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Revisiting the Galaxy - Version 1.6

Author File Description
Triden BR Welcome!
Version 1.6 of july 5th, 2019

Revisiting the Galaxy - a SWGB mod by Triden

The mod is part of a bigger project for SWGB and Clone Campaigns. The main goal of this idea is to give the game more challenging gameplay without unbalancing it. Added some units that already existed on the game code but wans't available, like wookies and confederacy heavy strike mech and repeater trooper of every civilization, and much more. Some units that didn't have a good use on the game got new impressive attributes so that they have strong and weak points, such as the grenade trooper. Many units of a civilization, both military and workers, got some unique attributes to make each civ different, but still balanced. Gameplay is much more dynamic, check it out! Please read the changelog below, test the game, give me some feedback, let's make SWGB an interesting game again!

Installing instructions
Unzip the file, copy the folder ''Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds'' and paste it on C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Games if you have a 64 bits operating system. If not just paste it on C:\Program Files\GOG Games folder. If it's not on any of these locations try C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts.
Select ''ok'' for every file and folders rewritting. Or simply replace the original genie_x1 file inside the game folder Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds\Game\Data and the language.dll too.

ATTENTION: This file will make a total conversion of gameplay! Almost all of your previous strategies will likely not work properly! Backup of the original genie_x1 is recommended!

ALERT: This is not compatible with the Expanding Fronts Mod, since it includes more than thousands of unit editions, it will likely crash both mods. Don't try it. This mod is to be installed on an unaltered vanilla game. Sorry about that.

--> AI doesn't recruit units that I changed the train button, such as heavy trooper, repeater trooper, jedi/sith knights and masters. For the rest, the original AI is doing quite well, even more challenging I think. Maybe the solution for this is very simple, but I never touched AI mods, can someone help?
--> Any other bugs or something that feels unbalanced/overpowered? I'd appreciate your help.

Version 1.6
Special Thanks to Mad Mike, Light Side, Red Five, Darth Luminosity and Andrea Italy for awesome graphic mods!

Jedi & Sith
In general made them more tough, little more expensive and a rank to research (padawan ->
knight -> master) since they are special units.
First of all, you can train padawan/apprentice, knight and masters individually. You must
research jedi/sith knight to train knights, and only having knights available you can
research the advanced jedi/sith upgrades that leads to the master upgrade.
To train masters, you must be on the 4th tech age, research jedi/sith meditation to
unlock the master upgrade, then you can train masters.
Jedi & Sith differences: in general, sith have more attack points but less HP and defense.
*Update 1.4 notes: Jedi Padawan and Sith Apprentices now cost less nova, you can race the hunt for holocrons earlier! All force sensitives have now increased defense against all blaster firings and against mechanical units somewhat.

Jedi Padawan
HP 100
Speed 1.1
Attack melee 13
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers and workers.
Melee armor 3
Ranged armor 5
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +5.
Costs: 100 food and 150 nova.
Train Time: 35 seconds.

Sith Apprentice
HP 100
Speed 1.15
Attack melee 15
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers and workers.
Melee armor 1
Ranged armor 4
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +4.
Costs: 100 food and 150 nova.
Train Time: 35 seconds.

Jedi Knight
HP 180
Speed 1.12
Attack melee 30
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers, workers and shielded units. x1,5 against mechs.
Melee armor 5
Ranged armor 7
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +10. Laser Troopers +2.
Costs: 100 food and 250 nova.
Train Time: 50 seconds.

Sith Knight
HP 160
Speed 1.2
Attack melee 35
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers, workers and shielded units. x1,5 against mechs.
Melee armor 4
Ranged armor 6
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +10. Laser Troopers +3.
Costs: 100 food and 250 nova.
Train Time: 50 seconds.

Jedi Master
HP 300
Speed 1.15
Attack melee 36
Attack a little faster than knights.
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers and shielded units. x1,5 against mechs, workers.
Little bonus against pummels and cannons.
Melee armor 5
Ranged armor 8
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +20. Laser Troopers +5. Assault Machines +7.
Costs: 100 food and 500 nova.
Train Time: 55 seconds.

Sith Master
HP 250
Speed 1.17
Attack melee 45
Attack a little faster than knights.
Attack bonus: doubles against troopers and shielded units. x1,5 against mechs, workers.
Little bonus against pummels and cannons.
Melee armor 4
Ranged armor 7
Special defense: againts other jedi/sith +15. Laser Troopers +5. Assault Machines +4.
Costs: 100 food and 500 nova.
Train Time: 55 seconds.

*Update 1.5 notes:
Tech 3 upgrades (basic)
Force Agility: +15% movement speed and +7% attack speed. Costs 150 nova.

Force Stamina: +50% force power regeneration speed after succesful training (original game file),
+5% movement speed, armor +2/+2 which means +2 melee armor and +2 ranged armor. Costs 150 nova.

Knight: Enable the training of knights. Costs 250 food and 250 nova, takes 50 seconds.

Tech 4 upgrades (advanced)
Force Strong: All force users +3 LOS, +10% attack speed, 7% movement speed and 20% more hit points. Cost increased from 200 to 500 nova. Time to research 80s.

Concentration: Masters turn heavy units and buildings, all force users get attack bonus +33% against Heavy Machines (mech destroyers, artillery and AA mobiles), +57% against cannons, +66% against strike mechs. Costs 350 nova. Time increased from 50s to 75s.

Force Influence: turn other force users. Time increased from 35s to 40s. Cost 325 nova.

Mind Trick: Enable stealth for masters, +1/+1 armor for all force users. Costs 550 nova and takes 100s.

Perception: Masters can see stealth and submarines. All force users +13% attack against specials (force users and bounty hunters). Costs 250 nova and takes 75s.

Meditation: Unlocks the master upgrade. All force users have +5% attack speed, +2/2 armor. Costs 200 food, 100 carbon and 300 nova. Takes 100 seconds.

Sight beyond sight: Costs 700 nova and 150 food. Takes 150 seconds. All troopers +6 LOS and force users +6 LOS.

Master upgrade: Enable the training of masters. Costs 300 food, 200 carbon and 600 nova. Takes 50 seconds.

Purge: no longer kills on conversion (thats AoE bullshit), all sith's have attack bonus against force users +66%. All troopers now have 66% attack bonus against force users. Execute order 66 and have the Jedi purge!
Costs 1250 nova. Time 80s.

Faith in the Force: conversion resistance (original), all jedi have +5/+5 armor and +10% hit points and all troopers get +10% hit points equally. How nice to be light side!
Costs 750 food, 1000 nova. Takes 80s.

All civ's can research jedi/sith masters and their upgrades.
Jedi Concentration: sabotage
Jedi Mind Trick: stealth
Force influence: turn other force users
Are now avaible to all civs!

Faith in the force is exclusive for jedi

Jedi/Sith Purge is exclusive for sith

*1.1 Patch notes: By popular demand, made the Heavy Trooper of all civs recruitable separately. They turned to a more specialized unit. Now you can recruit normal Troopers, Heavy and Repeater separately. Heavy Troopers and Repeater Troopers available at Tech Level 3.
What changes?
--> Regular Troopers still cost 35 carbon and 25 food, 16 seconds of training time.

--> Heavy Troopers now cost nova, 30 food and 25 nova. They are more focused for attack strategies. They move faster than regular troopers, have special attack bonuses against other troopers, workers and machines. They got defense bonus against other troopers, turrets and jedi. But the training time is longer, now 23 seconds.
*1.41 Patch - Training time reduced to 22 seconds.

--> Repeater Troopers cost 30 food and 50 carbon. They are focused for defense strategies. Move slower than regular troopers, special attack bonus against troopers and mounted troopers. Defense bonus against laser troopers. Faster attack speed makes it good against heavy machines. Train time 20 seconds.
*1.41 Patch: Training time increased to 24 seconds.

War center units (all trooper variants)
My goal is to make every trooper unit unique for each civilization.
Any suggestions?
For now, we have this:

*Update 1.3 Notes: Heavy Troopers of each civilization now have unique characteristics!
*Update 1.5 notes: Troopers too!

Trade Federation "Hvy Trooper"
Moves slower, but more damage!
Standard armor.
Also as every TF trooper, it's trained faster.
Hit Poits: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 0.77
Attack: 14
Basic attack Bonus: +50% troopers, mounted troopers and workers
Accuracy: 80%
Reload Time 0.63s (the fastest)
Train Time: 17 seconds (standard is 22s)
Armor 1/2

Galactic Empire "Hvy Trooper"
They are here for oppresion!
More damage against workers and buildings.
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 1
Attack: 12
Special Attack Bonus:
+150% workers
+10% buildings
+50% troopers, mounted troopers and workers
Accuracy: 90%
Reload Time 0.725s
Armor 1/2

Gungans "Hvy Trooper"
Special shield gives more ranged defense!
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 0.95
Attack: 12
Splash damage
Basic Attack Bonus: +50% troopers, mounted troopers and workers
Accuracy: 90%
Reload Time 0.8s
Armor 2/6

Royal Naboo "Hvy Trooper"
The royal soldiers are specialists in rescue! They move faster.
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 1.07
Attack: 12
Basic Bonus: +50% troopers, mounted troopers and workers
Accuracy 95%
Reload Time 0.735s
Armor 1/2

Rebel Alliance "Hvy Trooper"
Sturdy armor means more armor but moves slower. Faster firing but less accurate.
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 0.77
Attack: 12
Attack Bonus:
+50% troopers, mounted troopers and workers
+83% strike mechs
+59% mech destroyers, artillery and AA mobiles
+42% pummels
Accuracy: 85%
Reload Time 0.69s
Armor 3/3

Wookies "Hvy Trooper"
Valiant soldiers armed with the famous wookie bowcaster! The laser crossbows
have more accuracy, range and damage, but have increased reload time.
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 8
Range: 7
Speed: 0.95
Attack: 18
Special attack Bonus: 2x against troopers and mounted troopers, +1,5x against workers and strike mechs.
Accuracy: 95%
Reload Time 1.5s (the longest)
Armor 1/2

Galactic Republic "Hvy Trooper"
Heavy clone troopers are ARC troopers! War veterans of the Advanced Recon Commandos, they have attack bonus against other troopers, machines and jedi/sith.
Hit Points: 45
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 0.95
Attack: 12
Attack Bonus:
+83% troopers and mounted troopers
+50% workers
+75% strike mechs
+100% force users
Accuracy: 90%
Reload Time 0.675s
Armor 1/2

Confederacy of Independent Systems "Hvy Trooper"
The heaviest of the Super Battle Droids! Armed with a bigger arm-blaster,
they have special bonus against all mechanized units.
Hit Points: 65
Line of Sight: 6
Range: 5
Speed: 0.88
Attack: 16
Attack Bonus:
+50% troopers and workers
+75% against mounted troopers
+100% AA mobiles, artillery, mech destroyers, ships and subs
+137,5% strike mechs
Accuracy: 90%
Reload Time 1.05s
Armor 3/4

Recruit and regular Troopers
*Update 1.5 notes: all recruits moves at the same speed as workers (0.8)>

Trade Federation (TF)
All battle droids are cheaper and trains faster, but have less Hit Points, accuracy and no armor.

TF recruit trooper (battle droid beta version)
HP 20
Movement speed 0.8
Ranged attack 7
Reload time 1,12 second
Accuracy 50%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers.
No armor
Cost 18 food and 24 carbon
Training time 12 seconds

TF trooper (b1 battle droid)
HP 30
Movement Speed 0.88
Ranged Attack 9
Reload time 0.85 second
Accuracy 64%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers. Workers +1.
No armor
Cost 18 food and 24 carbon
Training time 12 seconds (25% faster than others)

They use the next generation of battle droids, the super battle droids! They look tougher,
so all laser troopers have more HP and armor.

CIS recruit trooper (super battle droid beta version)
HP 35
Movement speed 0.8
Ranged attack 7
Reload time 1 second
Accuracy 60%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers.
Armor 1/1
Cost 25 food and 35 carbon
Training time 16 seconds

CIS trooper (b2 super battle droid)
HP 45
Movement speed 0.82
Ranged attack 9
Reload time 0.85 second
Accuracy 75%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers. Workers +1.
Armor 2/3
Cost 25 food and 35 carbon
Training time 16 seconds

*1.41 Patch
Because of ancient battle techniques, they use shields!

Gungans trooper
HP 35
Movement speed 0.88
Ranged attack 9
Reload time 1 second
Accuracy 75%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers. Workers +1.
Armor 1/2
Cost 25 food and 35 carbon
Training time 16 seconds
*Update 1.5 note: have splash damage but more reload time.

Galactic Empire
Empire jobs are quite difficult, and being a stormtrooper is not easy.
Moves a little faster for "storm" attacks but the infamous stormtrooper accuracy.

Galactic Empire "Stormtrooper"
HP 35
Movement speed 0.93
Ranged attack 9
Reload time 0.85 second
Accuracy 70%
Attack bonus: doubles against mounted troopers. Workers +1.
Armor 0/1
Cost 25 food and 35 carbon
Training time 16 seconds

In general, fighters fire more rapidly but now they can miss their targets! Bombers continue to do considerable damage agains buildings and now have a special bonus against war machines and troops.

Sienar Fleet Systems advanced technologies were chosen for the Empire strategies to advance through the Galaxy with speed and efficiency. Galactic Empire Aircrafts are in general cheaper, faster to build but they don't have shields and less HP. The Emperor wants to conquer the Galaxy in numbers, not quality. Bad for the pilots though.

Galactic Empire "Fighter"
TIE Fighters are light, agile and cheap.
HP 22
Speed 2.22
Attack 16
Range 6
Attack: 16
Attack bonus: 3x Fighter + 2x Trooper
Train Time 32
Costs: 50 food and 42 nova (70% of nova cost)

Galactic Empire "Fast Fighter" (substitutes the TIE Fighter)
TIE Interceptor was one of the fastest starfighters (1250km/h) in the galaxy at its prime, nearly rivaling the Alliance's A-wing (1300km/h) .
HP 30
Speed 2.4
Attack 35
Range 6
Train Time 32
Costs: 50 food and 48 nova (80% of normal cost)

Galactic Empire "Adv Fighter" (Trained separately)
TIE Defender is a high-performance TIE Series starfighter. Featuring hiperdrive and deflector shields, the ship's speed and agility, combined with its firepower, made it arguably the most advanced starfighter avaible.
HP 36
Speed 2.9 (Legends info 1680km/h, converted to in-game 2.9)
Attack 38
Range 7
Armor 1/3
Train time 45
Costs: 120 food and 180 nova (3x the normal price)

Their ''Fighters'' are actually gunships that transports troops and serves
as an air support for them, so they are little slower than regular fighters.
They can train the Z95 and the ARC-170 separately.

Special Thanks to Andrea Italy and Redfive for the awesome graphics to the ARC-170 and LAAT/i

Republic ''Fighter''
Low Altitude Assault Transport - Carrier (LAAT/c)
It looks like the LAAT version that transports assault machines.

*HELP NEEDED: how to make a fighter garrisonable?

Hit points 30
Speed 1.71 (regular fighter speed is 2.1)
Attack 13
Reload Time 0.625s (regular fighter reload time is 0.5s)
Range 6
Garrison Capacity 2 (currently not working)

Republic ''Fast Fighter''
Low Altitude Assault Transport - Infantry (LAAT/i)
The regular and famous Republic Gunship of the movies and series. They have
the same reload time as real fighters cause they have lot's of weaponry and
gunners, making them terrible for ground units!
Garrison Capacity made for the game is only 4 for gameplay purposes.
Hit Points 35
Speed 1.77 (regular fast fighter speed is 2.2)
Attack 30
Reload Time 0.5s
Range 6
Garrison Capacity 4 (currently not working)

Republic ''Adv Fighter''
Thanks to Andrea Italy nice graphics for we can bring this awesome aircraft, the ARC-170. This bulky aircraft with a lot of weapons required 3 clone trooper pilots to operate.
Hit Points 42
Speed 2.23 (regular adv fighter speed is 2.3)
Attack 32
Reload Time 0.35s
Range 7
Cost 150 food and 150 nova

Addicional Republic Fighter
The Z-95 Headhunter, a cheap alternative for real fighters instead of regular republic gunships.
Hit Points 30
Speed 2.2
Attack 16
Reload time 0.5s
Range 6
Cost 50 food and 60 nova

--> Air transport
All civilizations

changed 0.75 to 1.0
made a upgrade that increase 25%
so 1.0 goes to 1.3

--> Bombers (Update 1.44)
All civilizations

HP: 30
Speed: 1.57
Attack: 30
Attack bonus: 2x Turrets + 2x Strike Mechs + 1,5x Ships + 1,5x Shielded units

Enh Bomber
HP: 40
Speed: 1.64
Attack: 45
Attack bonus: 2x Turrets + 2x Strike Mechs + 1,5x Ships + 1.5 Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs + 1,5x Shielded units

Adv Bomber
HP: 50
Speed: 1.71
Attack: 60
Attack bonus: 2x Turrets + 2x Strike Mechs + 1,5x Ships + 1.5 Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs + 1,5x Shielded units

More descriptions need to be written about more modifications that are already included! I'll write them one by one when I have time, but major changes include for the listing:

Mech Factory Units

*Update 1.4 notes: All mech factory units had their damage and defense revised.

--> Strike mech now acts like a Light Armored Recon Vehicle. Good armor against troopers, but they can still suffer great damage from mech destroyer, bombers and turrets. Their rate of fire is slightly increased, damage as a potent trooper rifle (14) and they do not damage other armored units so well!
--> Heavy Strike Mech: damage is 20 and armor upgraded. Still not protected from mech destroyers or bombers.

*Update 1.44

Strike Mech
Hit Points: 70
Speed 1.45
Range 6
Attack: 14
9 ranged
Attack bonus: 2x against troopers and 1,5x against workers
Reload time 1.28
Accuracy 60%
Armor: 2/5
Takes more damage from Aircraft, Turrets, Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs.

Heavy Strike Mech
Hit points: 85
Speed 1.55
Range 6
Attack: 20
12 ranged
Attack bonus: 2x against troopers + 1,5x against workers + 1.1x against machines
Reload Time: 1.20
Accuracy 75%
Armor: 2/6
Takes more damage from Turrets, Mech Destroyers and Assault Mechs.

--> Mech Destroyer now acts like a tank and their heavy upgrade as a heavy tank! Good armor against troopers, strike mechs, turrets, jedi, all. Damage is 40, good against troopers, jedi, strike mechs, and can support a raid against buildings.
--> Heavy Mech Destroyer: it's a tank hunter! Excellent armor agaisnt pretty much everything. Descent damage (70) for supporting all kinds of terrain based assaults, against troopers, other mechs and buildings. Special bonus against other mech units.

--> Assault Mech: the biggest unit of the mech factory. Armor greatly improved. Protected against troopers, but not well protected from mech destroyers (a bunch of them) and bombers. Great damage (80) against troopers, mechs and buildings, for any kind of assault. Units garrison increased from 10 to 12. See * for each civilisation.
--> Heavy Assault Mech: armor improved and damage increased from 80 to 100.

*Project for turning each Assault Mech unique:
For now we have this

Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport "MTT"
Garrsion capacity increased to 22. Original canon info says it can load up to 112 b1 battle droids, but for logical gameplay purposes, the amount is increased for 22.

Confederacy NR-N99 Persuader "Snail Tank"
It was actually pretty fast but it can't turn!
In game it's speed is increased making it the fastest Assault Mech but the turning speed is very low. Check this one out!

Heavy Mech Units

*Update 1.4 notes: Anti aircraft have more defense against aircraft. Artillery now have larger explosion field, increased range (11) and damage (90). Heavy artillery because of double the cannons, double the firepower (180) and more range (13). Cannons still superior, they are equal to 4 normal artillery, damage is 400 and range is 16.


*Update 1.43 notes: All ships have their HP increased (frigate 80 to 100, adv frigate 120 to 150)
**Update 1.46 notes: Damage increased and much more.

Lt frigate (can be trained separately after Frigate upgrade for a cheaper price)
HP 50
attack 12 (16 after Frigate upgrade)
10 superficial/ranged
2 structural/melee
bonus: troopers +5
reload time 2 (1.5 after upgrade)
Line Of Sight 7 Range 5 Min Range 1
armor 0/6
Costs 65 carbon and 15 nova after Frigate research
Training time 30 seconds

HP 100
attack 24
18 ranged/superficial
6 melee/strucutural
blast radius 0.2
bonus: buildings 6
ships 12
submarines 10
troops 7
LOS 8 range 6 min range 1
armor 1/7
special armor: +3 ships
Costs 90 carbon 30 nova
Training time 40

Adv Frigate
HP 150
attack 50
30 superficial/ranged
20 structural/melee
blast radius 0.3 attack level 2
bonus: buildings 9
ships 15
subs 12
troops 10
Power Core & Shield Gen 12
armor 2/8
special armor: +12 ships
Costs 125 carbon 50 nova
Training time 42

HP 160
Speed 0.57
attack 110
LOS 14 range 12 min range 6
blast radius 0.75
reload time 12 (6 seconds)
armor 2/8
Training time 50 seconds
Cost 200 carbon 150 nova

Adv Cruiser (trained separately, costs more)
HP 200
Speed 0.64
Attack 220
LOS 18 Range 16 min range 8
blast radius 0.88
reload time 12 (6 seconds)
armor 6/9
Training time 100 seconds
Cost 450 carbon 300 nova

Damage increased and it's values are permanent, check out new upgrades.

Light Turret
HP 1000
Attack: 15
5 melee/structural damage
10 ranged/superficial damage
Attack bonus: Strike mechs and troopers +66% Mech destroyers, ships and submarines +33%
Reload time 3 (1,5 second)
accuracy 100
LOS 8 range 7

Medium Turret
HP 1500
Attack: 35
15 melee/structural damage
20 ranged/superficial damage
Attack bonus: Strike mechs and troopers +75% Mech destroyers, ships and submarines +50%
Assault Mechs, cannons and pummels +25%
Reload time 4 (2 seconds, same of Mech Destroyer)
accuracy 100
LOS 9 range 8

Advanced Turret
HP 2000
Attack: 50 display
20 melee/structural damage
30 ranged/superficial damage
Attack bonus: Strike mechs and troopers +75% Mech destroyers, ships and submarines +50%
Assault Mechs, cannons and pummels +33%
Reload time 5 (2,5 seconds)
accuracy 100
LOS 10 range 9

Upgrades at Research Center
--> Ion Accu-Accelerator upgrade now decreases turret reload time by 50% and gives attack bonus against buildings and workers, providing an area denial against enemy occupation.
Turret Reload Time 50%
Attack bonus: buildings +50% workers +100%
Research cost increased: 350 carbon and 250 nova (it was 150 nova)
Research time increased: 60 seconds (it was just 30 seconds, the fastest upgrade of the research center)

Anti-Air Turret damage properly increased (70) and the heavy doubles (70 x 2 missiles)

Check the game!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Darth Kiro This sounds awesome. I am downloading it and I am going to rate it, but don't expect the review very soon as I will have to play numerous games to see all of its aspects.
Captain Keno Pardon me, but GOOD LORD THAT POST WAS LONG! Just a small question; Does it function similarly to Expanding Fronts, in that it expands on the game or is it different?
Darth Kiro It changes the units' stats.
Triden BR
File Author
Captain Keno, it's an honor you checking out my mod.

Yes, it not only expands the game but also changes the whole thing...
It changes all units stats, except workers. I'm adding some new units for the next update, the version 1.5
The new units includes graphics from other users of this forum and adapted to new gameplay with some genie modifications of mine.
Also, I'm making availble some units that already existed in the game code by it's original game developers. Such as the Heavy Strike Mech of the Rebels, the Advanced Cruiser of many others and Repeater Troopers of Naboo, Trade Federation and more.

But the ultimate challenge for this mod is making every unit unique, this makes every civilization/race with a gameplay style of it's own, without unbalancing it with the others.

I appreciate everyone's attention. Please check out future updates and leave some comments!

[Edited on 12/21/17 @ 09:47 PM]

Darth Kiro I haven't played very much with this mod yet, but I decided to post just a comment for now noting problems I see with so far.

I saw the author had mentioned it - AI's don't train units like heavy and repeater troopers as they are now separated from the original laser trooper tier.

Some units I feel are overpowered and suggestions for their nerfing:


* this is just a personal opinion

** here I have used the word "BRUTAL", written with capital letters; this is really saying a lot, because I consider this word "strong"

Increasing damage in account of accuracy is a nice touch. However, fighters do BRUTAL damage against strike mechs and jedi/sith padawans/apprentices - I know these are the weakest units of those classes, but literally few hits for a take down doesn't seem very fair to me.

I also find different fighters unbalanced. I was a bit confused when I saw that, so you may see discrepancies here. Fighters with two round burst is a good idea. However, the Tiefighter, which has such addition, is slighly underpowered despite the decrease in price. Less health at first. Somehow it misses more than other fighters and nevertheless the two round attack, the Tie fighter does about twice less damage. And I don't think the additional 2 range points compensate this. Another fighter is the federation one. This one is overpowered because it also has a two round burst attack, but its damage is not decreased, and with a proper accuracy, it does about twice more damage and in addition this fighter is no more expensive. Perhaps fixing accuracy problems will do with two.

Mech destroyers:
I quickly noticed this one. It is good that mech destroyers have improved armor and increased attack against infarty, but they have this high attack against buildings too. With few mech destroyers in the striking force you take down buildings a way too quickly, basically in 10-20 seconds. It is worse with hvy mech destroyers. I suggest decreasing mech destroyers attack to 10 and giving X3 attack bonus against infantry and vehicles (i.e. they will deliver 30 damage to infantry and vehicles but only 10 against buildings). As for hvy mech destroyers, I know the upgrade is very expensive so you can decrease the price for it as well as the attack of the hvy mech destroyers - give them 15 attack and X3 attack bonus against infantry and vehicles (i.e. 15 damage against buildings and 45 damage against infantry and vehicles in general). But make them less effective against jedi/sith. Damage like several points would be good.

These are indeed BRUTALLY overpowered, especially later levels. Just like mech destroyers, later levels frigates can TOO quickly take down buildings. For example, you can create 1 advanced frigate at the cost of 90 carbon and 20 nova and with its 50 attack points against ALL classes it is as effective as cruiser (which costs 150 carbon and 200 nova, I think) and even better - it can defend itself. The frigates upgrades are very cheap considering the BRUTAL increase of stats. In addition frigates get less balanced in the sense that an advanced frigate needs less shots to destroy another advanced frigate than a regular (or level 2) frigate needs to destroy another regular one. Not to mention the unfair buff in HP.

What I suggest is:

#Give light frigates 50 HP, 6 attack and X2 attack bonus against infantry and vehicles in general (i.e. 6 damage against buildings and 12 damage against the other two classes in general).

#Give frigates 75 HP, 9 attack and X2 attack bonus against infantry and vehicles (i.e. 9 damage againist buildings and 18 damage against the others).

#Give advanced frigates 100 HP, 12 attack and X2 attack bonus against infantry and vehilces (i.e. 12 damage against buildings and 24 damage against the others).

However, in order not to do too much damage against heavy units such as assault mechs and cruisers, the latter should have an adequate armor.
Don't get me wrong - this is a very good mod. It has many changes that improve the balance such as grenade troopers effective against infantry, mechs doing more damage against buildings and artillery with higher range and bigger blast radius. I just wanted to focus on the negatives to show you what needs to be edited.

Triden BR
File Author
Many thanks!

You know it's very strange making alone a mod fan-to-fan for a community without any comments or feedback. And that's why I really appreciate reading your comment!

Ok, so I'll write this on topics.

Fighters attack bonus against strike mechs: There are some problems of the editor that makes things hard. A strike mech is a light armored vehicle where the pilot is partially protected, so a bomb or two should take it down. But aircraft laser also takes them down with 1 or 2 shots because the Genie Editor consider "aircraft" both bombers and fighters. This kind of conflict happens with many other units.
I can fix this, it won't take a while. Can you suggest me if the normal laser fighters should have any bonus against them? It was intended to just the bombers get some attack bonus.

As for the BRUTAL attack bonus against jedi/sith. There is a serious problem with that, any attack bonus against "troopers" includes jedi! As they are considered some kind of infantry although special units too. So every attack bonus against infantry affects Jedi, it's the way the engine works. I can't agree with this too. The only way "fixing" this is increasing jedi/sith defense, like defense bonuses. I really should work on that.

TIE fighters less efficient because of 2 round burst. I know how I should fix that but I don't know how to make it. You know the Z-95 light fighter of the Rebels and the Republic? It fires a single shot but the graphics for them are 2 lasers from the wings, but still considered as 1 shot. There is a way to create projectiles on genie editor. I should make the TIE fighter "projectile" 2 green lasers fired from the center, very narrow space between them and considered as 1 shot too. And get the proper genie editions.
It will be fixed when I discover how to create new projectiles. Every fighter should have their own.

Federation fighters overpowered? This will be revised too. What do you suggest? I can change pretty much everything (line of sight, rate of fire, projectiles per shot, damage, bonuses) but sometimes idk what I should do with some units to make them unique. I've been reading a lot of legends and canon info about vehicles, but it's still hard to think of something for the game mechanics.

Mech Destroyers are getting their damage all revised for the next big update 1.5 which will include a big damage revision. As you have read, there is some discrepancies in the attack bonus system. This really makes a challenge to develop this mod. Giving Mech Destroyers an attack bonus against buildings was a tough decision, differently from artillery they can defend themselves but should not be efficient on taking down buildings as artillery. Maybe I should decrease the bonus.

Frigates and Advanced Frigates: YES I should nerf them! I thought water based units could be good on something but I overpowered them in the process. My intention was to make them some king of real Frigates: decent armor and attack, but it's just the name, they are more some kind of attack boats.
I really should nerf them, making them more like Water based Strike Mechs than Water based Mech Destroyers.

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. I really need some hints. Developing this wasn't and won't be easy.

Loved reading my first analysis by the way.
Darth Kiro If I remember correctly, you can change the unit's class, at least with the version of Genie I use: http://aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/showfile.php?fileid=11002

What I want to say is that you can change the jedi/sith's class for example to something different from infantry. Same with bomber and fighter. It may be a strange method, but I think it can do. From now I see that you would also need to change the attack bonuses against different classes of the units once you do this.

For the burst attack of fighters, you may really need to go with a new projectile. I know two available projectile ID's that aren't very good for the purpose, but are still something - they are #260(red) and #367(green). The easiest alternative I can think of is increasing the fire rate - i.e. less damage for faster shooting.

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