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Take Back the Planet

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
The Trade Federation has controlled Naboo for a year now. Most of the Naboo have been either killed or imprisoned. Those who survived have been in hiding. A Naboo spy has learned that the Trade Federation has a manufacturing base on a nearby planet where they produce all their tools of war. Now as a last desperate attempt to take back their homeland, the Naboo have assembled a team of Special Forces from what little military they have left. This team is to be led by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now its time to find a solution to the probelm called the Trade Federation.
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The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
This campaign is certainly one of the better ones I have seen of SWGB scenario design, right next to TVS's Swamps of Naboo scenario.


Not being an RPG fan, this scenario wasn't all that great. I especially hated having to babysite a whole team, which is about the last thing I would do voluntarily. Other than that, it had some pretty good RPG elements and B&D elements as well, which is not bad.


Pretty good. Some areas where a little hard for me, but overall extremely well done.


Fairly creative, as I have not seen most of the characters in the scenario, although some where extracted from the Star Wars movie "The Phantom Menace". Also, it had many innovate uses of eyecandy that truly opened my eyes.

Map Design:

Truly astounding. I think Crawdad is the first great pioneer of SWGB eyecandy, as the comibinations of eyecandy he thought of are truly genius. He created a large flower bed under a fallen tree that looked really realistic, and I especially liked his swamps. Bravo zulu on map design, keep up the excellent work.


The story was good, but not excellent. Mainly because the main objectives screen was not used, but rather relied on the "History" screen. The instructions were ample and clear though. So a combined mark of 5 is given (as the story wasn't bad and the instructions were good).

+ Points

- Excellent map design and use of eyecandy

- Points

- Too much micromanagment and babysitting

Final Thoughts: Overall a truly excellent campaign, and if you don't mind looking after 8 units, this campaign is perfect for you.
Dave Marrs
Map Design5.0
Playability (4).
Straight forward gameplay on a map thats easy to move around on and no hidden bugs.

Balance (4).
A pretty good mix of tasks and objectives to complete on levels that are not to hard and not to easy.

Creativity (3).
No unique triggers or hidden aspects that would have spiced things up a little bit but the campaign still works well.

Map design (5).
Some of the best use of eye candy that I have ever seen. Also the attention to detail on the Naboo terrain is outstanding with very well done swamps etc.

Story/Instructions (5).
No extra baggage involved but everything that you need to succesfully play the campaign in the form of objectives and tips are all there for you and are clear to understand.

Overall a pretty good campaign and one that I will certainly enjoy playing again. I did think that it had the potential to have a few more levels but then my work isn't allways that long and it is upto the author as to how big their campaign is.
Nice one!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Was good, but not annoying to have any expendable units at all in the first and most of the second mission. Also a problem I had was near the end of the first mision, the Gungan's blocked off the roads and I had to blast my way through them, which too a while with the units I had and al the famba sheilds. The bigest problem I had was in the third mission, after the attack to get heavy weapons, I got no more objectives or anything, so I destroyed everything if the ememies, but nothing happened. Was pretty good otherwise.

Balance: 4
Pretty good, but along with what I stated in the start, not having any expendable units posed a problem. If I was sending my troops past an enemy possition, ocasionally one guy would walk to close and get killed before I knew it. All in all not too hard or too easy.

Creativity: 5
Quite good.

Map Design: 5
Beautiful maps.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice story, understandable, not to complicated and the instructions for the missions were quite nice, up to what happened in the third mission stated above.

Additional Comments:
Only thing i would want added to this is that some of your units be expendable, but if you want you could just convert a few ememies.

[Edited on 09/10/05 @ 06:14 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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