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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Star Wars-Galactic Conflict (demo)

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Star Wars-Galactic Conflict (demo)

Author File Description
Darth Viserat
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the demo version of Star Wars-Galactic conflict.
Please rate this file,so I no what to change in the full version.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Well this was pretty impressive,it reminded me in some ways of The Vampire Slayers Trade Federation Battleship, but it was also very different.


This was excellent, it would have been too easy to have Obi Wan and Luke wadeing through legions of Stormtroopers, and not much else.Instead there were sensible numbers about,Luke was well set up, with good health, and not insane attack, and Obi Wan actualy waited for you if you went the wrong way, you actualy want to play the Next level.


Not quite as good because there were'nt enough Stormtroopers to actualy pose any real threat to Luke and Obi, who actualy tried to convert Stormtroopers(which hence died due to a sensibly placed trigger)


It was a nice idea, to have Luke and Obi Wan fighting along side one another, as was the Peace Talks idea, which was fitting with the Jedi personalities.

Map Design:4

Not a fantasticaly detailed map, but not a sparce one either, it was a nicely set out map, the author even put in the effort to connect the Hanger up to the restof the ship, despite the fact you could'nt go that way due to Stormtroopers.


The Instructions themselves were alright, but where this slipped a bit was the Story.I'm assuming that the Author is'nt British/American, but this is'nt a criticism, some spellings were bad.The actual Story, does have good possibilities, but a Cannon that can blow up a Town on Tatooine from another planet is'nt that original.

Overall it was a fun, well designed level, that was just lacking a little in the Story department, but thats something that can easily be corrected.
Map Design4.0
Okay, this was an interesting level...

Playability (5): The triggers were done pretty much perfectly, and the level was interesting all the way through. The only problem was that it wasnt always clear which way to go, and if you went the wrong way, Obi-Wan sometimes went on without you. This was only a minor setback so it still gets a 5.

Balance (4): Well since it was an RPG, the level is always best left slightly easier than normal, but this one was a bit too easy. I suggest placing stormtroopers (and maybe Dark Troopers) at more regular intervals. Also drop Lukes HP to maybe 600.

Creativity (3): Right from the start you could tell that this was based on "The Trade Federation Battleship" by TVS, so the creativity was dropped a little for that. I know it is hard to come up with good ideas for star wars, but you could have used ideas from other places, instead of just one level, which kinda makes you think- "This is just another version of TVS's level"

Map Design (4): The map in general was amazing, bettered only by "Death Star Escape" by JamesMartigo. There was one thing that put down the Map Design mark by one: The trash compactor. It needs more shallows terrain and other items to make it look more dirty and slimy. I dont know why but this one thing left a mark on the whole level.

Story/Instructions (3): Hopefully the rest of the story will unfold well, because the story in this level was a bit off color. Firstly, it has Luke and Obi together, which couldn't happen since A New Hope shows the whole time that Luke and Ben are together. Next, the story is based on the first scene from TPM, with no changes or plot twists, which marked the level down a bit. I am intruiged to see the next level, but only because of the strange storyline.

Overall, I have rated this level quite highly because of the standard that it was performed, and not because of what was in the level.

Plus Points:
+ Excellent Triggers
+ Good Indoor Map Design

Minus Points:
- Impossible Plot
- Sub-Par trash compactor
- At the beginning,Luke is faster that Ben so he bursts
into the meeting room on his own, and then waits for the
other two.
Map Design4.0
Allright, it's pretty obvious from the start that this scenario is heavily influenced by 'Trade Federation Battleship' from The Vampire Slayer. This is a typical example of 'beter goed gestolen dan slecht bedacht' (better well copied than badly invented).... And it IS a very fun scenario.... There is no doubt in my mind that this author is quite skilled and very promising in order to pull this trigger work off.

Playability: 4
A 4, because allthough the gameplay is nice and fun, it's still a little too predictable. No bugs or loopholes found.
Balance: 5
No big problems with the balance, but it could have been a bit more challenging.
Creativity: 3
It still takes some creativity to put such a story together, even though the inspiration is obvious... what really brought this down was the lack of surprises, no fancy trigger work, exciting cutscenes, or new features.
Map Design: 4
Decent, basically the proven spaceship interior template. I liked the new approach to the trash compactor. The surrounding don't give possibilities for a lot of eye-candy, so that was also taken into consideration.
Story/Instructions: 3
Spelling was quite acceptable for someone who's native tongue isen't English (You're Dutch, aren't you?). But bothered me more was the simple and unlikely story.

Anyway, I you've played TFB and the fourth mission from Dark Rising over a dozen times, play this one for refreshment.. similar enough for you to like it, different enough to provide a new challenge.
I think you're skilled, now you just need to find your own flavor. Keep 'm coming Darth Viserat!

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Map Design4.0
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