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SW RA: Solitude

Author File Description
John Rambo
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
Star Wars: Republic Assassin - Solitude
By John Rambo


This scenario is set on a tiny size map and is meant to take no longer than 30 minutes, very similar to the previous entry in the series. This is a mix of exploration and puzzles, but somewhat more toned down, and hopefully more intuitive than some of my previous work.

If you download it please give it a review!


You take on the role of Sev, a republic commando tasked with tracking down a turned jedi, while being assisted by Thomul, a specialized Jedi hunter class warrior. This has none of the characters from previous missions, (except in reference, and even then only slightly).

What can I say? I'm back, again. Sporadically putting forth my scenario projects in the hopes of keeping the website a little bit more alive then before.



If you have any comments/suggestions just send them to: swansonjustin5@gmail.com

Music: http://www.bensound.com

IF YOU FIND BUGS! Please let me know, I'm trying to get rid of them :)

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
John the Late This was actually quite fun!

Very small scale and very hard, but an interesting concept.

[Edited on 02/04/16 @ 12:05 AM]

John Rambo
File Author
Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it! Lets see if I can get around this 500 character limit

[Edited on 02/04/16 @ 01:04 PM]

John the Late Haha, yes, I also had to resort to a workaround via posting useless characters and editing them out afterwards. I guess they'll fix in sometime.

[Edited on 02/04/16 @ 08:33 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Playability gets a 5 because the scenario works without any trouble. You handle the triggers with ease and create some very interesting concepts for an RPG adventure. There are no mistakes here and it reflects the hard work put into it and your resourcefulness

Balance: 5
(Hard! very hard but the scenario is so short it compensates it. If it was easy, it would be boring, so you made a right choice in making this scenario so difficult, because when I played it I lost a lot. In the other hand. If you had made a longer scenario, using this same level of difficulty, it would be heavily unbalanced, so currently this map is perfectly balanced

Creativity: 4
Your creative ideas shine once again, because the traps, power ups, and bomb features are quite ingenious! Also this time you allow the player to complete their goal in different ways. However, I find the scenario so short that these features are not exploited at all. As you said, this continues ¨As your life goes by¨ series, and it is short as the first entry, but it lacks the comedy the past scenario had. Your last scenario was short, hard and funny and it felt great. This scenario is short, hard and more serious aproach, but feels underdeveloped. I dont know if you get my point but I suggest that you keep the comedy for this series! That way it works perfectly.

Map Design: 4
(The map design is good! but the map seize being so small once again limits your options. You could make a bigger size map, but with inaccessible areas just for eye candy, in that way the player feels like a part of a bigger world in the game, just my opinion.)

Story/Instructions: 5
Excellent and flawless. Very intriguing, well writen and very credible. The story you set up behind makes the player want to play the scenario. Also the introductions you put in your scenarios reflect the effort you put into every map. The hints and tips are also useful. This is the strongest part in the scenario.

Additional Comments: Tremendous work! very good and very fun. Quite a Challenge. Not any bug I noticed. Though once you get rid of the gate (with a bomb for example) I find it a little odd that the jedi hunter would still complain of Sevs incompetence if clicked by a second time, but its nothing. Other than that, you put a lot of work in the details, and that adds to the realism in the scenario. Im eager to see the rest of your projects! Good luck with them!
John Rambo
File Author
Thanks for the feedback, and I'll keep them in mind when crafting the next scenario :) In the next scneario in this series, I will be focusing a lot more on narrative I'd say, but I want it to be an interactive experience, so with as few cutscenes as possible. Going to be a challenge.

I do plan to keep the tiny playable map size for a little while, because I want to really focus on creating a quality experience in that small area. However, I had not considered sectioning off part of a regular scenario, and may consider doing that.

But thanks for the review, and have a great day!
Captain Keno Wow, that's great Rambo. This scenario sounds good and I might actually download it. I haven't yet, but it sounds good.

Sorry, I was making myself a workaround with the 500 characters law and made a cheat. :p

[Edited on 03/09/16 @ 06:17 PM]

Captain Keno Just finished playing your game a bit... Gotta say, I am impressed and enjoyed playing it, honestly!

[Edited on 03/09/16 @ 07:11 PM]

John Rambo
File Author
Thanks Keno! Always glad to hear that about my work, I'll see about releasing another of my scenarios decently soon, kind of hitting a bug or two though. But in the meantime, possibly reviewing a few more campaigns and such today.

[Edited on 03/10/16 @ 08:12 AM]

Darth Kiro Only a dump question: How did you make the map so small? Perhaps I am late for the author to read this, but I would like to know how.
John Rambo
File Author
Oh no, get emails when asked stuff, so always happy to answer.


Download this file, should be the right version of it. Just put it in your scenario folder and open it. Then use it as a template.

If I remember the titanic map is a bit unstable and crashes a lot, but the tiny one works well.

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