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Destroy Darth-Sith-Main-Reactor.scx

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Clone Campaigns required?: No
Style: Mix
Darth and this Sith plot to end the Rebel Alliance while by chance your ship 'crashes' near a key Imperial reactor core. In the past you would have let it be, except this time it hits close to home as the transport ship that crashed was actually on a secret spy mission to find Han Solo and 3PO, and the Princess is aboard along with Chewy's twin brother. It really revolves around him. Well not really,but he is mourning the loss of his fellow shipmates and is reported to be shooting at everything in sight. [the only Wookie in the game] You'll need to keep and eye on him as he may draw attention you don't want. Scan for other surviors, the Princess? Did she make it through the crash? Did any helpful droids?
The Rebel allies include the primative Gungen as well as another Rebel base in the sector. The other Rebel base is unremarkable but stands close to the Imperial line. The Gungen are entrenched well and have made the best of having the Imperials for neighbours. Hans and 3PO were last seen near the Imperial Palace which is based near a bridge platform to the north of the Imperial occupied settlement. The occupied villages are loyal to the Imerials but should the Imperial Palace be destroyed, they may come on-side with us and release their prisoners.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
A standard objective-based Build & Destroy scenario. Wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the severe balancing issues present.

There was an especially irritating problem caused by a trigger. When Darth Vader is visible on the screen, it displays a dialog message "Lord Vader is near." Aside from it being unnecessary since he's clearly visible on the screen anyway, the message has one of the game's sound effects attached to it. "The Star Destroyer Tyrant has been neutralized by its first shot." On top of it making absolutely no sense in the context of the scenario, the trigger is set to loop infinitely without a delay, meaning whenever you see Vader, you are subjected to a loud stream of unintelligible noise that repeats over itself. Not particularly pleasant.

Balance: 2
The balancing of this scenario is what kills it. The enemy starts off with a severe advantage in terms of resources and units. This sort of gap is common in objective-based scenarios, but usually such levels have restrictions in place to prevent the AI from immediately steam-rolling you with their army.

The player starts at Tech Level 1 with a handful of fighters and bombers, and a default 3 Worker + Command Center setup. The enemy has numerous fighters, bombers, AA Mobiles, Assault Mechs, Sith, and a fully functional base. This wouldn't be a concern if they were used defensively, but at any point in the scenario the enemy can choose to airdrop their entire army directly on top of your still-developing base.

Not only this, but you have a hero you must protect -- an unarmed Princess Leia. Again, this wouldn't be difficult if she were placed reasonably. When the scenario begins, she is in the middle of enemy territory. You have no Air Transports to bring her to safety with, and navigating the enemy terrain is nigh-impossible. If she dies, your biggest ally turns against you and effectively multiplies the difficulty.

You have a second rebel ally as well. But they start off just as minimally as the player does, and often resign moments after the scenario begins when the Empire swarms them with bombers, to which they have no defense against.

Creativity: 2
Essentially a Random Map with some objectives built into it. There is an attempt at some sort of plot, but on the gameplay side nothing really stands out - aside from the exceptional difficulty.

Map Design: 3
A Random Map with bases built into it. These bases consist largely of uneven walls and randomly scattered buildings and enemies. At the very least it's functional.

Story/Instructions: 2
There is a story to this scenario, and the objectives are straightforward enough. There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the briefings and dialog suggesting that English isn't the author's first language. However, it isn't bad to the point where you can't understand what to do.

Additional Comments:
What would otherwise be a fairly middle-of-the-road scenario is severely hampered by needlessly punishing difficulty and a number of glitches. Although, since it's in .scx form, you can easily tinker with it in the Scenario Editor until you have something that is actually playable.

[Edited on 04/18/13 @ 12:56 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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