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SLX Studio (v1.2)

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The Vampire Slayer
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Clone Campaigns required?: No
SLX Studio

Version 1.2

SLX Studio is a mod program containing tools for creating and editing SLP and DRS files. I created SLX Studio as a dev tool for the Expanding Fronts mod for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, but it can be used in all genie engine games, such as Galactic Battlegrounds, Age of Empires II, and Age of Empires.

Some highlight features of SLX Studio:
- Convert SLX to SLP / Extract SLP to SLX (and batch versions of these).
- Support for both 8-bit and 32-bit SLP versions with additional support for Terrain and AoE1 SLPs.
- Extract or Create DRS files for each game.
- Double-click graphic image for fast anchor/hotspot positioning. Also support for importing/exporting CSV files.
- Viewable selection boxes (including rectangular shaped) or selection rings.
- Generate Data Graphics tool with tolerance bars for shadows and player colors, creates outlines, auto-crops images, and can even split shadows into it's own SLX. This tool is necessary to convert from SLX to SLP format.
- Color Palette Editor/Viewer that supports multiple formats (Jasc .pal, Microsoft .pal, Photoshop .act, GIMP .gpl, and even rendering as .png images). I've also embedded some palettes, including some commonly used ones.
- Terrain tools. Create terrain SLPs of any size (rows and columns). Includes conversion tools to create an isometric terrain map from a texture image.
- Batch Palette Swap tool that can be used to quickly recolor units.
- Other Batch image tools for recoloring pixels, changing image format, and creating data images.
- GIF tool with transparency support.
- SLP and DRS Viewer tools that can save anchor changes.
- Play animation support for SLX with speed settings.
- Zoom image support for SLX frames.
- FX Editor tool to draw various effects on frames such as various sparks, weapon fire effects, engine fire effects, transparency, holocrons, relics, and more!
- Delta Object Positioner tool to determine various object positions for things like snow and fire on buildings. Positions can be exported as CSV files to then manually imported into AGE.
- Set up file associations with icons for SLX, SLP, and DRS formats.
- Adjust settings to your liking in the .ini configuration file.

Includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Required dependencies: .NET Framework 4.5

You can view a guide to using SLX Studio here.

Join the Discord and keep up to date with the latest builds and discussion or get help with this link: https://discord.gg/qEGcVzK
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Lord Ornlu Thanks, this program very useful!
The Vampire Slayer
File Author
SLX Studio (v1.1) changes:
- Overhauled player color detection in the Data Graphics tools. Now you can choose to use a preset color array and/or up to 3 different colors to detect player colors in graphics.
- Added radius option for Omit Grays in Data Graphics tools.
- Added CSV support for custom DRS lists in the DRS Viewer. CSV files must be at the same location and named the same as the DRS file.
- Added CSV support for building DRS files. This allows you to keep resource files with alphanumeric names and assign ID numbers with a CSV file.
- Added auto-positioning when opening SLPs in the SLP or DRS Viewers.
- Terrain Builder now properly uses the selected color palette for SLPs without needing to also set the palette in SLP Color Settings.
- Added "PlayerColorSetIndex", "PlayerColorGroup", "PlayerColor2", "PlayerColor3", "GrayRadius", and renamed "PlayerColor" to "PlayerColor1" in the .ini configuration settings file.
- Fixed an issue with SLPs having partially broken lines in some rare cases.
- Other fixes and improvements.

DRS CSV files must be in this format (without brackets) with the last 2 values being optional: [ID Number], [Extension], [Custom Name], [Directory Path]
Example line: 15055, .slp, Grass 4

When building a DRS with a CSV file, it will search for the file within the CSV file's folder path unless another directory path is provided.
Example line: 15055, .slp, Grass 4, C:\Users\My Name\Documents\SLP\
The Vampire Slayer
File Author
SLX Studio (v1.1a) hotfix changes:
- Fixed an issue with AoE1 terrain elevation frames being drawn incorrectly on PCs with high DPI settings.
- Fixed shadows for AoE1 SLPs.
- Added Batch Replace SLP Colors tool to the SLP menu. Changes all instances of a color index to another index and exports all altered SLPs to a destination folder.
The Vampire Slayer
File Author
SLX Studio (v1.2) changes:
- SLX Studio now utilizes the %temp% folder. All progress, including graphical changes, is only applied to your SLX project once saved.
- Added "Undo" option to the Edit menu to undo all unsaved progress.
- Added "Refresh All Images" and "Refresh Selected Images" options to the Edit menu to update frames with their source images and data images.
- Added "New" (blank SLX) option to the File menu and moved "New Custom SLX" from the File menu to the Edit menu as "Generate Custom SLX Data".
- Replaced the Color Picker dialog with a new one by "Cyotek". Now supports 32-bit colors and features a screen capture eyedrop tool.
- Added "DRSPath" in the .ini configuration file as the default browse folder location for building DRS files.
- Added "QuickDRSPath", "QuickDRSFilename", and "QuickDRSType" to the .ini configuration file and added a Build > Quick DRS option in the DRS menu. Use these to set up a DRS that you frequently build.
(A "QuickDRSType" value of 1 = Galactic Battlegrounds, 2 = Age of Empires.)
- Added a 4th Player Color button to the Data Graphics tools and "PlayerColor4" to the .ini configuration file.
- Added Mirror Image tool.
- Added a multi-file select option for Decode Voobly SLP (Selecting mutliple files will have a "_decoded" suffix in the file name)
- Added a multi-file select option for Resize Image, Mirror Image, and Rotate Image. (Note that multiple files will overwrite the selected images rather than prompting you to Save As each individual file)
- Added dither options to palette applications. (Note that "Diffusion" can be a little slow.)
- Updated EF_Graphics color palette and the EF Color Set.
- Added palettes from AoE: DE and AoK: HD to the palette list and updated the "Palette#Name" and "Palette#Path" entries in the .ini configuration file.
- Auto-palette now correctly selects the palattes for AoK:HD SLPs with special palettes (trees/cliffs).
- Changed the way Auto-palette records color palette indices within SLX Studio created SLPs, which should fix certain types of AoKHD SLPs from crashing.
- Added "Advanced SLP" option when exporting to SLP to customize variables such as the SLP version, comment, frame palette offset, frame palette properties, and other settings.
- Removed Directory and Options groups from the FX Editor, as they are now unnecessary. All results from using the FX Editor can now just be saved as a new SLX project to avoid overwriting your initial SLX project.
- Splitting shadows in the Data Graphics tool will now prompt you to Save As a new SLX project for the generated shadow SLX. Frames will be created at the location of the SLX file that you save.
- Loading a Shadow SLX now prompts you to open a shadow SLX file instead of using the "Shadow Sub-Folder" field.
- Replaced the "Shadow Sub-Folder" text box on the main form with a SLP Color Palette combo box for convenience.
- The .ini configuration file will update entries upon first loading a newer version of SLX Studio and without overriding your existing changes.
- Preview image on the main form will no longer crash.
- Fixed crashes with Generate Data tool when auto-cropping blank frames.
- Fixed an issue where certain SLPs that were both 32-bit and 8-bit weren't reading correctly.
- "Batch Extract SLP to SLX" now functions again.
- Other fixes and improvements.

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