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The Caves of Steel

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Oncle Noy
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: No
Hello Starwars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven !

With this E-mail, a scenario (single player) : my first english creation for Starwars Galactic Battlegrounds, "The caves of steel".
The story ?
Darth Vader and Veers, his loyal servant must enter into the caves of steel and destroy the HP-275, the last fortress of the old Trade Federation.
If you accept my creation, please, sign it with my "Web Name" : Oncle Noy.
Thank you.
And sorry for my bad English (I'm french)...

Oncle Noy
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Midgard Eagle
Map Design3.0
For some unknown reason, the empire has some dispute to settle with the Trade Federation. Inside a system of asteroid caves, imperials have located a fortress named HP-275. This fortress is to be destroyed, and Veers’ Star Destroyer gets right on it. Your mission objectives? Take a bunch of All-terrain walkers, cannons, troopers, and mechs into a cave and wreak havoc. And guess what? You’ll like it.

This scenario was really hard to judge. On the downside, it’s just another Fixed force mission and the author’s English isn’t the best. However, once you get into it, you realize that you cannot just plow trough your obstacles like in the first Vader mission. You’ll encounter turrets, and you will have no units that can sit safely outside their range and fire at them. You will, however, get reinforcements consisting of units capable of this, but that comes later in the scenario: First you need some kind of strategy to do the most damage possible with the units you have, which gives the mission some depth.

Finding that no units you have are capable of going at the turrets, you’ll need some kind of tactic to minimize damage to equipment (even an AT-AT will eventually succumb). And if (or “when”) your main force falls, you’ll get some more equipment like cannons. But now you have to keep them safe, and the TF, who you’re assaulting, has a good deal of droid infantry, who will destroy your units if you simply add them all into one group and send them loose. Group your scouts into one group, AT-ATs in one group, infantry and smaller mechs into another, and then finally, cannons in one group and in your final group, pummels.

As you are given equipment capable of taking out targets from outside their range, the mission should be easy, shouldn’t it? Don’t take that for granted. Ever played Sierra’s Ground Control? Remember your first mission with artillery (where the objective was to wipe out several bunkers and hidden bases with missiles)? Easy? No. And in this mission, it’s just the same. You have the equipment, but it keeps coming under fire. Your AT-ATs can handle any enemy troops, but they won’t last forever and will most likely also end up with blowing your own troops up -talking about troops, you’ll lose a good deal of them.

How much creativity can you add into FF? Well, not much; Even the creators of the game couldn’t add much spice to the soup (take Vader‘s first mission, for example). So where Gameplay grows old-fashioned, you need to patch up on map design. And well, this one is a good idea. Still, nothing that will win a prize.

Map Design
I must say it’s kind of creative. The scenario is set inside a set of asteroid caves (although you can‘t really tell as there‘s no way to implement roofs in GB). On your way trough, you’ll get to stuff like narrow bridges across holes into open space. You’re also introduced to the inside of a Star Destroyer (although its not much to write home about, you can tell it‘s a Star Destroyer if you look at it for a while).

Although the history/scenario instructions were fairly detailed, the spelling/grammar errors of the author brings the score down. Writing in a foreign language can be challenging, but then again, that’s way spelling checks are for.

Also, it says in the mission that Vader and Veers also enter the cave. However, they’re left in the bow of their Star Destroyer.

Requires some tactical thinking.

Conclusion: Caves of Steel isn’t the best, but for the Fixed force fans, especially those new to the game, it is enjoyable. More experienced player might get bored, though.
Map Design5.0
This map was quite allright. It managed to surprise me a coulple of times: just when I though the balance was bad (too easy), it turned out to be good (almost too hard)

Not extremely exiting, but still nice. A couple of times the forces were too many to control comfortably. No bugs, but passing narrow bridges and valleys with large armies always annoys me.

Here was the surprise... up to the point where I got the reinforments I had lost few units, and it been fairly easy. I figured I wouldn't even need the reinforments. Man, was I wrong.... I had to pass through two enemy bases, and the mounted troopers really wrecked havoc on my AT-AT's. I had wanted to completely destroy both bases, but his constant flow of troopers forced me to destroy the fortress to win the game, or face defeat. This narrow line between victory and loss is what defines good balance.

Nothing really original here. Destroy an enemy fortress with your fixed force + reinforcements. No exciting triggers either, with the exeption of the creation of the troops/reinforments (especially the stormtroopers emerging from the bunker!). The real innovation lies in the :....

Very Good, Tres Bien, Heel Goed! The AoK/SW:GB tile set is meant for outdoor locations. That didn't stop this designer from creating a convincing cave complex. It looks great! True, the star destroyer is a little lame, the narrow passages are annoying, the enemy bases are boring, but the cave were made with great attention to detail : cliffs, bricks, rocks, valleys, etc. Because you are the first to create a believable indoor environment, I grant you a 5 for Map Design.

The creator made some effort to make a story. But it's still not very interesting. The messages "The DROIDS (1) : CAUTION ! CAUTION ! Intrusion in the sector one ! Activation DROIDS !" got a little stupid after a while. And the bad spelling/grammar really brings it down. Try having someone translate your text before you submit a scenario, it really adds to the quality. (I could even help you out with that, eventhough English isn't my native tongue neither. E-mail: misterjames@hotmail.com)

This map designer surely has potential, especially in the 'map design' area. I hope you other maps are as good as this one, if not better :) JamesMartigo
elliottsmith Worth a play, but I don't think it's challenging enough to warrant two. In hindsight, I think it's a little tame...but I know I had fun playing it at the time, so I definitely think it's worth checking out. Not bad.

[Edited on 02/14/15 @ 10:44 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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