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Dark Trooper Project Part II 1.0

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
Note To SWGB Heaven: Please post this one. I had to fix the .cpx because it was incorrect. This one is correct. Don't post the other one. Hopefully you understand this.

This has no readme in the .zip because I wanted to get this up today and I was kind of rushing...so...sorry if that bothers you. In this mission you take on the role of Imperial Speed-Bike Major General Sal Sasso and take command of his speeder brigades under Colonels Devin and Gamble as the Imperial 3rd Army takes on the first Rebel Grand Field Army ever assembled. The fighting takes place on the planet Cordel 5. The Imperial 3rd Army, the best army in the Imperial Service, is marching toward the place where it knows that the Rebel Grand Field Army is moving. Our story Begins with this in instructions Menu:

The Battle of Herdberg: A Desperate Holding Action
The silence in the little town of Herdberg on the planet Cordel 5 was suddenly broken by the whizzing zing of a speeder slicing through the air. The 4th speeder division of the Imperial 3rd Army shot like a great rocket into the town scattering a group of Rebel soldiers who had been ransacking the town store. They glided to a leisurely halt on a ridge just outside of town. Three men dismounted their speeders and walked forward with the swagger that only a speeder officer could posess. They stopped and looked out in wonder at the area ahead of them. The ridge ended and a long green slope followed the road they were on until it reached a bridge crossing the Willow river to their Northwest. "This is the best ground I've ever seen general." "It is that," answered Major General Sal Sasso as he looked at one of his two brigade commanders Colonel Gamble. "We should deploy here," added his other Colonel, Colonel Devin, "This would be a good place to slow the rebel advance and wait for the rest of the army to concentrate in the town." "Yes," answered Sasso, "Place pickets out at the Willow River and make sure they give us a good warning as to when the Rebels are coming. Devin, place the three regiments of your brigade in defensive posture around the front of that building to our East. Gamble, place your two regiments in support. Put one on speeders and the other on foot, then deploy one company as pickets." "Yes, sir!" they both answered in perfect parade-ground unison. "Send a message back to Lord Vader and tell him that we will need support immediately. Also send a message to General Whestoven since he is in front of the advance. Remind him that there will be the devil to pay if he does not arrive in time."

Back Southeast at the head of the advancing Imperial 3rd Army the First Corps was marching just as if it were on parade for the Emperor. Major General Kirm Westhoven was in the lead with Lt. Colonel Karda's Lightning Brigade, the most feared and possibly the best outfit in the entire Imperial Service. "Keep it going, we've got to reach General Sasso's position by sundown!" he yelled to keep the men going.

East of Sasso's position Lieutenant General Jan Dodanna was meeting with the commander of his lead corps, Major General Arthur Knoll. "What do your scouts report?" he asked. Knoll straightened and replied, "Only local militia near the town. It a sizable force. A brigade a most though. Scared my men at first." "Let us hope that is accurate because that is good," said Dodanna, "Yes, that is very good. My orders to you General Knoll are to move on the militia and secure Herdberg. This will be the first set piece victory for the Alliance."

What Dodanna did not know was that Knoll was wrong and that he was really up against one of the most hardened Speeder Bike Divisions in the Imperial Service.

Note: Yes, this is based on the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3,1863) This is the first day. The map is based on a historical map of the Gettysburg area at the time.
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Map Design3.0
Dang,may be its just me being an avid Imperial Fanatic, but I loved this.


What can I say? other than its a seriously nasty Rebel Infantry attack against a Imperial Position, complete with Flank attacks, counter attacks, retreats and all sorts of fun things, I had few troops left at the end, but the numbers of dead rebels...


This was excellent, although you had a few Repeater Troopers, the vast majority were Troopers, facing similarly designed Rebel forces, if you were really bad, you'd loose loads, but it is indeed a challenge, and not one that anyone thats completed the game would fail easily.


It was great, clever tiggers, smart renaming.Useing scouts effectively as a military unit, with some trigger upgrades.Having to Hold out as the Reinforcements are still on their way.All things that are both creative, and intelligently used.

Map Design:3

Not because it was bad, its just that is was a very small area, I knew there was a City behind you, but I never saw it as I was defending the Outskirts, all there was were a few small hills, some trees and a Bespin Building(Renamed) and a River.I'd have liked a larger playing field.


Pretty good, its an accurate re doing of Gettysberg, The Story was very well thought out and planned as were the instructions.

All in all, a great battle, that will have you coming back to it, to see if you could save a few more of your troops from death.

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Map Design3.0
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