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STAR WARS: Storm Commander Vulcan

Author File Description
File Details
Clone Campaigns required?: Yes
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
This one scenario campaign is set on Hoth, you play as an elite force of commandos sent to retrieve a special jedi Holocron at Phantom base, a top secret rebel instalation. You control Storm Commander Vulcan, a hard earned veteran who always does covert ops and special forces missions like this. Do you have what it takes to be an elite member of the empire? Can you take on the Rebel´s Spec force marines? That´s up to you.

- This scenario has four parts really, the first being an introduction, as soon as the introduction finishes and you gain control of the fighters... SAVE!

The second part you use fighters to assault the base while providing cover to allied AT ATs

The Third part, you enter the base with commander Vulcan and his team of commandos. You have 4 commandos, a demolitions expert and an operator. You can also gain control of a Sith and Dark troopers. The demolitions expert can make door braches! and the operator can slice in silently, you choose depending on the situation. Your ultimate objective is to find the Holocron, but there are many other actions that you can do inside the base that will help you and are not linear

The fourth part is optional, but very fun! its an adrenaline rush (if you do it with the music) you have to rescue fallen team members before the base explodes.

You can perform silent take downs in certan places geting behind the enemy, and the enemy is not always aware of you, so use this to your advantage.

-My main language is not English so there might be mistakes
-There might be some minor bugs so feed back is important
-This file comes with optional music that helps getting in the ´´special forces´´ mood.
-Do not cheat! it will mess things up.
-Pay attention to what the characters say!
-Save often!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Make control groups for your Heroes
-Use the dark troopers to draw the fire, they are more expendable
-Do not lose your medics when you get them.
-Try to complete all of the actions inside the base, it will help you very much, so explore everything.
-And most important: ENJOY

More information is in the briefing, thank you very much!
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File Author
Any comment any one?
John Rambo
Map Design5.0
You should probably go ahead and start downloading this as you read the review, you wont regret it.

Trigger work was flawless and I enjoyed it all the way through, it offered a unique approach to the battle of Hoth. I very much appreciated the hard work put into this, I genuinely believe there was a ton of time put into making this what it is.

This is where the scenario suffers. It's hard, punishing actually. If you make a single mistake, you loose. Simple as that. Thankfully its not another scenario where you have a group of super commandoes that can destroy the entire gungan army, this requires you to scout and plan ahead. I had to lure enemy troopers into my waiting commandoes guns, but those snipers are really difficult to counter. Prepare to save any time you make progress, because you will lose.

A lot of designers, when designing a hoth scenario, would generally opt to adapt the traditional Veers/Vader invasion of Echo base. This is entirely different, and I loved it for that. Echo base has been done a lot, and I'm glad we got a chance to meet new characters, and explore a new 'Phantom Base". Was pleasantly surprised.

Map Design:
Beautiful, gets the job done, would highly recommend if only so you can see how to do a hoth map justice. The interior work looks very nice, and really it enhances the gameplay, elevating it from merely beautiful to practical as well.

Wow is all I can say. You have fleshed out character backstories that appear cohesively, and just reading through the reconnaissance section really gets you pumped for the mission ahead. The grammatical errors are there occasionally, but as you said english is not your first language, and it certainly dont hinder the instructions, or your overall awareness of what's going on in the mission.

Really what can I say? I want to give this a five star in every category, and I would too if it werent for the punishingly hard battles. But for some players, even that might not be a negative. Aside from that you have a great story, backed by superb gameplay, all taking place in a very scenic local. I highly recommend it, and I cant wait to see what else you decide to create from here.
File Author
Thanks for the encouraging review! I had planned to continue the campaign but I didnt find the motivation to do so. Now maybe I will continue to make similar scenarios. Lets see what can be done. I also agree with you with the punishing difficulty, because I know when the enemies will pop up or what will happen next, but other players could find this scneario extremely hard, making it something more of trial and error. I will have this in mind for the future. Thanks again. I´ve allready tried two times to get past the 500 characters restriction to submit a comment, I think this should do.
John Rambo Well, as someone who has crafted punishing scenario frequently (Though I am getting better about it), really just try and get one outside person to play it, even once to see if it all makes sense. I just grab my brother for that. Used to have a design group of sorts, but didnt go anywhere because the other members were just about done with GB at that point.

To get around the 500 character limit just edit your comment after posting with a bunch of random characters. IT does work.

[Edited on 02/23/16 @ 02:12 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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