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Bedlam in Bestine

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
In this scenario, you will be leading an uprising on Tatooine, in Bestine. After news of the Emporer's death reached Bestine many citizens openly rioted, hoping to finally have the empire out of their business for good. The Imperial Garrison has responded violently. You need to lead your group in taking control of important locations in the city, then you will be able to organize the people and fight the empire properly.
Nothing more to it, just a Build and Destroy scenario with a few little twists.
This was a scenario I had started a very long time ago, but have revisited from time to time to work on it, until finally after getting a new laptop, I wrapped it up and decided to upload it.

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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Bedlam on Bestine is a very simple and straightforward B&D scenario set on Tatooine, taking place just after the Empire's defeat in Return of the Jedi. While the description of the scenario makes you think you'll be turning a massive riot into an organized resistance and counterattack against an overwhelming Imperial occupation, the reality is anything but.

You start with a handful of troopers, led by Captain Panaka, here creatively renamed 'Insert Name Here.' You are tasked to fight through the rioting city of Bestine and capture several production and defensive buildings. The 'riots' consists of several tiny pockets of Trooper Recruits fighting stormtroopers. These fights are usually over long before you stumble upon them, and there is generally very little fighting happening in Bestine, making this supposed struggle through a massive riot more like a mildly unpleasant stroll through the desert.

There is no clear indication of just where the buildings you need to capture are, leaving you to slowly comb the map until you stumble upon them. Insert Name Here needs to approach the buildings to activate the triggers associated with them, even if they've already been captured by your other units. If he dues, there is no defeat trigger, leaving the scenario unwinnable. If that wasn't irritating enough, it is possible for the Empire to outright destroy any of the buildings you re supposed to capture. The objectives don't change if they are lost, and there's no indication that they have been destroyed. You will literally be looking for something that isn't there, with the only evidence being a tiny speck of pavement terrain.

The actual B&D part of the scenario doesn't quite work either. The resources are distributed far and wide across the map, with only 2 deposits of both Nova and Ore. Unlike nearly every other scenario, where you don't have to venture too far from home to find your supplies, this map forces your workers to make long journeys across nearly half of the map to find supplies. The only carbon deposits are massive slabs of Carbon Rocks wedged into the East and West corners of the map. There are then only TWO deposits of both Nova and Ore, positioned near the middle. The trick here is that your 'half' of the map contains the only Nova, while the enemy side contains the only Ore. That would be okay if both of these resources were equally essential to victory. As it stands, the Empire is totally crippled without access to any Nova, and can only build easily avoidable Forts. They will never attack, and will rarely use anything more than Troopers in their own defense.

The only neat trick is the ability to call upon either the Hutts or Rebels for some reinforcements, but the easy at which you can take down the Empire makes it largely unnecessary.

Balance: 2
This can swing one of two ways depending on how the dice fall. Impossible, or mind-numbingly easy. When the scenario begins, it's likely the Empire will throw everything they have at one or both of the turrets guarding the town. Turrets that you are supposed to capture. The attack force they use is significantly larger than anything you can capture, and will wipe the floor with you. This leaves you to with the options of slowly kiting enemies away to kill them one by one, calling down a cheat unit, or restarting to hope they don't do the same thing again.

The B&D half, as mentioned above, is pathetically easy due to the Imperials getting severely shafted on Nova. Once their initial starting force has been picked off, there's nothing preventing an easy victory.

Creativity: 2
It sounds really cool on paper. Fighting your way through a city engulfed in total chaos, trying to shape a riot into an organized rebellion. Unfortunately, the scenario really has none of that. There is no dialog or story, the map is mostly bare, and the gameplay is very basic.

Map Design: 2
The map is completely a completely flat slab consisting of mostly Red Desert. Small, single tile patches of the other Sand terrains are dotted around randomly, but no real mixing is done to make the terrain look natural in any way. Bestine itself looks nothing like a city, instead consisting of disjointed rows and boxes of identical Tatooine buildings. There are no roads, districts, or boundaries, and the buildings you need to capture are haphazardly scattered about, making trying to find them very frustrating.

Good looking Tatooine maps are very possible, with the go-to example being Mos Espa in TVS's Phantom Menace campaign, which looks great even without the use of the added Clone Campaigns props.

Story/Instructions: 2
There's really not a whole lot going on here. The briefing menus give you an idea of what to do, but there is no story in the scenario whatsoever. Insert Name Here's only role is to activate the triggers associated with capturing buildings. He has no dialog, and no purpose after that objective is achieved.

Additional Comments:
What sounded like a great idea made for an unfortunately underwhelming B&D experience.

[Edited on 01/25/16 @ 01:11 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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