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~••·Dark Rising Part I·••~

Author File Description
SCN Punk
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 5
~••·Dark Rising Part I·••~

It is a period of Evil. Far above the peaceful and helpless planet of Simaeri lays the Star Destroyer, Dark Orbit. It's master the Dark One, the leader of the Dark Forces. Soon to be Emperor of the of the planet Simaeri. Cruel master of the countless planets that have fallen into his command…

Its planet is gilded with wealth and commerce, the center of trade. The center of all power, the center the Dark One's attention. The planet of Simaeri was a nation that grew wealthy through its power. A peaceful nation weak from the years of peace...
The Dark One will find no resistance in seizing and controlling it… or so he thinks…

~••·Dark Rising Part I·••~

Ever watch the old Star Wars films? Ever wanted to make your own version of the storyline?
Here is the big chance to play a fully triggered well made production from our SW Punk creator Yehoshua Yisra’el. He will go over the rise and fall of a great warrior, created through a sad tragedy that befell him. Follow the story as he fights to ruin the enemy that ruined his life and destroyed his family. Play as he fights to win the control of his planet from his sinister enemies. Then… Play as he joins those he hates and becomes a Dark Lord of Sith…

~ Follow the intricate storyline as the plot unfolds
~ Fight as the hero, Van De-Raul, then fight as his enemy…
~ Five scenarios divided into chapters like a book.
~ Play in countless missions to free and in the end, to subdue his planet, Simaeri.
~ Hundreds of Triggers expertly done.
~ From the surface of the hero’s planet, Simaeri, to the Star Destroyer that orbits above it.
~ Stunning Eye Candy as you explore the lush jungle planet of Simaeri.
~ Close to an hour of game minutes of cut scenes.
~ Beginning Cutscene about the taking of Simaeri by a Dark Lord of Sith, Darth Varya.
~ Goes into the detailed story, and introduces the main antagonist, the master of evil himself, the Dark One.
~ A scenario like just what you would expect from Scn Punk.

~••·Dark Rising Credits·••~

~ James Martigo - The main tester I had who threw himself in and carefully tested each and everything. He found more bugs than all the other testers combined. Great work James!!!
~ The Vampire Slayer - For endless times of testing and help with hard triggers/bug spotting. I want to especially thank him for the lending of ideas and map designs.
~ Boris Broznie - For testing the scenario over and over looking for ways to cheat :)
~ The Conquistador - For the endless testing of my work and allowing me to release it under a SCN Punk name.
~ Enrique Orduno - For helping me in willingly testing my scenarios.
~ Jiangjun Izzy - For constantly pointing out bugs and refusing to play the scenario unless I fixed it. (I forgive you.)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0

This first starts off with the taking of Simaeri, the planet of which much of this story takes place. I enjoyed the cut scene, and thought it amusing if not original with the use of lines and quotes from A New Hope. The second one is much of the author's apparent skill and effort takes place. It starts off with a little background information, the marriage with his wife, and then goes into detail with him going off into the jungle to hunt Kaadu for the "feast". The main character of this story "Van De-Raul", is heading back to the village to his wife, when he apparently spots Imperial Slavers and their prisoners that includes his wife and mother. He watches as his father runs up to stop them, but killed by the sinister "Darth Varya". Then his mother resists and is dispatched by the commander. He goes on to take revenge against these murderers of his parents and the people who banished his wife to a short and horrendous life in the spice mines. The story goes on, and I encourage you to download this and find out more.


When I first started this, I assumed that it would be another flop from this particular author, and went in already judging it. Much to my surprise I was blown away by the author's work. He went into great depth in his campaign, and carefully spread out the personalities of each major character. The game play was great, I took great use of the save points, and enjoyed walking into ambushes and dieing through little things such as the rock fall in Chapter V. I felt he could have improved on the fighting in Chapter III when he was supposed to find the informant or such.
His originality was lacking in some parts, but clearly improved later on when he made you play the "good guy" then to play as his enemies. Clearly this took much thinking, and made the story and playing much more interesting.
Chapter IV was fun, I enjoyed prancing around the Star Destroyer dealing with those pesky Battle Droids. The sounds were nice, and I could see a lot of interesting ideas such as the "turret guns" or other, that changed ownerships as you passed by. This will clearly kill a slow player who doesn't go by fast enough. The “hidden passageway” was unnecessary, but clearly a nice touch.
Chapter V is what gives this campaign its high score. More of a FF than a RPG, it is probably one of the better works of art in eye candy, and in game play. I have not seen such good work in months, if not years.
His story was nothing spectacular, brief, but then again, I like long stories, so I feel I shouldn’t judge this as harsh. He obviously put work into this, and took the extra effort to run it through spell check.

Good things -

- Stunning map design.
- Great story
- Great game play
- Neat tricks

Bad things -

- Occasional spelling errors
- needs to work on some of the minor details, and needs to slow down the amount of time the text spends on screen.

In short, this is a great campaign, awesome work, so much I have to compliment, but so little time to mention. There were some problems, but to my personal opinion, they didn’t interfere with the game play at all. Enjoy people; you will be blown away with this awesome master piece!
Map Design5.0
DARK RISING I by Yehoshua Yisra'el (David)
Review by JamesMartigo

I was one of the first to write a review for Dark Rising when it first came out. I liked it a lot, but I was a bit disappointed by some bugs that were breaking the campaign. Fortunately, Yehoshua Yisra'el (David of SCN PUNK) decided to overhaul his campaign and re-release it. As soon as you start playing this campaign, you can tell that it was made by a member of SCN Punk. All aspects of the campaign are of the highest quality!.... definitely a campaign worth playing.
I will start my review with a short summary of each scenario. Later I will grade the game in 5 categories: Playability, Balance, Creativity, Map Design and Story/Instructions, along with a small motivation why I gave that grade. I will finish with the Plus and Minus points of the campaign, and a final word.
So, without further ado, here's my third review of..... Dark Rising:

WARNING !!! May contain spoilers

The first chapter is an intro made up of cut scenes. It starts with the Imperial occupation of Simaeri, a peaceful planet. This scenario contains more than a few winks towards Star Wars : A New Hope :). Just watch and enjoy.

Chapter II starts with Raul's parents being murdered and his wife being captured. He swears revenge on the Empire, and sets of to start a rebellion. This scenario will have you infiltrating imperial outposts, and making contacts in many towns, trying to start a rebellion. The game play is based on a one-unit population, and is well executed. The beautiful temperate planet of Simaeri really lends itself for excellent map design. Yehoshua has an amazing feel for map design and use of eye-candy, and manages to create some near perfect environments!

Chapter III takes an unusual turn as you have to play with the 'baddies' all of a sudden.... Nice! You play the seeker, an assassin in operation of the Dark One.... You mission: to kill the Ranjii Master.
This scenario features nice gameplay and storytelling, although it's most obvious strength is once again the amazing map design. The jungle looks great; the city looks great, with some very beautiful pieces near the palace and the zoo. There is also a spaceport that has a very dirty and crowded feel to it. You feel like you're in a crowded third world country market place. Amazing. (by the way, I like the 'Man Eaters')

In chapter IV De-Raul infiltrates the Dark One's Star Destroyer. It's up to you to stop him. You are a Sith Knight, and along with Darth Varya you have to fight your way through the Dark Orbit. Darth Varya walks along with you and fights a bit every now and then, but you only control one unit at a time. With this gameplay, and features like health packs, invisible barriers and such, this scenario feels quite a lot like 'Trade Federation Battleship' at times. Oh well, at least you know the gameplay is a lot of fun. Yehoshua once again shows his skill by making the Dark Orbit's interior look very convincing. The turret defenses are a nice touch.

After Darth Varya captured Van De-Raul, he managed to seduce him to the Dark Side. Now, a slave to the Dark One, 'Darth' Raul's first mission is to find four neutral villages, and make them pledge allegiance to the Dark One. This mission has you combing the maze that is the Simaeri Jungle, searching for four villages, and ways to forge an alliance with them. This scenario is fixed force, and you can gain enforcements along the way. The gameplay for this one is nice, and the map design is nice, although the map is a bit too large to allow you to appreciate the detail.

When the first version of Dark Rising was released a couple of months ago, I was pleased with it's exciting gameplay. However, there were a couple of bugs that rendered some missions impossible to complete. Fortunately, Yehoshua Yisra'el decided to withdraw his campaign to make some necessary adjustments. This version is free of the bugs that hindered the first version, and retained the pleasant gameplay. Basically, you'll find this a nice campaign of high quality. Good gameplay, no bugs, annoyances and loopholes mean that Dark Rising deserves a 5 for Playability.

We can be short about the balance: it's allright. No parts that were really too easy or too hard. The first four chapters you'll finish on your first try. So they're a bit easy, but not lame. The last mission is a bit harder and will require some saving every now and then. Full points.

Creativity, hmmmm, I don't know what to say about this.... Yehoshua did have a couple of innovations when it comes to gameplay and trigger work. And his map design is definitely revolutionary. But I lot of times I felt that elements were too clearly borrowed from 'The Phantom Menace' campaign. Most evident of this is Chapter IV, where you fight with the Sith Knight with Darth Varya following you, like Qui-Gon following Obi-Wan, when you could just as well play them both. The invisible barrier and the droideka cut scene also causes flashbacks. But, since it is good to use the best triggers you see, and since the campaign has enough of other unique features, I decided (after long consideration) NOT to deduct any points in this category.

Map design is obviously David's strong point. He's a master with eye candy and terrain. He takes it over the top sometimes, but I kinda like that. His Simaeri jungles are as exciting as the 'Swamps of Naboo'. David proves his skill aboard the Star Destroyer, and the 'dirty' spaceport. Excellent job David!

Allright, on one hand I should compliment the author with the complex story. But on the other hand I find the story a bit confusing at times. I played the first release of Dark Rising, and the core is still the same: a rebel who starts out as a hero turns to the Dark Side. But a lot of details and storylines changed a lot. De-Raul’s history is cloudy, the timeline is strange (it seems that Raul's rebellion started many years after the imperial occupation, which is a little unlikely). Who the Ranjii are and what their role in the story is remains unclear. Chapter II, IV and V fit together, telling the story of Raul, but Chapter III, about the seeker doesn't seem to fit in (at least not yet... hopefully Dark Rising Part II will clear this up). Part of the frustrating is that you don't know whether this campaign takes place in the Star Wars Universe, and if so, when and where it takes place.
The instructions and objectives are clear, and the history sections and such are well written. Most scenarios are straightforward, and it's pretty clear what you have to do. Chapter V is the least clear, due to its non-linear nature.
Oh, I forgot, no more "Made by David of SCN PUNK" ;)

+ EXCELLENT map design !!!
+ Good gameplay
+ Nice trigger work

- Storyline is a bit confusing at times

Well, as you can see, I had a lot of fun playtesting, playing and reviewing Dark Rising, and I think you'll have fun playing it too. Congratulations on a great campaign David !!!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Great playability, you can tell that it was a hard job to make the scenaries but it was worth it. The only thing I didn't like is that Van-De-Raul is slow.

Balance: 5
Good balance: there weren't really tough parts or easy parts.

Creativity: 5
All the things were very crative

Map Design: 5
Excelent map design, especially on Episode II.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is very good, but it is kind of confusing and also it takes some parts of Star Wars.

Additional Comments:
I loved your campaign, too bad the next one is for Clone Battles.

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Map Design5.0
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