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[Battlefront] Kamino: Tipoca City

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Other
Number of players: 2
Hey all, when I saw the new trigger effects and options added by a recent version of the Expanding Fronts mod, I decided to get familiar with them by working on an adaptation of the classic FPS shooter Battlefront inside of SWGB. Obviously SWGB isn't an FPS, so here is how the map works:

How It Works
The setting of the map is Kamino, making good use of Expanding Fronts' new animated rain object:

Just like in Battlefront, there are command posts scattered throughout the map. Troops are recruitable from each of your command posts. Here's an example of the cloning facility, and the available republic troops that can be recruited:

In order to capture a command post, you need to attack the command post's health down to 0 (which will cause the central pillar of light to shrink) and clear out any enemy units in the area, and then the command post will be under your control. Here's an attack in progress on a CIS controlled command post:

In addition to being your unit production buildings, command posts provide another benefit: for every in-game minute you control one, you will receive a tribute of 10 nova. This stacks with each command post you control, so controlling 3 command posts will give you an income of 30 nova per (in-game) minute. Basic troopers are free, but more advanced units require nova to produce, with the amount varying depending on how advanced the unit is. Here are the CIS's available units:

Players win the game by capturing all 7 command posts (this doesn't take as long as it might sound).

The map also features sounds from the original Battlefront game and Heroes that can spawn in as in Battlefront 2, but I'll let you discover those for yourself.

Required Settings
1) Expanding fronts is required. It would have been impossible to make this map without the mod. Specifically the map was developed for EF version 1.2.1a, but if the upcoming update breaks compatibility I will update it.

2)Player 1 must be the Republic, and player 2 the Confederacy. If you want to switch sides, you have to switch who's hosting. Player 3 and 4 must be Computers, and player 3 the Empire. Player 4 can be anyone.

3) Tech level should be standard or level 1.

It's not required, but I also highly recommend playing with all visible. Not only does it eliminate an annoying graphical bug with the invisible walls around the cloning facility, I find it makes the mode more fun to play.

Unzip the contents of the folder to your SWGB/Game directory. You can also just manually extract the contents to their respective folders. The sound files are required for the original Battlefront sounds to work.

Known Issues
1) If you queue up more than one hero before the first one spawns, you will be able to have multiple. Don't do this, it's cheating.

2) Unlike in regular SWGB, heroes do not regenerate when outside of combat (nor can they be healed by medics). This is both to prevent camping with them and to emulate the original Battlefront 2 gameplay. As a side effect of removing this ability, your hero can be converted by the enemy's. Don't convert your enemy's hero, it's cheating (though normal units are fine, both players have the tech that simply kills them on conversion).

3) There is no AI. I'm not sure whether it's even possible to create a reasonable AI for this sort of map. If you just want to test it, the AI will build troopers, they just don't do anything with them. I recommend hard or hardest difficulty and lock teams.

And that's it! I tried to keep the triggers pretty clean and organized so you shouldn't have much trouble following along if you want to know how I did something. I think the hero spawn/death loop is the most interesting thing here, as it allows for true loops for the first time in SWGB. Previously you had to set individual triggers for each multiple of X if you wanted something to happen every X kills, but with my three hero triggers I have a true loop that repeats every 25 kills (and it could even be 2 triggers if I didn't need it to be 3 for other reasons).

Please leave feedback, both bugs and suggestions! All of the balance numbers were chosen after some amount of playtesting, but it wasn't as much as I would have liked. I'm open to changing pretty much any of the numbers involved, from a unit's reload time to the population cap of the map. Enjoy!

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to GeneralRhysDallows, Tevious, Grenadier, Jorritkarwehr, Tiberian, and aidenpons for putting up with and answering my many questions!
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trooper1001 That's awesome! Thank you for your work for this scenario. The Battelfront details are lovely.

Just one problem:
- Player 2 wasn't able to capture any command posts during the late game
- initially Player 2 was able, too
- but after some time it did not worked anymore
- Player 2 destroyed the command posts of Player 1, but there appeared just an unclickable commandpost with no color

### Update:
Fixed the problem:
- Set "Transfer P1/P2 Emitters" both on Trigger Looping


- I will try to reproduce this error
- because I did not found the root cause of this problem in the inspected triggers

Further question:
- The medics, did not heal any units (even with close range) is that the intention?
- The style by the way is super cool

A fan of your scenario

[Edited on 02/19/20 @ 02:40 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Wow. That is all I can say. When I played your scenario, I felt like I was on Kamino. It really reminds me of the Battlefront map of Kamino and it gave me nostalgia playing this. Well done!

There were a few bugs, though they've already been brought up with the last review you received. Most notable was the AI not seeking out command posts, so I would say this is a very multiplayer friendly scenario and recommend more than one human player to be present.

Balance: 5
Both teams had multiple units that could be built, including some unique units like the droideka, the jet trooper, the magnaguard, and the ARC trooper. Other than this, you can train a hero after you utilize a number of "kills", so if you kill 25 enemy units with your own, you can train your hero using said resources. I found the balance absolutely perfect.

Creativity: 5
Even though Kamino is not an original map, I gave you a 5 for creativity because I have not seen a map (scenario) like this on SWGB Heavens. This was particularly detailed and I really enjoyed your craftsmanship of Kamino, because it looks almost identical to the Battlefront version.

Map Design: 5
Same as above. I will emphasize the work you put into this scenario, as it is unparalleled. One thing I do suggest is maybe putting the prefab shelters on other platforms similar to the ones the action is taking place on. Placing black sand there was a bit...weird if you ask me. That being said, the Tipoca City reimagination is astoundingly accurate. Well done!

Story/Instructions: 3
This is particularly where it suffers, but then again its a reimagination of the Battlefront map so a story isn't really needed. I'm sure if you wanted to, you could make a really interesting scenario from this map. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything here so I'm not downrating it for any reason.

Additional Comments:
Really well done scenario! The game mode itself is incredibly unique. Do you plan to make any more of these kinds of maps? I guarantee that I'd play them!

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Map Design5.0
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