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Wookiee Campaign Chapter 1

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5

These scenarios have no triggers. It was all in fun, and are some of my first maps. This is part one of 10. Feedback requested.
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Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
The creatively titled 'Wookiee Campaign' is a series of fixed force scenarios set on Kashyyyk. Or 'kasshyk.' In it, you control a variable amount of Wookiee Berserkers and sometimes Jedi, and fight against a variable amount of Wookiee Berserkers and sometimes Jedi. This happens five times.

Each level is practically identical. You start in a featureless trail of Dirt 1 surrounded by Strange trees, you select all of your units and kill anything you happen to run into. You then use forcesight to reveal the map so you can hunt down the one scouting enemy that's preventing you from finishing the scenario.

Balance: 1
Outside of immensely poor management of your units, there's no way to lose. If the forces you are given don't easily outnumber the enemy, you'll only encounter small pockets of easily-overwhelmed opposition. All you need to do is park your army near whatever enemies you stumble upon, and they will handle the rest.

The only units seen in the entire campaign are Berserkers and Jedi, so everything boils down to a big, chaotic melee brawl. No thought or strategy is required here.

Creativity: 2
Wookiee-themed campaigns are rare, but it's definitely possible to make great ones, as the recently-released Battle for Kachirho has proven.

This campaign is a supremely simplistic piece of work. There are no outstanding qualities in its storytelling or gameplay. I am extremely worried as to just what the following NINE CHAPTERS(!!!) are supposed to consist of.

Map Design: 1
The entirety of every map consists of Dirt 1 with a wall of Strange trees surrounding it. Enemy bases are linear corridors of light walls filled with randomly placed Prefab Shelters. Not at all appealing to look at or play in.

Story/Instructions: 2
There actually is a plot here. A very basic, simplistic plot, but it's at least not a blank menu. Your Wookiees fight some other Wookiees for reasons, then some Jedi show up. The Jedi decide to join you, even though you murdered about 30 of them in the prior level, and then you fight some more Wookiees, again because reasons.

Additional Comments:
This thing is somehow going to drag on for TEN CHAPTERS. If this first piece has been any indication of where we're going, I'm foreseeing a lot of Dirt 1 and Beserkers in the near future.
John Rambo
Map Design1.0
Right off the story reminds me of the gungan campaign from the tutorial. The gameplay of course doesn't match. I will give credit that you gave me a backstory to begin with, and it is cohesively written, and to the point. Not all scenarios need a grand epic story. You might choose to focus on creating a fun gaming experience, or on crafting the next Knights of the Old Republic type twist, or even just focus on creating a beautiful experience rather than a deep narrative, or bringing unique gameplay. As your a beginning designer that's okay, focus on one aspect at a time, whichever one you prefer the most. Once you become really exceptional in one category, move to the next. Keep designing, but dont feel the need to release everything you create to the public. I have countless scenarios that I effectively used as practice, and they were junk. But that didnt matter at all because I was using them to learn through creation.

After playing the first scenario, I didnt hate it, but I didnt enjoy it either. It's just a scenario that I'll end up forgetting, as will most others who play. And that's not meant to be a harsh criticism. There was no way for me to loose though, which is something that bothered me a bit. The balance is off in a large scale way. At the end of the path I was expecting some open space, with maybe a camp, or some kind of boss. None. And one of the enemy wookies ran off exploring, which was a huge pain to track down and kill. Dont use that as a way to balance the scenario. Chasing an enemy that you pretty much cant kill because of the speed similarity is just not fun. I wont say much about the scenery in this mission because there really wasnt any. Just this once, I will say the scenery didnt make a huge difference. Even if you had 5 star quality scenery, the mission would not have been enjoyable. I suggest you experiment with triggers a bit, learn to create objectives and basic victory conditions.

Mission 2 is the exact same style as the first one, only with the path leading a different direction. Other than that, and a few more troops, its the exact same thing. Dont have much to add about it. Hopefully the second one is different.

Mission 3 is the best one so far, which isnt saying much since the only real difference is that you traded the trees for wookie walls. Again, you just walk down a path killing everyone, and if someone is scouting, prepare for a long wait. I'm glad its different, even only a little bit, but glad nonetheless. And there was a jedi at the end! As a boss! He died in seconds, but I'm glad he was there to change it up a little bit.

Alright, I wont do the rest of them individually as all you need to know about them can be summed up as similar to mission 1, or mission 3. Not much variety. Quality is not very high, but than I wouldnt expect it to be as you appear to be new at designing, which is not a bad thing. Now, it is possible to create an enjoyable path based scenario like yours, but triggers and balance are essential. Add in Bosses, elite types of enemy units that can make it harder to win. Anything like that. And maybe create turrets along the way to make sure that your not just waiting for the enemy to come to you. As for the sole enemy unit scouting and you needing to chase him down every time, just create a win condition trigger that's one short of the enemies overall army so that you dont need to chase him down, or possibly make it so that when you kill a boss you win, that way you can focus on avoiding fights you cant win, (creates balance) and instead focus your efforts on killing one enemy.

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Map Design1.0
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