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Expanding Fronts - Empire Beta 0.1.1 (Exe Installer)

Author File Description
Gen_Rhys_Dallows Expanding Fronts is a massive modification aiming to rebuild Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds from the bottom up with a host of new units, features, and gameplay elements.

This package includes the first BETA release of the Galactic Empire civ, alongside numerous new toys to mess around with in the Scenario Editor.

Note: THIS MOD IS A BETA PRODUCT, and may contain bugs, crashes, and balance issues. We will work hard to fix these issues over time, but be warned.
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Rating: 4.5
I don't know if I really have the clout to be doing this, but it should be done.

The staggering number of units this mod adds and the variety it adds to matches are phenomenal. Having certain out-of-branch units, like the different tranports and light vehicles, to keep each sub-factions options open, keeps the choice of specialization from crippling a player if they choose a sub-faction they aren't happy with (or the other player chooses after), keeping the game balanced similary to the original game.

There are a couple of problems things to note, not with the gameplay, but a couple of interface issues (if that's the right term . . .). First, a number of research tech are mislabelled, although this can be figured out fairly easily. Secondly, when I hit Tech 3 and saw the choices of specializations, I didn't see the Infantry Division as an option. On my second play, I waited a bit to choose my specialization and noticed that after I met the requirements for Tech 4, the option would appear in Tech 4's place. I assume the latter occurence is suppose to be the way it is from the beggining.

Additional Comments:
You've probably heard it more than enough, but here it is again: This project is something that will keep fans playing for many more years to come. Keep up the good work General!
RC1136 Darman
Rating: 4.5
I'd just like to start off and say that it is freakin' bad ass!!! And, I'm glad that it DOES include some new stuff for other factions too - although mainly the Republic and Empire. But, I think what it DOES add is amazing!

You know, it's just pretty dang epic. But, there are a few things about it that aren't the best - but because of how many positive things there are it really doesn't affect the rating that much. But, they are:

-Once you pick a division, you can't switch. I understand it, cause then you'd technically be able to have units of all divisions, and I get that, but it still kind of sucks - and that you have to go all the way to tech level 4

-There's no divisions for other factions. I know this is beta, but that's why this is not a big deal.

-There are random copies of a lot of the units, that are the exact same in every way, except... actually yeah they are exactly the same.

-The fact that, like, for the Empire, you added a TON of new TIE Fighters, but you can barely use any of them.

-This is more of just a request - more landed vehicles. You got the Gunship, and it's epic, but for what I'm doing I'd really like other landed vehicles (that are to scale with these), although I really only need the V-19, ARC-170, TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor (actually basically all the TIEs), X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Tri Fighter, and maybe landed versions of the cruisers (Munificent, Venator, ISD, etc.) also, just a little tiny thing that really bothers me, is the fact that the TIE Mauler (TIE ap1) has AT-PT sfx. You managed to get the 2M sfx from EAW, why not get the TIE Mauler?

Additional Comments: I know that is a really long review, and quite a few negatives, but look at how many positives! Cool interface, cool design, some SFX from Empire At War, all of the objects seem to have better, more sequenced walking animations, finally some GOOD starships, all those cool Gunship and Starfighter designs, it's just epic. I truly can't wait for the final!

P.S. The requests are just thoughts that would be really cool, if not it's fine and I get it.

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