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Tying up loose ends

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Although the Clone Wars were over, some people never seem to get the message. The worst case of denial was Gizor Dellso, a Geonosian Separatist who'd somehow escaped Lord Vader's efforts to wipe out the remnants of the CIS. Lord Vader tracked him to Mustafar, and brought us in to finish the job. It seemed like a simple enough mission, but when we saw the fleet of droid ships, hovering over the planet, we suddenly realized that Delso's denial mechanisms were a little more dangerous than we'd imagined.

By the time we'd made our way to the molten surface of Mustafar, it was apparent that Dellso had been a busy little bug. All by his lonesome, he'd found a previously hidden droid factory, fired it up and cranked out his own private army of battle droids. Needless to say, this got the men of the 501st...a little hot under the helmet, and not just because of all that lava. Truth be told we'd all had our fill of those gear heads during the war, and we couldn't stomach the thought of going through another one. So we blew them up. Blew up the droids, blew up the factory, damn near blew up the planet.
-Excerpts from the Journal of the 501st

This is a retelling of its namesake level in Battlefront II's campaign adapted to SWGB as a fixed force scenario. You will lead your stormtroopers -a starting force and later reinforcements- through Gizor Dellso's stronghold and fight off its defenders, who will sometimes charge into you and sometimes wait for your move. Special effects replicate the bridges rising out of lava and the droid prototype schematics. A handful of rooms will play sound files.
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Nos T
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A challenging but fair take on one of the most fascinating levels of Pandemic's Star Wars Battlefront II. Having to stop and consider each upcoming skirmish adds a level of difficulty that you might not expect. The objectives are always made clear but the challenge might catch you by surprise. I recommend you save after every objective.

Balance: 4
Even though the level is difficult in some places it never feels unfair. The only critique here is that the grapple droids have stealth capabilities, so if you don't kill them in one go you will likely lose the rest of your force to them.

Creativity: 5
While the idea isn't original, the execution is fabulous. The use of Expanding Fronts tilesets is magnificent and the opening cinematic, while basic, made me feel truly giddy.

Map Design: 5
While at first it may seem linear, the later portion of the level lets you backtrack or take new routes and rewards clever thinking. Like mentioned before the Expanding Fronts objects and tiles make the facility look truly Star Wars and fans of the 2005 Battlefront game should be able to instantly recognize the layout.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions are very clear and I never once felt lost, the story is a simple one about an Imperial strike team sent to destroy a potential droid uprising on the planet Mustafar.

Additional Comments:
I really enjoyed this map and it was the first one I've played in a long while. I look forward to seeing new projects from you and hope they're as fun and challenging as this one.

[Edited on 06/16/20 @ 03:52 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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