life, or in any way they can. It is this which leads them to become adults. Chewie owes Han Solo a life debt, and does his best to prevent his charge from getting himself killed.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This was awesome! TVS's TPM campaign was based off of the Adventure game of TPM, and this really reminds of an Adventure game like that. Fun to play, but very hard in some places, Balance was great but again a little too much challenge sometimes (I barely made it past the AT-ST). Very creative, adding in extra excitment such as with the Tauntauns was good, Map Design was flawless and very Hoth-like, Story was great, and the instructions were pretty clear with no spelling errors. The only things was that it was unclear about where the engine parts were and what they were. Altoghether, the BEST Trilogy scenario I've ever played, and the RPG style is a good way to make a Trilogy scenario. Incredible work, YY.
Kael Storm
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I found no bugs, no errors with triggers... perfect.

Balance: 5
Not too easy but not too hard. You put just the exact quantity of troopers that Han Solo or Chewbacca can fight.

Creativity: 5
Is one of the first campaign of Ep. V hoth battle I saw. And the best too.

Map Design: 5
I put you a 5 on this because I can't do anything comparable to this. For my it's perfect but maybe it deserved a 4.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions were clear, I didn't got lost in any part of the level.

Additional Comments:
Cool level. Keep up with the good work.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
Terribly boring. Nice attempt at cutscenes, but I was yawning for practically the enirety of the mere 20 minutes it took me to beat this. There might have been 40 units to kill but not many. The wampas that Chewbacca was told to run from proved pointless to run from, they drop like flies.

Balance: 2
I almost want to give this a 1. INCREDIBLY easy. I think it's get's a 2 because it might be a challenge for players just out of basic training. I just don't see how this could get anything even over a 3 for balance. 2 5's is messed up.

Creativity: 3
Nothing in it that makes it a special hoth scenario. The tauntaun thing at the end had a chance, but it lasted about 8 seconds and therefore flopped

Map Design: 4
A lot of effort put in the map, but also a lot of wasted space. Also I'm not sure about any new and exciting eye candy. Good, but not a 5

Story/Instructions: 3
Pretty bland. Some movie quotes, ok, fine, but overall just too boring and short to have any real value.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.7
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