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Elite_Kazein V 4_01 (updated 9/18/16)

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Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
As per request the excessive chatter has been reduced and can be reduced further.

Elite_kazein was coded with 1v1 in mind but will do okay in games with more than two players.

Game play conditions
Precipice" is my main map but, should play well on any random land-map. Space and Sea map support is in the works for future updates
-Can play Deathmatch
-Any Tech start (standard is best)
-Conquest is best for victory condition
-Plays any population cap. (175-225 best)
(below 175 is not tested)
-Plays any civ
-No resource cheats, except the ones forced on AI in "Hardest" difficulty.
-Chats excessively. (Taunt back and forth with it and have fun) I test a decent amount of games against Ballbarian and there are some funny exchanges that sometimes happen
-Does not build walls
-Will resource trade with allies and attempt to attack when allies request it and where they are located.

Tested versus opponents
From my tests:
standard start/resources
200-250 pop
-defeats (non-hardest) AI very often
-defeats Ballbarian often (sometimes loses to that awesome air rush)
-defeats Ferox 3.1 very often
-defeats TheSith v10 often (65/35)
-defeats Demon_Empire sometimes, usually hits stale mate
-defeats TCU3 sometimes (50/50)

*I only attribute my AI's success versus these opponents because it cheats to detect units. Some of these opponents do as well, though not to the extent of EK.
The AI I've always had in mind is a reactive/counter AI and it's great at this stage but real thought needs to be put into creating an AI that does something other than mass a ball of units and attack/defend.

The AI will try to play competitively and keep the military population advantage. It also tries to train counters intelligently. For now, it will cheat to view enemy units for it's counter system. This, I will replace in the future with a non-cheating version.

v.4_01 changes

NEW : Have added and started work on concrete strategies that don't cheat to see enemy units/buildings.
NEW : First Civ to receive new strats so far (200+ pop/land map): Naboo

-New limitations set on AA troops
-Worth mentioning that I cleaned up some parts of the script again and made other subtle changes
-Expect next update to have more compatibility with different maps and additional strats!

v.3_09 changes
-Added a strategy for a TL3 Fighter rush for more variety
-Increase length of pause between random chat, 3-5 minutes instead of exactly 2
-Bug fix for chat
-Changes to chat, some reduction in ally and self chat for smoother/queiter games
-Subtle changes to attack conditions
-Heavily updated conditions when attempting an attack requiring siege units (again)
-Subtle change to conditions for training Cannons, should see more
-subtle changes to attack rules
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5

I just wanted to say that the fact you released this in 2014 is simply awesome. I first discovered this site long after it seemed to have died out, and the combination of AI programming and a very good game from my childhood made me wish I'd found it sooner.

I wish you had gotten to the late game strategies you were talking about, particularly with massed air, jedi, or mechs the way most human players would do it, but for me and my friends just looking for a blast from the past, this AI is more than enough to entertain us. Good job, mate!

i was having fun with this and it seems to work well but the way i like to play the game is with 7 cpu on different teams some with me some against me. the ai seems good in how it attacks you but for the love of god the way you have them spam the chat every 2 seconds with the same stuff over and over again makes it near unplayable to me, especially when you like a long game. there is no way to turn the chat off it seems and even hearing the chat notification sound effect is highly irritating when its near constant.

please fix and i'd love to give it a higher score.
Rating: 4
(It is the artificial intelligence that I most enjoy it. Just do not give the highest score (rating 5) because of some bugs and did not support maps with water (including naval attacks) and maps of islands / asteroids.
Some bugs I can report to help in future updates:
Military units are sometimes taking short breaks to regroup almost all the time, taking a long time to get to your target and allowing time for the opponent to counterattack. Another bug is when workers want to collect carbon in the enemy base still having dozens of forest carbon in their main base.)

Additional Comments:
I wonder if this project / AI script is still being done and updated. Long time there is no news. You may not have much time to work on it, or maybe you are discouraged. But please continue! It is one of the best AI scripts I've ever played against and can get even better! :)

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